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Josephine's family
access_time 3 days ago
Josephine received a $626 second payment.
"My life difference if l could not have gotten the money is that l could still have been staying in a very small uncomfortable house."
Katana's family
access_time 3 days ago
Katana received a $539 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my life since I received this transfer from Give Directly is that I now have cows which I was not able to buy on my own. Since I have always depended on my small-scale farming, I have not been able to buy some because of my low income from farming. I am glad now I have my own which has given me respect among my peers in the community.i"
Paskal's family
access_time 3 days ago
Paskal enrolled.
"My wish has been to built a better house that would accommodate my family and protect us from harsh weather. This has never been possible as I am a peasant farmer with no any other alternative sources of income. I would like to spend the transfer in transforming my life for the better, a priority will be given in building a better shelter and the remaining part in buying a cow that would provide us with milk. "
Joseph's family
access_time 3 days ago
Joseph received a $196 initial payment.
"I received the money at a time when my mother was sick and admitted in the hospital and part of the money was used to pay for her medication. I spent the rest on household items such as gas cooker, a bed and utensils.I saved the rest for my future business plans."
Winny's family
access_time 3 days ago
Winny received a $538 initial payment.
"At the moment, my children do not go to sleep in other peoples houses as they did before as I have been able to build a bigger house for my family. This makes me more comfortable and I am always happy unlike before as my children now have their own room."
Nicholas's family
access_time 3 days ago
Nicholas received a $538 initial payment.
"It was almost 3 am when my phone vibrated indicating that I had received a message. I decided not to read the message but to continue sleeping but when I received the second message, something prompted me to check the content of the message. Upon checking it, I could not believe my eyes and I decided to check my Mpesa balance to clear my doubt and I found out that indeed I had received money from GD. This made me so happy as I have never handled such amount of money in my entire life. When I Informed my wife in the morning, she was overjoyed and we decided to celebrate for the blessings God had given unto us on that day by buying bread to take with tea."
Ziphorah's family
access_time 3 days ago
Ziphorah received a $538 initial payment.
"My living room does not look like a hall now as I have some seats with cushions and a table which I did not have before. This makes me more comfortable inviting visitors inside the house whenever I have some as I know that they will be comfortable sitting."
Jumwa's family
access_time 3 days ago
Jumwa enrolled.
"After the death of my husband, I took the responsibility of raising my children single handedly. No one in the family was willing to help and due to harsh treatment from my in laws, I had to flee from my matrimonial home. Life has never been because I do not have a stable job to feed and educate my children. The much I can give my children is primary school education, which is not enough to make one rise in the Kenyan economy. Therefore, I can say my biggest challenge is financial instability."
Emily's family
access_time 3 days ago
Emily received a $538 initial payment.
"It was around 3 am in the morning when I received two messages. Upon checking its content, I realized that GD had made me 55000 KES richer. At that moment, I was overwhelmed with happiness and I immediately woke up my husband so that I could share the good news with him. We then sang praises to the Almighty for such great blessings and instead of going back to sleep, we started planning on how to spend them."
Evans's family
access_time 3 days ago
Evans received a $538 initial payment.
"For so long, I have been buying milk on a daily basis as I did not have a cow. Since I was able to acquire one after receiving my first transfer, I now know that by March next year, I will not be buying milk anymore as my cow will have given birth. This will also make me earn some income through the sell of milk and use the money to buy other things my family will be in need of. The thought of this just makes me happy and have a smile on my face."