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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
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Khalsum's family
access_time 12 days ago
Khalsum received a $28 initial payment.
"My life is different now, I am able to pay my rent and feed my family comfortable because of Give directly transfers. Before It was quite a struggle since getting a day job is not easy because of Covid-19,people fear interacting especially with us since our estate was badly hit."
Wycliffe's family
access_time 12 days ago
Wycliffe received a $28 initial payment.
Elizabeth's family
access_time 14 days ago
Elizabeth received a $28 initial payment.
"Now that I received my transfer, I feel relax reason being I can at least prepare some food for my family. Unlike the other time that I had to struggle a lot to have food."
Rose's family
access_time 15 days ago
Rose received a $28 initial payment.
"I do not have to struggle much to feed my family, unlike the times that I had never received this transfer when I use to borrow from my sister."
Godfrey's family
access_time 15 days ago
Godfrey received a $28 initial payment.
"I am less worried about being evicted from my house because I am assured of the three $30 promised to me. If all goes well, my income from menial jobs will then go towards purchasing daily food items as I use the transfer to pay rent."
Rawlings's family
access_time 15 days ago
Rawlings received a $28 initial payment.
"Our life was difficult before receiving this money. Food was an issue,we would skip meals sometimes in order to cater for our other basic needs but after receiving this money, I bought food for our family."
Wakhu's family
access_time 15 days ago
Wakhu received a $28 initial payment.
"The transfer I received has helped me a lot since I had not paid my rent for two months. I would have accumulated more debt or even kicked out of the house."
Winny's family
access_time 15 days ago
Winny received a $28 initial payment.
"Receiving this money attracts a great difference in my life because I will be much relieved from the agony and stress that I have been facing on how to fend for my family."
Sarah's family
access_time 15 days ago
Sarah received a $463 initial payment.
"The moment I received my money, I felt so happy. This is because I had waited for this chance for a very long time."
Davis's family
access_time 15 days ago
Davis received a $28 initial payment.
"I am so grateful for being enrolled to this program. I used all the $30 I received to stock up food that would last my family a whole month. I now only struggle to get work that would earn me money to pay my house rent as well as buying perishable foods like vegetables and fruits and I am coping with the situation very well."