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Nixon's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Nixon received a $502 second payment.
"\my life had changed since I have reduced the daily expenditure because I don't buy milk fo consumption . I also make an income"
Kipngeno's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Kipngeno received a $502 second payment.
"The equipment that I bought for my farm is the best thing that I have ever done in my life. I currently run a business using the chaff cutter to make feeds for my neighbors at a fee. I make an extra income making silage after cutting fodder for them. My milk production also has gone up due to proper feeding. All feeds are well utilized as the animals are able to consume all the fodder as they are all cut to size. I sometimes sell feeds to other farmers. I am currently having a long queue of farmers who have south my services. This makes me a busy man unlike before when I used to have very little work to do. I love making income this way and I am so grateful to GiveDireclty."
William's family
access_time 2 hours ago
William received a $22 twenty-sixth payment.
"I expect to have completed building my own house at my father's compound in the next six months. This will be very nice since I don't like sharing a room with my cousins who are way younger than me. I will spend the monthly transfers to buy building materials bit by bit until I have enough. According to my plan, I will have a new house that wholly belongs to me."
Nacy's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Nacy received a $458 initial payment.
"The moment I received my money, I felt very excited because I had never held such an amount of unconditional cash in my entire life."
Joseph's family
access_time 1 day ago
Joseph received a $501 second payment.
"My life has improved so much because i have build enough houses in my homestead. My heart is filled with joy to see that my family have enough rooms to use. I even have an extra house that I can use to house guest whenever they have to spent a night at my place.Home improvement would not have been possible without GiveDirectly because I get very little from my peasant farming practice."
Riziki's family
access_time 1 day ago
Riziki received a $501 second payment.
"My life has really improved so much when I got two dairy cows that give me milk. I spent the money from selling milk on buying food for the household and on meeting personal needs. Additionally , I also get to feed my family using some of the milk I get. It is really a good way of life having dairy cows to rear. At the moment, there is plenty of grass due to the ongoing rains. I am so happy that I made this choice."
Masha's family
access_time 1 day ago
Masha received a $501 second payment.
"The biggest difference in my life is the business that I am about to start in a shop that I have built on my farm. I would not have been able to build this without GiveDirectly. I am just struggling to complete it and start a better live back in my village. My business here in the city has become unprofitable. I need to settle beck on my village with an income activity. This has only been made possible by these transfers. I am hopeful that I will son complete the shop construction and start the business."
Charo's family
access_time 1 day ago
Charo received a $499 second payment.
"The house I was living was too old and too small. My children had been asking me why I had not put up a proper house especially whenever it rained. My income from a small business and farming was not enough for our daily provisions as well as doing home improvement. When I received the money from GiveDirectly , I decided to end my misery by building a nice house. My children are now comfortable living in a house that does not leak even during this heavy rain season."
Joseph's family
access_time 1 day ago
Joseph received a $21 twenty-third payment.
"In the next six months, I will have established a tea nursery . I intend to plant them on my farm. This has been informed by the construction of a factory in a nearby village. The factory has now been completed and is already processing tea. I want to be part of the people supplying the crop in order to also benefit. In the next six months, I will be having tea seedlings already in the next six months."
Alice's family
access_time 2 days ago
Alice received a $499 second payment.
"The biggest difference in my life is that I boosted my farming with the transfers which I received from Give Directly. I now have two more cows added to my stock and this advancement has made me proud as a farmer and no longer depend on others as I can sell milk and have income which enables me to buy other family necessities."