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Daniel's family
access_time 13 days ago
Daniel enrolled.
"I am a father of eight and I got an accident five years ago when I was working with Petro city petrol station in Mombasa. On January 2017 a container slides from one of the lorries and fell on my left leg. I lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. My leg was amputated and my lifestyle changed forever. Later on 2020, I suffered a stroke that made me unable to walk completely. I am always indoors. The accident and stroke affected my work. I only depend on my son who works as a teacher. My wife Zawadi is mentally challenged and she cannot even take care of me. I get assistance from the neighbours in terms of dressing and washing my body. Being an ability to stand on my own and walk is the challenge I am currently facing."
Shyline's family
access_time 13 days ago
Shyline enrolled.
"I am a motorcycle taxi rider and this is where we depend to earn a living as a family. This work can only get me an average of $3.50 a day and all our needs look up to this little income. The rising cost of living has worsened the situation and I have found myself in debt I did not intend to have. The food requirements take about $2 a day and usually the remaining $1.50 goes to cater for school fees for my child. In any emergency for example recently when my child fell sick, I was forced to borrow money. I have so far accumulated debts of up to $20 which am worried I shall not be able to repay as soon as they are needed."
Ruth's family
access_time 13 days ago
Ruth enrolled.
"My husband is serving a jail term of 12 years after being found guilty of assaulting a lady friend 2years ago. Aside from this story tainting the image of my family, it has also increased the burden of taking care of our children. Raising school fees for my two children has been an overwhelming task for the last two years. I cannot raise school fees amounting to $200 every year because I am a farmer depending on 1 cow. The milk that I get every day is 4 liters which I sell for $ 0.4. This translates to $1.6 per day and even if I was to save the whole amount it would not be sufficient to cover the required school fees."
Regina's family
access_time 14 days ago
Regina enrolled.
"The state of my health is a big concern for me at the moment. For the past 2 years, I have been in and out of hospital for conditions that keep reoccurring and I do not understand why the doctors cannot figure out a lasting solution to this. I used to be self-reliant and working in my farm but this health situation has since affected me and reduced me to be dependent on my children. I wish I could seek another opinion, especially in a private hospital but I no longer have any money since my farming activities have ceased and that's what I was making a living from."
Jesca's family
access_time 14 days ago
Jesca enrolled.
"I depend on a business that deals with groceries and I have been facing challenges with an unpredictable business environment which you find mostly that today it is favorable then within a few weeks it becomes unfavorable again. I have a family of four and everything in this household looks up to me because I am a widow. This includes school fees, clothing, and food which cost about $500 annually. The availability of groceries determines how my business performs but most of the time the groceries are unavailable and this affects my business a lot. On a typical month when business is good, I would make $50 which is enough to cater to our needs. On a bad month as well which is so common lately, I can only make $20 and this forces me to do casual jobs to supplement my income. I wish I could have a continuous supply of vegetables but it is not possible and the only thing I could do is produce the myself but I haven't done so due to insufficient amount of money from my income."
Esther's family
access_time 14 days ago
Esther enrolled.
"I have a family of six members and four members are children schooling at secondary and primary school respectively. My husband is a motorcyclist and I work as a cook at a nearby secondary school earning $75 per month. The school is unstable financially such that I can work five months without any pay. The husband earns approximately $5 per day and not always. Generally, family income is mainly used for food. The children collectively have a a fee arrears of $200 which makes them stay home sometimes. Lack of reliable source of funds is the challenge I am facing."
Kasichana's family
access_time 14 days ago
Kasichana enrolled.
"I have suffered ulcers for the last twenty-five year. This has caused me to miscarriage two times and has affected my work also. I cannot involve myself in tedious activities like charcoal burning and carrying more than five plastics of water from the water pan. Ulcers is the challenge I am currently facing."
Happy's family
access_time 14 days ago
Happy enrolled.
"I am a housewife and my husband is a casual worker at Mombasa. He does not get work everyday so in a month he earns approximately $120. The money caters for food leaving other expenses pressing the family. I have two children schooling at Mangudho primary school. They have been out of school for two weeks now due to a school fees balance of $50. This has an effect on their performance during examinations. Lack of reliable income is the challenge I am facing."
Brian's family
access_time 16 days ago
Brian enrolled.
"Lack of reliable sources of income is a big issue here in the village. I'm a businessman running a pharmacy and an agrovet at Matanomanne trading center. Largely this community is made up of farmers of all sorts, and so those are the clients I have been targeting. Unfortunately it's been drought for too long that the farmers themselves do not have sources of income anymore, thus they can't even buy in good numbers. Market is also flooded because we're already more than ten traders of this type in just a small trading center. Most of the time I only make a net profit of $150 in a month. Without my wife's income, we wouldn't make it at all. She's a teacher earning $280 every month. But from that we still have to support extended family, pay school fees for our two children in boarding primary school at $120, as well as repaying loans that my wife took when we were building our family house."
Kahunda's family
access_time 16 days ago
Kahunda enrolled.
"My biggest challenge is food security. I do not have reliable sources of income except for the casual jobs I do get around the village to dig, weed, or join in some construction work to be able to earn some money. Most of those jobs pays $2 to $5 per day which is quite too little to feed my family and pay school fees for my four children currently attending primary school paying a total of $60 per academic term.. My husband on the other hand used to work as a security guard in a nearby secondary school, but he was discontinued temporarily when he fell sick and got diagnosed with an airborne disease that isn't even contiguous when one is on drugs."