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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Samuel's family
access_time 2 days ago
Samuel received a $27 eighteenth payment.
"This year, my aim is to purchase a motorbike and start a boda boda business. I have been diligently saving my previous transfers to make this goal a reality, and I am optimistic that by September, I will have enough funds to buy the motorbike. Starting this business will greatly enhance my financial situation, as it generates daily income. I intend to hire someone to manage the business while I focus on my studies. I am genuinely grateful for the positive impact GiveDirectly has had on my life, and I eagerly anticipate a brighter future ahead."
Thomas's family
access_time 2 days ago
Thomas received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"This year, my main objective is to focus on investing in livestock, particularly goats. Goats are low-maintenance and can easily be sold to finance various expenses like school fees, food, and other daily necessities. Moreover, I plan to use them as a financial cushion for unexpected emergencies. I aim to use funds from my upcoming transfers to purchase these goats, providing my family with additional income to address any future needs. Being a part of this organization has significantly improved my life, and I feel immensely grateful for the support it provides."
Isaac's family
access_time 3 days ago
Isaac received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"I hope to start a shop in the coming days so that I will be in a position to fully provide and support my family through the income that I will be making from the sale of the goods. The urge to start the shop came as a result of identification of the market gap where I realized people in our village could travel quite a long distance to get a shop that may also not have what they wanted therefore I bank on the coming monthly transfer and savings from my job to start a big shop that will be able to provide most items that the people need."
Bendera's family
access_time 3 days ago
Bendera received a $27 eighteenth payment.
"My desire has been building a 2-roomed house which I feel am on the way to achieving it since I have now been successfully able to buy 24 iron sheets as part of the main materials that I needed for the construction, with a few transfers to come I believe I will successfully achieve my goal."
Kahindi's family
access_time 3 days ago
Kahindi received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"I would wish to see my flock grow so that I can sell to start my dream business of starting a shop, selling most household items, to achieve this goal, I bank on my livestock where when they multiply and mature I will be able to sell a good number of them so that I can get the capital to start my business."
Charo's family
access_time 3 days ago
Charo received a $27 twenty-sixth payment.
"In the future, I would wish to have a business selling household items such as sugar and matchboxes since it will be a source of income for my family. Am now tilling the land with the hope that when I get good produce I will be able to save the amount of transfers to use the amount to start my business project."
Ndoko's family
access_time 3 days ago
Ndoko received a $27 twenty-sixth payment.
"I hope my produce will get good this season with the aim that it will help fundraise to first expand my business as I embark in college doing building and construction as I employ one to continue with the business."
Johnson's family
access_time 3 days ago
Johnson received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"I wish to provide a decent shelter for my family by building a 2-roomed house on which I have already started gathering materials such as iron sheets through cash transfers. I believe soon or later I will be able to achieve my dream and get the relief of achieving my main goal."
Emaline's family
access_time 3 days ago
Emaline received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"My goal still stands I want to start vegetable farming since the rains have started, am planning that before this week comes to an end, I will go to the market and buy the seeds so that I can officially start planting them with the hope that when they mature I will sell them, make a living and at the same time be able to pay for children's school fees with less struggles."
Kazungu's family
access_time 3 days ago
Kazungu received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"In the future, I would like to start my garage, now that I have the skills and knowledge, am banking on monthly transfers and after I finish the project I will start a savings plan that will monthly to ensure that I create a reasonable amount to start my dream business."