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Felix's family
access_time 3 days ago
Felix received a $249 initial payment.
"I want to build a new house for myself because at the moment I stay in my brothers house where there is little freedom for me. I believe that this is the right time for me to get a house of my own."
Anupi's family
access_time 3 days ago
Anupi received a $196 initial payment.
"There is a very prime vacant shop near my grocery shop which I plan to rent when I receive the next transfers. I will use it for a bookshop/a cosmetic shop which I will employ someone to manage while I run my grocery business."
Margaret's family
access_time 3 days ago
Margaret received a $196 initial payment.
"I spent a huge part of the money I received on my son's initiation celebrations.That was a very important part of his life and it was only fair that we made it a perfect event especially because he is our first born son.The other half of the money has been saved because I intend to spend it on school requirements for the same boy who will soon join high school."
Salome's family
access_time 3 days ago
Salome received a $196 initial payment.
"I did not expect to receive the money so soon after registration, so it came as shock to me. I was also happy that it came at such a time because I knew that I would be able to take my sick child to a good hospital for proper medical assistance."
Jeniffer's family
access_time 3 days ago
Jeniffer enrolled.
"Receiving this money means a lot in my life. I am a single mother of five and I have no land of my own. When I get this money, I plan to buy a piece of land and build a house for my family. I also have plans of buying a dairy cow that will enable me raise a healthy family."
Cylvia's family
access_time 3 days ago
Cylvia received a $538 initial payment.
"I have never received such an amount of money in my life. This blew me up and I was filled with so much joy and happiness. GiveDirectly is really changing lives of the people in our communtiy."
Eunice's family
access_time 3 days ago
Eunice received a $538 initial payment.
"The moment I received the transfers I knew that this was the beginning of the transformation in my life. I had plans but resources were the main hindrances but now that I received finances I knew my plans would roll out and this made me a happy person."
Mourine's family
access_time 3 days ago
Mourine received a $538 initial payment.
"The biggest difference is that I currently live in a more spacious and beautiful stone house. I can confidently invite visitors to my place with no shame at all for I am content with my house. This was not the case before the transfers were sent for many thought my house was inhabitable and they kept on asking how I survived but now their lips are full of praises of how good my house is and are even requesting for refferals of the fundi who did the work."
Fredrick's family
access_time 3 days ago
Fredrick received a $538 initial payment.
"I wish GiveDirectly was there to see the expression on my face. I was filled with joy and smiles were order of my day because I knew my living standards were going to change from that moment henceforth."
Safari's family
access_time 4 days ago
Safari enrolled.
"Raising children without a mother is a tough task to any man. Responsibilities are overwhelming, and the situation is even worse when there is no sustainable source of income. Balancing between work and family has been the biggest hardship in my life, and at some point I almost run into depression, was it not for the support from my parents, the story could be different now. I appreciate give directly for being our savior."