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Sidi's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Sidi received a $526 second payment.
"I now own a pair of oxen which has been the main attribute to food security in my household. This because the pair has been very useful in cultivating a bigger area of my farm as compared to tilling this land by myself. On a few occasions, I have been able to hire this pair to my neighbors and earn extra income to settle my primary and secondary needs."
Susan's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Susan received a $252 second payment.
"In the next six months, I am expecting to have completed the payment of the pending bill and will be ready to Start a small business in the nearby shopping center which will be checking and replenishing the household goods. "
Kahindi's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Kahindi received a $526 second payment.
"The biggest difference is that I now have livestock that I would not have owned if it were not to GD's transfers. I count this as a milestone in my life that has taken the support of GD. Besides that, I have been able to keep my children in school with zero fee balances. I would not have managed because my casual job does not get me enough money for all that I was able to do with GD's unconditional transfers. My life has been elevated and we are a happy family."
Kipkemoi's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Kipkemoi received a $526 second payment.
"I had been a business man for long but I had never received such an amount of money before. I am happy for the support that GiveDirectly has given me. My wife and I are growing and less energetic for active daily chores. The biggest difference in my daily is the efforts that GiveDirectly has given me to buy a water tank at my age. I currently enjoy clean water my doorstep and we are relaxed no hardwork for aging wife to go fetch water. I feel so proud and GiveDirectly for the financial support."
Nancy's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Nancy received a $526 second payment.
"I love investing my children as I know they will one day give back to us in better away. I value my children education thus I do any kind of casual jobs to see them in school. Raising their school fees has not been easy with the scarce resources in our family. The biggest difference in my daily life ever since I received transfer from GiveDirectly is seeing my children study without interruption in school after paying their school fees with part of it. I feel so happy and thankful when I see them in school knowing that they have good grades to take to next level of education and later on have good jobs."
Wesley's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Wesley received a $526 second payment.
"As an household head with all the family needs rely on, meeting them all is a challenge. I ventured into timber business as a source of income to help me support my family. I love it and I had always looked on possible ways of improving it to earn better. This a dream that I never realised due to overwhelming daily household needs. When I received my transfer, I took some amount to buy a power saw. This has brought the biggest difference in my daily life now that I enjoy all profits alone. I feel so happy I earn more than I did thus meeting my family needs is easier. Thank you GiveDirectly."
Alfred's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Alfred received a $252 second payment.
"In the next six months I expect to have paid a good part of the hospital debt. We are working hard with my wife on the casual labor trying to make ends meet and also looking forward to other new options since we are much eager to see the bill cleared."
Phoebe's family
access_time 5 hours ago
Phoebe received a $471 initial payment.
"I felt so happy when I got the message on my phone. I knelt down to thank God for using GiveDirectly to change our lives."
Kadija's family
access_time 5 hours ago
Kadija received a $471 initial payment.
"The money brought happiness in my life. It was unbelievable and will be in history. I asked God to bless GiveDirectly and those who donated their money for us."
Pantaleo's family
access_time 5 hours ago
Pantaleo received a $471 initial payment.
"Paying my son's tuition is the best investment I have made with the transfer. The poultry project is also up and running, this chicken will be a source of income and chicken is nutritious food for my family. Previously, getting money was a hustle."