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Liner's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Liner received a $472 second payment.
"I have plans to buy more chickens to add to the ones that I have. I have been rearing a few chickens and they have been of great benefit to me. I have a chicken house that I had already constructed before. I hence do not have many expenses to incur. I will only have to look for money for buying the chickens. I am a farmer where I grow maize and keep livestock. I usually sell some of the maize when I harvest them and I also usually sell five litres of milk every day where I get paid at the end of the month. I plan to use the money that I get from these activities on buying more chickens. The chickens are going to help me because when I sell the eggs, I will be able to get money for buying the household necessities such as sugar, soap, etc."
Zaddy's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Zaddy received a $472 second payment.
"I have a plan to buy a water tank and to construct another kitchen. I had planned to construct the kitchen after I was done with the main house but I was not able to since the money was not enough. I wish to build another kitchen because the one that I have is old and grass-thatched. Also, with having constructed a permanent main house, I would like to have a nice kitchen too that is also roofed with iron sheets hence bringing a good picture of the compound. Having constructed a new house that is roofed with iron sheets, I would like to have a water tank for collecting the rain water. This way I will no longer have to make long trips to the river to fetch water. I plan to get money from my grocery business and the self-help groups that I have joined to accomplish these plans."
Stephen's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Stephen received a $472 second payment.
"I have a goal of building two houses, the main house and one which the boys can sleep in. I had planned before receiving the transfer that I will build the houses but I was not able to because I decided to prioritize the payment of school fees for my five children. I had not paid their school fees and I didn't want them to be sent home. I do not have the large sum of money that is needed to build the houses but I plan to save little by little part of the money that I make from doing casual jobs. I usually engage in casual jobs such as farming and construction work and I am usually paid approximately KES 2500 when I am done with the work. With the savings I can buy the building materials bit by bit. I want to build another main house because the one that we live in has become small and the family size has grown. The house where my boys sleep in is also small and it has grown old. I have not been in a position to build other houses because most of the money that I make usually goes to the payment of school fees for my children."
Janeth's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Janeth received a $488 initial payment.
"I was home with my daughter-in-law when I received a message notification that confirmed the receipt of my first transfer. I was so excited and thankful as well to know that the start of my projects was soon coming to pass. Since I had all the plans in the book, I had not much hurry withdrawing but had to wait to the appropriate date that I had set to start my work."
Rejina's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Rejina received a $488 initial payment.
"It wasn't a surprise for me when I received a message from GiveDirectly that confirmed the receipt of the first transfer since I had been anticipating and it came within the range of dates given during enrollment. I felt good as we had been making plans on how best we will spend with my family, and had to immediately inform other family members. We had all plans in place and had to just finalize the arrangements and withdraw the money on the following day before making my first purchase."
Santa's family
access_time 17 hours ago
Santa received a $488 initial payment.
"It was around 9 in the morning when I was just relaxing, having good times with my family when my phone started vibrating. Since my souse was using the phone, I asked him to check who it could be. On checking, he realized that it was an Mpesa message from Segovia Technology. I had anxiously been waiting for this and I couldn't hold my joy at all. I finally knew that I would achieve a lot through the cash and without wasting time we started planning on how best we could utilize the cash appropriately."
Sidi's family
access_time 19 hours ago
Sidi received a $488 initial payment.
"It was around 10 AM when we taking breakfast when my mobile phone started ringing so loudly. I didn't bother to check since I was used to the Safaricom messages every morning. Before we could finish what we were doing, another message popped in and I was so curious. I decided to check who it could be. I didn't believe what I saw, it was an Mpesa message from Segovia Technology they had finally debited my first transfers as promised earlier on. I was so excited and we had to celebrate as a family for we knew that we would finally sleep in a better shelter through the financial support."
Dama's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Dama received a $488 initial payment.
"I felt so good the moment I received the money because I had gotten the assistance I needed for so long to address the challenges I was facing. I desired to have a bed and mattress to be sleeping comfortably like anyone else but I didn't have the ability. Therefore, I felt very happy and grateful when I received the money."
Vivian's family
access_time 1 day ago
Vivian enrolled.
"I differed my college education in 2019 due to lack of school fees. I was in my second year then and my parents were unable to cater for my studies as they have no reliable source of income. I am remaining with 2 semesters in order to finish my procurement course. Receiving this money means that I will use KES 60000 to clear the remaining balance plus accommodation. For the remaining balance, I intend to buy a small piece of land for us to relocate as the current place is small; bearing in mind my husband has many siblings."
Diana's family
access_time 1 day ago
Diana received a $472 second payment.
"We have plans that we would like to accomplish. We would wish to cement the floor of the house that we just built. We used the first transfer and part of the second transfer to build another house. We however were not in a position to cement the floor and hence we decided to smear it with mud. We want to cement the floor because when there is too much rain in our area, water usually oozes out of the ground. Apart from cementing the floor, I also have plans to buy more utensils. The utensils that I have are not enough especially when I have guests in my household. I also wish to buy a cow. We usually buy two cups of milk every day at KES 40. This is costly to us and also our child lacks enough milk for consumption. We can only achieve all these steps by step because we do not have much money. We plan to start with cementing the floor and we plan to use the money that my husband makes as a mason. We will thus no longer have to worry about water oozing out of the floor when it rains."