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Nyole's family
access_time 8 minutes ago
Nyole enrolled.
"For a long time I've had an idle land due to financial constraints. I am planning to use my first transfer to plough it and plant Napier grass for dairy farming. I am also planning to spend $100 to build dairy shades for my 3 cows. I will also have to employ an assistant to fend for my livestock while I'm away at a cost of $40 per month "
Nicholas's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Nicholas received a $39 twelfth payment.
"Depending on construction work for income is not easy as one is not assured of a daily income being that the jobs are not consistently available. I would want to have a more stable source of income such as a business that can earn me some little money consistently, which is why I have been planning to set up a business on second-hand clothes. This has not yet materialised because I have not been able to save enough money to start the business. It however still remains to be my bisggest goal as it would be the only way for me to better my life and that of my entire family."
Joan's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Joan received a $541 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my daily life is that I am living a better life than before. This is because my family now has enough food for their consumption. Also, I have been able to reduce my daily expenditure as I no longer buy most of the items. This has enabled me to save some money daily that I would otherwise use in buying these items and also the income from milk sales. Also, when I have a visitor, I can easily make them some tea as I now have enough milk unlike before."
Selina's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Selina enrolled.
"Over the years, I have always desired to own a cow. This has not been possible because I am a small scale farmer. Receiving this money is a big boost for me because it will enable me to buy my own cow with approximately 30,000 shillings and some sheep. These livestock will enable me to pay for my children's school fees in the near future."
Paul's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Paul enrolled.
"Receiving this money means that my children will continue with their education come January 2020. One of my children had dropped out of school because I could not afford to pay for his fees. Thank you GiveDirectly"
Chelangat's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Chelangat enrolled.
"The land that we are occupying right now was sold to cater for the school fees of my brothers in law and as a result, we are living here temporarily. Now receiving this transfer means that I will be able to purchase a piece of land somewhere else for my family to settle in."
Jeremiah's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Jeremiah received a $251 second payment.
"In the next six months, I expect less financial burden, this is the reason why I have invested in cattle rearing and also farming to ensure I have enough money for my family. I also want to take my children to good schools where they can get the best education."
Norah's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Norah enrolled.
"My spouse and I are subsistence farmers and the crops we grow include maize and beans. However the greatest challenge we face is poor harvests attributed to soil borne diseases as well as prolonged droughts resulting to poor yields, hence supporting the needs of our family especially school fees for our two children has become an uphill task"
Cherotich's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Cherotich enrolled.
"Low land productivity as a result of unpredictable rainfall patterns has been the biggest harship we face in my family, which has resulted to buying food stuffs that we could have been harvesting in our farms. We have tried investing in keeping dairy cattle for milk production but what dissapoints us in this investment is the low return since we sell milk at a low price ie ksh 27 per litre."
Kadzo's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Kadzo enrolled.
"For over a decade now, my husband and I have been depending on charcoal burning as the main source of income, and given the nature of this job and the dismal returns we get from it, it has been extremely difficult to sustain the ever bulging needs of the family. Receiving this money, therefore, means financial stability to us. And to achieve this, we intend to invest part of our transfers ($70) in a motorcycle taxi. This will generate a daily income and through saving, we are sure of a better future. Hopefully, our children will no longer have to stay home due to lack of school fees. Additionally, goat rearing has been our desire and achieving this will be a dream come true. Therefore we purpose to use the remaining cash in purchase them and clearing arrears in school. "