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Michael's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Michael received a $39 twelfth payment.
"Am very happy with the current position of my business as it provides for most of my needs through the profits I realize from it. What I am not satisfied with is the area of trade which is temporary and associated with low prices. No customer can pay a decent amount for any product in this area which forces me to sell the clothes at a lower price. I am hoping that I will one day move to a better commercial centre where there are better offers on commodities which means better profits. For this reason, I am now doing my best to save enough money to rent a stall near the lavish estates where other friends of mine in this line of business have confessed to be making better profits."
Moses's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Moses received a $39 twelfth payment.
"After my friend whom we had partnered with to run a carpentry workshop left the city to attend to family issues, the workshop had to be closed down. This has had a great effect on my income because this what I fully depended on, but I have plans of having the workshop running again as soon as possible. I decided to have a full training on carpentry so that I can be making furniture and selling at the workshop which I will now be running on my own."
Diana's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Diana received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"In the next six months, I know my business will be doing much better than now. When I keep on investing as I am doing now, I will have increased stock which will increase income from the profits of the business. This will help me meet all my needs well and in time without having to depend on anyone for help. My desire is to have a bright future and give the best for my family more than what I experienced in my own life. I would not want any of my siblings and children to drop out of school as I did because of finances."
Ibrahim's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Ibrahim received a $39 twelfth payment.
"I added some of the earnings from my business to the money I recently received from Give Directly and paid my rent for the month. I had always planned to be saving part of my transfers for the purposes of expanding my video game business, but sometimes it is a bit tough considering the expenses that were encountered over the month."
Christine's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Christine received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"My life will be different in the next six months in that I will have bought all the materials for building a kitchen. My children are growing up and they need their privacy which is compromised when we stay in the same house. This is because they sleep in the living room. My desire is for them to have their own space and as well get a good cooking place. Currently, I am cooking outside which is affected a lot during the rainy season. I would want to handle the two issues once by building a kitchen with extra space for the children."
Gabriel's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Gabriel received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"My life will be different in the next six months in that I will be having a new house. I would not be staying in the house with a leaking roof anymore. I believe in the next six months, I would have bought all the required building materials for putting up a new house. Thanks to GD for the transfers."
Jackline's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Jackline received a $540 initial payment.
"It was around 6 am after waking up when I realized that I had an unread message. After reading its content, I became so happy and I immediately informed my spouse about the good news. I knew that I would be able to build a spacious house for my family."
Jane's family
access_time 12 hours ago
Jane received a $540 initial payment.
"With all the plans in place, we have a good feeling that things are transforming in our lives as a household. The biggest difference in our daily life at the moment is the great feeling of hope over the projects we are starting. Among them, poultry project is what has brought a lot of hopes since it is one of the easiest and productive project we have seen it starting at the moment."
Viola's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Viola received a $540 initial payment.
"Happiness was the order of the day after receiving the money from GD, I really felt good, thank God for giving us hope again in our household after several years of suffering. Celebrations in the village started way too early; immediately as the notification message came in. I tried sleeping to at least awaits the sunrise as |I have always done but it really wasn't possible. I had to wake my children and husband up who also never hesitated after hearing of the good news. All along since then, happiness has been part of us, something which has strengthened the bond in our family."
Brian's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Brian received a $39 twelfth payment.
"I spent most of the money I recently received to pay my rent and electricity bill for the month. I had not managed to save any money from my job to help me with the payments of these bills as I usually do, therefore, had no otherwise but to use most of my transfer to take care of them. I then saved the rest of the money in my M-shwari account."