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Judy's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Judy received a $526 second payment.
"Had I not received the transfer from Givedirectly, We would not have bought the piece of land and my dream of owning a piece of land would have continued being just a dream. I am glad that my dream and prayers were finally answered and I am forever grateful for GiveDirectly."
Loreen's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Loreen received a $23 twelfth payment.
"In the next six months, I expect to have a running shop which will supplement my household income. Since the demand in this village is high, I only need to learn some marketing skills to attract and satisfy my customers. With proper management skills, I will open several branches in different parts of the village. This will allow me to meet my daily needs as well as my long term goals. I will also ensure my kids finish school and become successful people in society."
Mary's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Mary received a $23 twelfth payment.
"I expect in the next six months my life to change in that I shall have expanded my business so when the transfer phase is completed. I will be able to sustain my family's needs comfortably with the profits of this business."
Kang'ombe's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Kang'ombe enrolled.
"My husband and I solely rely on ourselves despite our old age. We majorly depend on farming but the weather is not favourable as for now. Currently, I depend on my old husband whose seasonal job is to attend political rallies and presents traditional songs and dances. The payments from this is at most one thousand shillings. In addition, he is also a herbalist. Out of the income he gets, we have managed to buy goats and also sustain our family needs. Receiving this money will mean changing our life for the better. We shall buy a pair of oxen and an oxen plough to help us expand our farming and possibly hire out to our neighbors at a fee. This will earn us income for our family. We shall use the remaining amount to buy goats since we majorly depend on livestock keeping."
Abraham's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Abraham received a $23 twelfth payment.
"I expect in the next six months to shall have saved money which I will use to paying dowry for my wife as this will be the most fullfilled dream I have ever wished for. Before my income was meagre hence I wasn't able to save and sustain my family's needs as well thus achieving this goal was null."
Irene's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Irene received a $23 twelfth payment.
"I expect my life to change in the last six months in that I have cultivated my farm through hiring workers and the result for it is being able to cultivate a bigger parcel of land unlike before when I used to cultivate by hand. After the harvesting season, I am certain of getting enough food for my family and even sell the surplus to earn an income to meet other household needs."
John's family
access_time 22 hours ago
John received a $50 fourth payment.
"The moment I received my transfer I felt so good. This is because I am now able to increase my business stock. In return, this will boost my earning."
Kevin's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Kevin enrolled.
"The biggest hardship that I am faced with is inadequacy of land for cultivation."
Isipu's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Isipu enrolled.
"Receiving this money means I am going to marry my wife because her people need dowery. "
Madina's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Madina enrolled.
"The biggest hardship I face currently is poverty. This is because I do not have land to cultivate where I could produce crops as food stuffs. This is making my family sometimes eat asngle meal aday."