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Sarah's family
access_time 6 hours ago
Sarah received a $471 third payment.
"I spent my entire third transfer on building a decent house which I have desired for a long time which fit my family members and I.Truly speaking this house gives me hope for better things in future at a glance of it."
David's family
access_time 21 hours ago
David enrolled.
"The achievement I am proudest of is that my farming activity has enabled me to pay school fees for my children and that makes me proud. "
Miriam's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Miriam enrolled.
"For a long time we stayed as a family without having a dairy cow for the household. Life was so difficult then considering that we had young children who needed milk to remain healthy and strong. In 2013, we were able to save some money which enabled us acquire a dairy cow. This was the greatest achievement in my life and it really made me proud."
Daizy's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Daizy enrolled.
"The achievement that i have achieved and proud of in my life is after successfuly producing good harvest for my farming this has assisted me in pay school school fees "
Nickson's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Nickson enrolled.
" The biggest hardship we have faced in life is lack of land because my mum was not married so we have to struggle to buy land and also food "
Richard's family
access_time 24 hours ago
Richard enrolled.
"The biggest hardship am facing currently is school fees for my children because my small business is no longer productive."
Daniel's family
access_time 24 hours ago
Daniel enrolled.
"The achievement I'm always proudest of is my business which i used to earn a lot of money from it , the profits I got really helped me to buy clothes for the family"
Regina's family
access_time 24 hours ago
Regina enrolled.
"Sometimes there is natural disaster like drought that affect my farm produce this really affect me because i will not able to rise school fees this has been my biggest hardship i have faced"
Charles's family
access_time 1 day ago
Charles enrolled.
"The achievement I am proudest of is,having paid school fees for my child who is in Secondary school despite my very low income."
Margaret's family
access_time 1 day ago
Margaret enrolled.
"The biggest hardship I face is, lack of finance that made my first two children to drop out of school without going to secondary school. I only hope I will get money to enable the other ones acquire the necessary education to the highest level."