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Dorcus's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Dorcus received a $194 initial payment.
"The moment I received the transfer I felt very happy because I knew that I will be able to take care of my needs easily. The fact that the money is conditional was a reminded that I could use it to meet the goals that I have always wanted to accomplish. I could only thank GiveDirectly for the blessing."
Sharon's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Sharon received a $22 sixteenth payment.
"The surest way to succeed in this village is buying the idea of rearing goats then purchasing a dairy cow using the sales of these goats. MIlk is a rare resource in this village. Therefore having a dairy cow is the biggest investment one can ever think of. Apart from earning income, the best part of this idea is that I will no longer be buying milk. At least I can save that money it might help me in settling emergencies"
Mary's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Mary received a $470 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my daily life is that, I live a very happy life. This is because I paid my children's fees, bought households and paid back the loan that had deprived me from cultivating on the land that I had given as collateral. Before, I collected loans in order to pay my children's fees which in turn reduced on the land I cultivated hence affecting the food security of my family. In addition, I couldn't afford better beddings, utensils and clothes for lack of money which led to stress."
Paul's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Paul received a $194 initial payment.
"The moment I received the transfer, I felt very happy. I was almost leaving for work and decided to check what time it was. There was a message notification that popped out on the screen of my phone. I quickly rush to check its content and I was amazed to see such a huge amount of money that had been sent. I could only thank GiveDirectly because I knew that I was going to accomplish most of my needs."
Tabu's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Tabu received a $533 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my daily life is that I now have six goats. I am hoping very soon they will multiply and fill the animal shed that I will have built. Already some have started reproducing which gives me hopes of having a bright future. My wish is to start selling some of the offsprings ones they have matured. I believe I will get a good profit because of their high demand in my village. This will now be my source of income that will help me in paying school fees for my children and still cater to my family's basic needs without straining too much. I used to struggle and since I get low income from my casual jobs and most of the time I could not meet my family's basic needs. I am now hopeful and happier because soon all will be well."
Kabibi's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Kabibi received a $533 initial payment.
"It was around 7 am. I was with my family, we had just finished taking our breakfast and we were relaxing and just having a good time together. Then I saw a notification message on my mobile phone. I was so much excited when I realized it was an Mpesa message from Give Directly. I remember sharing the good news to them with so much enthusiasm and joy in my face. It such a joyous moment for me and my family. Up to date my brother still makes fun of me of how kept shouting and jumping when I learned about the good news"
Nyevu's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Nyevu received a $533 initial payment.
"Having dairy cows has totally made my life very different. Currently, I am getting plenty of milk for my family consumption which is making my family and I more healthier. To add on that I am planning to sell the few liters of the milk to the local market and my neighbors. The money that I will be getting will be my source of income. This will really boost my living standard. Secondly, when the cows reproduce I will sell the offsprings so that I can buy some more livestock like goats. This will make me wealthier. I will not have to struggle anymore in providing my family with basic needs. Previously, my children could be sent home for school fees several times and this was affecting their academic performance. They could also starve and miss some other basic needs as well. But the coming of GiveDirectly to my village has made the poverty life that I used to have to come to an end."
Syphrose's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Syphrose received a $194 initial payment.
"I spent part of my transfer to pay for a hairdressing course. I want to open my saloon after acquiring the skills which will help me run the business well. Currently, I have been doing laundry work for my neighbors in order to earn a living. The work has it's challenged in that, the money is little and the input is much hence I end up being overworked by the end of the day. I can not remember the last time that I had a good time to rest. Being my own boss is what I have desired for a long time and having a saloon will be a dream come true. Besides that, I paid rent. I am glad that I do not owe my landlord a single coin. Part of the money was spent on food and clothes. I finally sent my mother the remaining amount for her upkeep."
Alex's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Alex received a $22 fourteenth payment.
"Since I started receiving these transfers, I don't strain too much when it comes to buying food. This is because I always use a major part of my monthly transfers to buy food in bulk. Therefore in the middle of the month, I don't have to go for casual work to ensure we eat."
Antony's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Antony received a $194 initial payment.
"For a long time, I have been collecting garbage to earn a living. A cart was the major equipment that I needed for my work. All these years, I could hire from a friend at a cost and this ended up reducing my income after deducting the hiring chargers. Having been able to buy my own cart using the transfer has been an achievement. For this reason, this is the biggest difference in my daily life so far since I started receiving this payment because my income has increased and I have also managed to start saving."