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Sarah's family
access_time 2 days ago
Sarah enrolled.
"My family lives in a small hut.This has to accomodate all ten members of our family.In the evenings,my grown up children have to go to sleep in their grandmother's house because there isn't enough room here.I have always wished that I could build another house so that this one can serve as our kitchen as well as a sleeping place for the girls.Receiving this money will enable me to actualize this"
Mary's family
access_time 2 days ago
Mary received a $22 eighteenth payment.
"In the next six months, I expect to have met my goal of clearing the payment of the wall unit. Once I am done with this goal I will now start thinking of what next I should pursue. Starting another project without finishing the previous one would only lead to many debts and make me a failure."
Margaret's family
access_time 2 days ago
Margaret received a $22 eighteenth payment.
"My current goal is to save some money so that I can use it later to construct a kitchen because I do not have one at the moment. In the next six months, I believe I shall have constructed a kitchen already."
Halima's family
access_time 2 days ago
Halima enrolled.
"Owning a spacious house that is big enough to fit my family members and all my belongings under one roof has always been my greatest wish. However, this has not been possible due to lack of finance to expand my current house. At the moment, I have been forced to distribute most of my property in my in laws houses because my house is just too small. Painfully,since they are nor in my custody,they end up getting spoilt and I can not even claim for compensation for fear of conflict.With this money, I will build a spacious house and with the rest buy goats for rearing."
Jane's family
access_time 2 days ago
Jane received a $530 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my daily life is that I have bought a water tank for storing clean water. I used to walk for a long distance to fetch clean water for domestic use. This was taking much of my time because I could walk for more than four hours to get to where we fetch the water and sometimes there was a long queue of people at the river waiting to fetch water too. This was taking much of my time and it was so tiresome and I could not do any other job after carrying water. Sometimes we buy water from people who sells during the dry season and this was so costly for me because I do not have continues source of income. We majorly depend on dairy farming and we used the small money we get for food and to pay school fees. Currently, my life has changed in that I no longer walk for long-distance to fetch water like I used to do before, My family has clean water for drinking and they are no longer expose to water-borne related diseases, I have also devoted most of my time on my farm and this has led to good harvest and sufficient food for the family . I am so much grateful because our standard of living has changed."
Amisi's family
access_time 2 days ago
Amisi received a $454 second payment.
"There is a big difference in my life now, I and my wife started small businesses which are generating income to support the family. We also got back the land that was given out as security after paying a loan. We no longer offer casual labour and this makes us feel good."
Margret's family
access_time 2 days ago
Margret received a $454 second payment.
"My life is better now, I am sleeping in an iron roofed house which I constructed with the transfers and on a comfortable bed. I am no longer in the stress of looking for thatch yearly for renovating the hut."
Nuru's family
access_time 2 days ago
Nuru received a $454 second payment.
"My life is different than it would have been if I did not get the money because I have constructed an Iron roofed house and I own a cow. I will be relieved from sleeping in a hut with a leaky roof as soon as I move into my new house."
Grace's family
access_time 2 days ago
Grace enrolled.
"The biggest hardship I face is lack of income generating activity. My house does not have items like utensils and proper beddings since I do not have money for purchasing. The family livingstandards are to ashaming within neighbourhood and this made us feel out of place."
Jennifer's family
access_time 2 days ago
Jennifer received a $454 second payment.
"My life has improved in that, I built an iron roofed house and renovated my old one as well. Before, I slep in a dusty house which couldn't accomodate my family. But I'm glad that I managed to construct another which has improved my living standards."