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Rose's family
access_time 3 days ago
Rose received a $523 second payment.
"My life is different from how it was before I started receiving the transfer from GiveDirectly. Nowadays I worry less. Through the transfers, I have been able to meet most of my needs. I managed to invest in farming. I am proud to say we are almost harvesting and this time, the products are healthy since I bought all the required farm inputs. I will definitely get a bumper harvest because everything was done on time. In addition to that, I also bought a few goats. The goats will come in handy since I can decide to sell them in case of an emergency. Apart from that, I am also living in a decent house. I attribute all these achievements to GiveDirectly."
Erick's family
access_time 3 days ago
Erick received a $524 second payment.
"For the last three years, most of my income has been focus on pay my college fees and because of my meager income balancing my household needs and paying school fees was a challenge and the only solution by then was to borrow from friends and neighbors who got tired of helping out because I could not settle their debts on time . I am glad that with GiveDirectly's transfer it has lighten some of my burden since the last two semester, I was able to pay college fees on time without borrowing money from anyone . I also bought a dairy cow , therefore , I have cut costs of buying milk from neighbors like I did before ."
Chepngetich's family
access_time 3 days ago
Chepngetich received a $524 second payment.
"Standing in front of my decent timber walled house is a life changer because my family is able to stay in a clean environment. I have also saved up money which I used to incur in maintaining my previous mud house after every three months to provide basic needs for my family . I feel that I fit in my society since I own a house like theirs ."
Chelangat's family
access_time 3 days ago
Chelangat received a $524 second payment.
"The biggest difference in my daily life is that I now own livestock. I managed to buy two sheep and young dairy cows since I have always admired to have such in my homesteads unfortunately the meager income from doing casual jobs around the village made the dream not attainable . I feel good and appreciated because finally, I got the chance to have livestock like the rest of the village members ."
Elias's family
access_time 3 days ago
Elias received a $39 twelfth payment.
"Currently, my life is different from how it was in that, I have gained a new sense of life and inner peace. Even though the fire incidence drove me to a point where I was giving up, the monthly transfer has been a blessing to me. I do go for casual jobs and supplement with the transfer which has made me settled to this point."
Anna's family
access_time 3 days ago
Anna received a $524 second payment.
"My life is different from how it was in that, I am self-dependent. I managed to start a business with the transfer which has enabled me to take care of my needs easily. Today, I am a proud woman who does not depend on my husband to provide everything but instead help him handle our household budget."
Richard's family
access_time 3 days ago
Richard enrolled.
"My greatest challenge currently is lack of finances to educate children. It is so because I have sold almost all livestock I had and also, my crops have been failing for the past 5 years as a result of crop disease."
David's family
access_time 3 days ago
David enrolled.
"In the year 2008 there was post election violence in Kenya. I was employed as a casual worker (looking after cattle) in a different region far from this place. During my normal routine, we heard people shouting and we rushed to the road to see what was happening only to see police officers shooting randomly. Seeing this, I tried running back but unfortunate one bullet ramped into my right thigh which paralysed it rendering me unable to fend for my family. Since then, I have been using a stick to support my paralysed leg and this has been the biggest hardship I have faced in life."
Dama's family
access_time 3 days ago
Dama received a $542 initial payment.
"I was woken up by a message on my phone. Since I could not comprehend any of these messages, I woke up my helper who confirmed to me that GiveDirectly had finally sent my first transfer. I felt very happy, I couldn't get myself to sleep anymore. I stayed awake trying to figure out the best way I would spend the money. I couldn't wait for daybreak to withdraw my money. It was such a joyous moment."
Clara's family
access_time 3 days ago
Clara enrolled.
"I have three children in secondary school and one who is due to join college.I have been stressing over how my spouse and I will be able to pay their school fees at the beginning of next year till GiveDirectly came to enroll us.I am very happy.Receiving this money will enable me pay a part of the fees as well as buy a dairy cow.From sale of milk,I will be able to pay fee balances in instalments every month."