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Riziki's family
access_time 16 days ago
Riziki enrolled.
"The scarcity of food is my major challenge. The drought is affecting everyone but I think some people are receiving the heat more than others. As we talk, I have not eaten anything for the past two days, today I am hopeful I might because one organization is in the village handing out food. How I wish that the heavens would open up and we would receive rain."
Mercy's family
access_time 17 days ago
Mercy enrolled.
"I am a mason by profession though my passion all along has been farming. Due to the rising cost of living, I have however been engaging in the two ventures to keep afloat my income and provide for the needs of the family. We are a family of 4 and over the past few months, the cost of meeting our daily needs has sharply risen from $1 a day at the beginning of 2022 to $2 a day as of now. This made me decide to juggle the two income streams but it is so straining. I have to work for at least 16 hours a day and the amount of income I get at the end of the day is not encouraging at all. I would like to settle on farming full time for I believe that if I concentrate my efforts on livestock rearing it will earn me at least $120 monthly as opposed to the $60 am getting now."
Maurine's family
access_time 17 days ago
Maurine enrolled.
"Here in the village the only thing that's quite crippling is lack of reliable sources of income. I have had to burn charcoal a lot to be able to even feed my family. I used to have a business selling fried fish at this village's shopping center, but a particular accident that occurred one day one day while preparing took me completely out of business. That day hot oil spilt on my leg and I got seriously burnt! I had to seek medication which was costly enough that it wiped out my capital. It got so hard feeding five children while paying school fees of $25 per term for two of them. My husband wasn't economically involved back then and even right now, he's a motorcycle taxi rider but using a bike that he recently took on loan. For this reason it's hard to get revenues because he's still paying credit company $30 weekly having given them a deposit of $200."
Dama's family
access_time 17 days ago
Dama enrolled.
"Financial constraint is basically what I am currently facing. Considering my age of 74 years and also being the only one in the household, I have learned the hard way since I am forced to provide for my basic needs. This has forced me to actively engage in subsistence farming but due to inadequate rains, sometimes I get very little or no harvests. Getting food sometimes lies at the mercy of my good neighbor who provides me food in case I do not have. This explains how much I have become a burden to her and on some days, I usually decide to sleep hungry due to the fear of being mocked by my friends as a beggar. What a sorrowful life!"
Agnes's family
access_time 17 days ago
Agnes enrolled.
"Imagine my children sleeping on the floor due to a lack of money to buy decent bedding! This has affected them since they can not enjoy their nights and also, has negatively impacted their performances. This has lowered my self-esteem as a mother and seeing them on the floor at night makes me shade tears but again, I am just helpless to them. Thus, I consider financial instability as my biggest challenge."
Babra's family
access_time 17 days ago
Babra enrolled.
"Chamawa village has never received rain for the last three years. This has caused drought and famine. The community walks for almost 10km looking for water from the water pan. One plastic cost $.0.5 for the water pan. I use $3 every day for water expenses. I was family clothes once a month due to lack of water. This is an abnormal behavior but due to the water shorted I have adopted it."
Mwalimu's family
access_time 17 days ago
Mwalimu enrolled.
"I have a family of ten with two children at secondary school and six at primary level. I do a casual job making charcoal for sale which is tedious. In a month I sell approximately 10 bags at $ 6 each. This gives an income of $60. The two children at secondary each have a school fees balance of $420 and 200 respectively. The duo are at home now due to a lack of fees. The money I get from my work caters for food only. So lack of reliable sources of income is the current challenge I am facing."
Dorcas's family
access_time 17 days ago
Dorcas enrolled.
"The main challenge that I am currently facing is related to the land that I am currently living on. Since I am a single lady, my brothers believe that I am not entitled to inherit this property from our parents. They have been threatening to burn down my house and they sometimes beat up my children for nothing. I am worried that someday they might as well kill or maim my children. I wish I could give them their space and settle somewhere else where I can have the peace of mind that I deserve. My children also will stop living in fear and have some freedom."
Sheila's family
access_time 17 days ago
Sheila enrolled.
"I am currently experiencing challenges with my business and also my health. My business was doing so well before the 2020 covid pandemic but it seems like the pandemic eroded my customer base. During that time my monthly profits could amount to $120 monthly. At the moment making a profit of $30 is pure luck. I have also been asthmatic and the condition has been deteriorating for the last year. I think this has partly contributed to the downfall of my business since I can't stay until late at night because of the extreme cold which may worsen the situation."
Richard's family
access_time 17 days ago
Richard enrolled.
"I have subdivided my farm among my 4 sons as culture demands leaving just an acre for my use. This has affected farming activities because now I have a small portion left. I do not have surplus milk for sale because I had to reduce the number of cows I had from 12 to 2. This has subjected my family to a financial crisis that I have never seen since I was born. At my age, I cannot do casual jobs like young people and I have to adapt to the new norm."