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Gizamba's family
access_time 1 day ago
Gizamba enrolled.
"The challenge I am facing is water coming from uphill. This water destroys the house crops.As a result,there is a hunger strike in my family because the water never stops co.ingvfromup hill especially during the rainy season.Besides that,the rocks also fall crom up and our lives are endangered.I feel so scared."
Nadunga's family
access_time 1 day ago
Nadunga enrolled.
"In the midst of poverty, my life has been an uphill battle. Every day is a struggle to make ends meet and provide for my family. Rock falls are painful reality that constantly haunt my family, and I. Tragedy struck in 2019 when a rock fell and hit a calf that I was nurturing and caring for. It was a devastating blow, as that calf represented hope and a potential source of income for my family. Its loss only deepened the wounds of poverty, making it even harder to escape the cycle of struggle and hardship."
Kimanya's family
access_time 3 days ago
Kimanya enrolled.
"I face an immense challenge of sickness that strikes my home, and the weight of it bears heavily on my shoulders. It is difficult, especially times when crops have not yielded forexample rish potatoes being far ready for harvest. This unfortunate circumstance poses as a great obstacle, as it makes it exceedingly hard to consider taking my loved ones to the hospital for the care they need."
Joan's family
access_time 3 days ago
Joan received a $21 sixty-fourth payment.
"My main goal for next year is to gather enough money to purchase kitchen utensils because the ones I have are insufficient. When I have visitors, I constantly have to borrow from my neighbors, which reduces my self-esteem. I look forward to the transfers from GiveDirectly changing my status in society and making me shine in all spheres of life. My budget for this goal is $100, which I intend to fund with my subsequent transfers."
Irine's family
access_time 3 days ago
Irine received a $21 sixty-fourth payment.
"Next year, I intend to purchase a cow for $20 as an investment and for milk production to produce revenue to supplement my income from casual labor. I plan to use my savings from the merry-go-round group to achieve this goal."
Wegosasa's family
access_time 3 days ago
Wegosasa enrolled.
"The challenge we are facing currently is poverty which doesn't allow even build a good house which makes us sleep in bad with a baby."
Pamela's family
access_time 4 days ago
Pamela received a $21 sixtieth payment.
"My husband died two years ago before he could pay the dowry, and as our culture requires, this must be completed; failing to do so will make it impossible for our children to commence dowry payments when they are older and ready for marriage life. As a result, I intend to make amends for him according to our tradition to strengthen my self-esteem at home and pave the way for my children when the right time comes for marriage. My budget for this course is $180, which I plan to fund using money from the merry-go-round group."
Mercy's family
access_time 4 days ago
Mercy received a $21 fifty-sixth payment.
"Next year, I intend to use my future transfers to purchase two goats, each costing $30, which I will then sell once they have matured to purchase a cow for milk production. I will remember GiveDirectly for its good deeds and earn some revenue (by selling milk) through my investment in cattle farming."
Sammy's family
access_time 4 days ago
Sammy received a $21 sixty-fourth payment.
"In the next one year and beyond my goal is to put up a semi dairy unit. This will help me improve my dairy keeping project and subsequently increase my living standards and that of my family. Currently I have three dairy cows but I feel they are not well taken care of. Getting a place where they can feed well and have some decent shelter shall give make this livestock keeping project more viable. I look forward to having it ready within the next one year."
Joseph's family
access_time 4 days ago
Joseph received a $21 sixtieth payment.
"I want to venture into poultry farming and also keep some sheep. By doing so, I hope to diversify my sources of income and create a more sustainable livelihood for my family. One of the reasons I am drawn to poultry farming and sheep rearing is their fast multiplication and relatively low maintenance costs. Chickens and sheep reproduce quickly, which means I can quickly build up a sizeable flock or herd. Moreover, their upkeep costs are relatively affordable, making it a feasible investment for me.To achieve this, I will use the money I earn through proposal writing and land surveys to purchase either a sheep or a chicken every month. This way, I can gradually increase my flock and herd, spreading out the financial burden over time while still making progress towards my goal. I am excited about this new endeavor and optimistic about what the future holds. By diversifying my sources of income through poultry farming and sheep rearing, I hope to achieve financial stability and create a brighter future for myself and that of my family."