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Sheila's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Sheila enrolled.
"I have always wished to be a dairy farmer.I have two cows for now but the piece of land for grazing is small.I am therefore planning to buy a small piece of land where I will expand my livestock farming."
Kadzo's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Kadzo enrolled.
"Considering my health condition, my hands cannot support me doing heavy jobs like charcoal burning which is the only major source of income in our area. This has forced me to majorly depend on the little income from my daughter who is doing house work at Mombasa. Since her support is rarely consistent, sometimes we miss meals something that robes our family's joy. Therefore lack of reliable source of income is my biggest hardship."
Jumwa's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Jumwa enrolled.
"My long time desire has been to live a decent life with my family, a wish that has not materialized yet and this has forced me to do jobs which are considered man dominated due to their tedious nature. Since there is no option, I am always expected to be in the bush burning charcoal for my family's upkeep. This has really drained my energy and I am looking forward to changing my life for the better when I receive the transfers from Givedirectly. I plan to construct a good house for myself because the one I currently have cannot accommodate my family. Being a widow with no business skills, I wish to buy ten goats for rearing, an oxen and ox plough to upscale my farming and also use the remaining amount to support my children's education."
Vincent's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Vincent received a $22 eleventh payment.
"In the next six months, I expect to have joined the university and concentrate on my studies so that I can become a better person in the future."
Fatuma's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Fatuma received a $541 initial payment.
"I felt very happy the moment I received the transfer. I have been doing casual jobs and never at one point had I ever received such a lump-sum amount of money. My phone had been off the whole night, the moment I switched it on in the morning I realized there was a message informing me that transfers had been sent to me. The first person I called to share the good news was my husband. He reminded me to be calm and reflect on the previous goals that we had agreed to pursue. I could actually not contain my joy when I learned about the good news."
Alice's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Alice received a $22 fifteenth payment.
"My expectation in the next few months is to ensure that I have more sheep for rearing. I want to buy more sheep and once they reproduce and have a good number, I will be able to sell them and get a good amount of money that I am able to do a bigger project like building or improving my house. I also want to have improved my poultry project so that its able to help as another source of income by selling the eggs produced."
Dama's family
access_time 12 hours ago
Dama enrolled.
"My house collapsed two years ago and since then I have not been able to build a new one. My family lives under a structure that almost resembles a chicken pen. To make it worse, it cannot accommodate the eight of us forcing my eldest daughter to spend her nights at a neighbour's house. This has reduced us to the laughing stock in the village, as people keep on insulting us and branding my husband to be a very irresponsible man. As if this is not enough, the structure has no door thus threatening our security. I get into endless fights with my neighbours because their goats keep on pouring my flour and water, commodities that are currently very expensive to afford. Besides, my children's health has really been affected and they all suffer from persistent dry cough which is as a result of inhaling too much dust. GiveDirectly has come as a savior who will restore our dignity because I will construct a bigger and better house for my family. In addition to this, l will start a small business and quit my charcoal job which is labor intensive."
Collins's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Collins received a $22 fifteenth payment.
"With the new grocery business that we are planning to set up in the next few months, I expect to be more financially stable in the next six months. The business will be an extra source of income for my family even when my motorcycle taxi business doesn't provide enough for the day."
Risper's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Risper received a $22 fifteenth payment.
"I hope that in the next six months, I will have bought enough construction materials to construct a new kitchen. I currently have an old one that might collapse any moment and I hope that will change soon. Other than serving as a cooking area, the new kitchen will also serve as a sleeping area for some of my grandchildren who are all currently sleeping in one room despite being of different gender."
Sidi's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Sidi received a $542 initial payment.
"It was in the night when I was woken up by my phone's notification. I was very reluctant to check the message because I never considered it important. I was urged by my husband to check the message and to my amazement, it was money. I was very happy and could not believe my eyes. I knelt down and thank God for the blessing from GD."