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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Nasibu's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Nasibu received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"Initially, my ambition was to pursue livestock farming, specifically focusing on raising cows. However, due to the severe weather conditions prevalent in our region, cows are vulnerable to drought and perish quickly. After careful consideration, I have decided to pivot my livestock endeavors towards goats and chickens, as they exhibit better resilience to drought. Consequently, I intend to allocate half of my forthcoming transfers towards purchasing goats and chickens, with the expectation that they will breed and provide a valuable resource during times of financial need. The remaining half I plan to save in a bank, envisioning the opportunity to establish my own butcher shop and cultivate a successful business in the future."
Josphat's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Josphat received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"My plan revolves around using the transfers I receive, coupled with extra financial assistance from my parents, to sustain my education until I complete my A levels. Following this, I aim to enroll in college to pursue a course in medicine. To make this academic journey feasible, I intend to request aid from the Government to help cover my school fees, given my parents' financial struggles."
Sidi's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Sidi received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"In the upcoming year and beyond, I am determined to launch a tailoring business, leveraging the expertise I've gained through my coursework. With the significant responsibility of providing for my younger siblings, I understand the critical need to establish a reliable income source. This endeavor goes beyond meeting our immediate needs; it's about laying the groundwork for lasting financial security. My goal is to establish a sustainable enterprise that not only addresses our day-to-day necessities but also sets the stage for future prosperity."
Karisa's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Karisa received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"As a livestock farmer, I am excited about the future and what I hope to accomplish in the coming year and beyond. Thanks to GiveDirectly, I now have 13 sheep, and my goal is to grow my herd even more. Once I have six rams, I plan to exchange them for a dairy cow. This will be a great investment for my family, providing us with milk and an additional source of income. A dairy cow will not only improve our nutrition but also offer financial stability."
Dama's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Dama received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"This season, I faced a whirlwind that left me worried about the safety of my family, so my biggest hope for the coming year is to renovate my house to make it stronger against such storms. I want to construct strong pillars that will provide security and peace of mind for my family. To achieve this, I plan to save at least $20 every month from the GiveDirectly transfers. Each dollar saved will bring me closer to a sturdier, safer home where my family can live without fear of the wind. My goal is to see my children grow up in a house that stands firm, no matter the weather, giving us all a sense of stability and hope for the future."
Sophia's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Sophia received a $26 twenty-sixth payment.
"In the coming year and beyond, my aspiration is to establish a grocery business and ensure its stability by offering a variety of commodities. My goal is to enhance not only my own living standards but also those of my family. Once I have stabilized this business, I anticipate generating sufficient profits to easily cover my children's school fees. I have a strong desire to achieve self-reliance and financial stability, and this venture represents a significant step towards realizing that goal."
Dhahabu's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Dhahabu received a twenty-sixth payment.
"My main priority revolves around my children's education, utilizing my transfers to cover their school fees. I firmly believe that education serves as a pathway to self-sufficiency. Despite not having had access to the finest education myself, I'm committed to offering my children the utmost quality in schooling. Education, in my view, holds the power to transform lives, which is why I am steadfast in my efforts to secure the best educational opportunities for my children."
Mariam's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Mariam received a $26 twenty-sixth payment.
"In the coming year and beyond, I want to invest in goat rearing. Coming from a family where getting consistent financial support is challenging, proper planning is essential to avoid falling into debt. My husband works as a tout, and there are times when there are fewer passengers, which reduces his income. Relying on such unstable jobs is frustrating because we need to provide for our children's basic needs. To achieve my goal, I plan to save $20 from my monthly transfer each month. This will help ensure I can invest in goat rearing and create a more stable financial future for my family."
Ali's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Ali received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"I aim to use the transfers to settle my school fees debt that accumulated during my secondary school studies, obtain my certificate, and happily commence my pursuit of a certification in electrical engineering. With optimism, I anticipate clearing the debt promptly to enroll in college and further my education using these funds. Should I encounter any obstacles, I am prepared to seek financial assistance from my brothers to ensure the continuation of my studies."
Irene's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Irene received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"Having begun poultry rearing, I'm now looking to save in our merry-go-round to expand our venture by purchasing additional chicken and goats. Once they multiply, my plan is to sell some of them to generate income for my children's school fees and other essential family needs. This strategy aims to establish a sustainable income stream for our family's future stability and well-being. I'm highly optimistic about achieving this goal in the coming year and beyond. I'm truly grateful to GiveDirectly for the financial support, as it has been instrumental in uplifting me financially and enabling me to pursue this endeavor."