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Maxwell's family
access_time 18 minutes ago
Maxwell received a $50 fourth payment.
"When I received my recent transfer, I added some amount to the money and settled my daughter's school fees. This is the reason I work hard every day I live home, to see my children get the best education there can be."
Francis's family
access_time 41 minutes ago
Francis received a $364 second payment.
"When I received my recent transfer, I started supplying airtime to the shops around Mathare. I had realized a business gap and thought of feeling it before someone did. So I created rapport with the shopkeepers and gave them my word that I will deliver. With transfers, I bought airtime with wholesale prices and supplied."
Josphat's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Josphat received a $364 second payment.
"I currently do not have any additional goals. Although, I am planning to expand my business and even have a kiosk where one can find all the groceries stocked."
Stephany's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Stephany received a $50 fourth payment.
"When I received my recent transfer, I used it to reduce my sister's school fees arrears. She is currently in form two and depends entirely on me to go to school. I am the breadwinner in our household and the backstops with me. So these transfers were of great help."
Caroline's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Caroline received a $526 second payment.
"I believe my life has changed a lot because for one I managed to pay school fees for my children for the whole year so right now the financial burden on me has really eased up."
Mildred's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Mildred received a $23 twelfth payment.
"I expect my life to change in the next six months in that I shall have saved money and use it to start a cereal business to make an extra income. I believe from the extra income I will have ease in paying school fees for my children hence they will no longer stay home for a long period of time due to school arrears and also their performance in school will be excellent."
Marseline's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Marseline received a $23 twelfth payment.
"I expect my life to change in the next six months in the I have started saving for my six children's education because I believe through their education,they will be able to lead a successful life since they will be able to get well-paying jobs . Therefore I am hopeful that they will be able to escape the cruel vicious cycle of poverty that we as their parents succumbed to."
Peter's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Peter received a $364 second payment.
"My current life has a great difference with how it would have been if I had not gotten the money. I am now running my own business thanks to GD's transfers I no longer idle. It had been my desire to get married but I never had the resources to pay the bridal price and even maintain my household once I got married. But now, I have managed to get married and I am a very happy man thanks to GD."
Philip's family
access_time 5 hours ago
Philip received a $526 second payment.
"Were it not for the cash transfers from the organization I would have never been able to build a new house for my family leave alone buying the cow. The primary reason as to why I bought the cow is to be able to milk in the future so that means I will not be buying milk from sellers anymore. In addition to that, in the event that it gives birth in the future, I will have a chance to sell out some of its offspring and probably earn a few cash from such transactions."
Geoffrey's family
access_time 5 hours ago
Geoffrey received a $364 second payment.
"My life is currently different from how it was before because I am certain that I will receive an amount of money from GD for my developments. Initially, I had many ideas but they were all dreams because implementation was next to imp[ossible. But thanks to GD, I can now comfortably execute the plans with the transfers sent."