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Dowe's family
access_time 1 day ago
Dowe enrolled.
"Food insecurity is my greatest challenge. I am a father of four children. In the previous years, we were depending on maize production for food. With the prolonged drought in our area, no farming can currently succeed. I decided to venture into the charcoal burning business to sustain my family. I make approximately 4,000 KES per month. With a family of four children, this amount is insufficient to even buy food that can sustain us for a whole month. In extreme cases, we go to bed hungry like 5 times per month."
Paul's family
access_time 1 day ago
Paul enrolled.
"I have enjoyed good health since my childhood. This has been a blessing I have lived to thank God for. This gave me ample time to support my family and I am currently left with my last born who is joining university to educate. In the past few months, I have frequently visited health centers with some health complications. This is my current biggest challenge since I have been advised to avoid some food that I would have enjoyed the most at my old age besides the pain I persevere."
Claris's family
access_time 1 day ago
Claris received a $496 second payment.
"I plan on building a house because a home is all I have always wanted. I have been living in a poorly covered house that could barely shield my family from all kinds of harsh weather, especially when it rains. Getting this house will make me so happy because I will have made a step forward and my family as well as my own life will have improved. That would mean I am able to act and not only plan like before."
Sidi's family
access_time 1 day ago
Sidi received a $479 second payment.
"I am planning (have started) to build a new and bigger house for myself, my children and grandchildren too. Because the house that we have been living in is grass-thatched and when it rains, it rains in the house. It is not different from living in the open, which makes me very unhappy. With the new and bigger house, even my grandchildren will be sleeping comfortably in their rooms."
Salama's family
access_time 1 day ago
Salama enrolled.
"Good education for my children is my all time ambition. I am currently blessed with 5 children. Three of them are already attending school. Paying their school fees is already a challenge for me. This is because, the money I get from my charcoal burning business is never sufficient to buy food and still cater for their school fees. I am planning to buy 10 goats at a total cost of 30,000 KES. These goats will help me pay school fees for my children in the future. As the years go by, the goats will be increasing in number. I will be selling the goats to butcheries. The income I will be getting will help in paying my children's school fees and even sort some of the family's needs."
Mthawali's family
access_time 1 day ago
Mthawali enrolled.
"I am a divorced man with a family of four children who are in school. My wife left me due to poverty. This is because I had no better house for my family and no source of income. The small house I used to live in collapsed and now I have no house at all. My young brother gave me his house to live as I look for ways to get my own. However, due to the burden of responsibility, I have not been able to build one. My children needs to get basic education and at the same time meet their basic needs. I work as a watchman in a local primary school. I receive a monthly salary of 5000 KES. This money is not enough to build a house and save for my children education. Besides, I am the village elder of my village. Many people come to settle their disputes at my compound. However, people have been laughing and mocking me because I have no house and yet I am the head of the village. This has brought a lot of shame to me. My ambition is to build my two bedroom house that will coast 30,000 KES so that I can restore my dignity and have shelter for my children."
Bahathi's family
access_time 1 day ago
Bahathi enrolled.
"Over two years now, I have been suffering from chest complications. Sometimes I spit blood when I cough. This has made me being economically inactive and dependent on my spouse to meet the basic needs of my family. However, I have not been able to seek medication due to lack of money. Upon receiving the cash transfer, I will use part of it to seek medication so that I can restore my health and engage in economic activities once again."
Kadzo's family
access_time 1 day ago
Kadzo enrolled.
"Lack of money to pay school fees for my children is the main challenge that I am facing currently. Imagine being a widow with a family of two children. All of them are attending school but you have no money to pay for their basic education. This is the current situation that I am currently in. Over the years, I have been depending on subsistence farming. However, due to the prolonged drought in our village, this is not possible. I am now forced to do charcoal burning business which is illegal but because it is the only means for survival in our village, I have no choice. This business earns me less than 3000 KES a month which is not enough to meet my basic needs. My ambition has been to get an alternative source of income that I can use to save and educate my children. Upon receiving this money, I will buy ten goats that will cost 30000 KES which I will sell in the market when they multiply and save to educate my children."
Mercy's family
access_time 1 day ago
Mercy enrolled.
"I have so little income at the moment from the barber shop. Sometimes I don't even meet the needs of my family because mostly we prioritize food to anything else. We have no enough clothing or any other investment."
Josephine's family
access_time 1 day ago
Josephine enrolled.
"I have been dreaming to start a food vending business in our nearby shopping center for 6 years but my dream has never been successful because of luck of enough money to start the business. Our nearby shopping centre has potential customers for starting a food canteen because there is a school near by, some shops and charcoal business men of which I believe these are already potential customers. Receiving this money means I will fulfill my dream of doing a food business in my nearby shopping center so that I can grow myself and kick out poverty in my home. I have the expirience as a food vender because I was once employed in a cafe."