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Geofrey's family
access_time 5 days ago
Geofrey enrolled.
"When I receive this money, I will buy a dairy cow (250 USD). Owning a cow will save me a lot of expenses. I currently buy one litre of milk daily (0.3 USD).When I milk my cow I will get milk for consumption and for sale as well. I will also build a kitchen. I have only one room serving all purposes. With the kitchen ,my current house will enable me to host visitors comfortably .They will not have to persevere the smoke that comes out of the kitchen since I use firewood. The kitchen will cost me approximately 250 USD."
Leonard's family
access_time 5 days ago
Leonard received a $523 second payment.
"Having an additional dairy cow on my herd is a life changer that I can proudly mention. This dairy cow has given birth to a young one hence I do milk for free for my family consumption. Previously, I used to buy milk from my neighbors and it was indeed so costly. In addition , with the expansion of my herd I expect more milk that I shall sell to generate an income. I believe the little money I will be getting from this business will enable me to pay school fees for my children."
Gideon's family
access_time 5 days ago
Gideon received a $524 second payment.
"GiveDirectly's transfer has changed my life from grass to grace why do I say this . We used to live in a small grassed thatched house which was hardly enough to accommodate all of us comfortable. During the rainy seasons, we did not enjoy the peace that comes with having a roof over your head since that house had its roof leaking and often exposed us to the harsh climatic conditions that come with cold weather . Currently, I have a decent house and I can host my family comfortably. At time I lack words to express how my living standards have just changed for the better in an instant all because of GiveDirectly ."
Joyce's family
access_time 5 days ago
Joyce received a $524 second payment.
"My mother started ailing at 2016 and her medication required alot of money . By then , I had completed my secondary education and with the financial constraints it was not possible to raise my college fees . Unfortunately , she passed away and life became harder because my dad who was a casual worker in a nearby factory his income could not support the provision of our basic needs and pay school fees for my siblings too . I had to step up and take some roles that my late mother's did that is doing causal jobs around the village and the money I make went to support my sibling . Since then, fulfilling my dream of going to college seemed not achievable . Through GiveDirectly's transfer, I have another story to tell which I am proud of . I foresee a brighter future because I have gotten an opportunity to go back to college for a teaching course . I believe when I shall complete this course and get employed it will be easier to support my family financially."
Douglas's family
access_time 5 days ago
Douglas received a $39 twelfth payment.
"My new goal is to venture into the farming business. I am planning to invest in planting onion or maize which normally takes three months to be ready for harvest. I love the idea of employing myself since these casual jobs are unreliable. I feel that this will end my struggle to make ends meet for my family."
Kache's family
access_time 5 days ago
Kache enrolled.
"I have had the desire to own a better house like other people in our homestead and this forced me to engage in odd jobs like charcoal burning in order to achieve my dream. The house I managed to construct by then is now just braving the strong winds and it's partly open. My longest desire has been to use utmost $250 to construct an iron roofed house, a nice and spacious than the one I currently have something that will mean a decent home for my family. My other plan is to ensure food security and this means spending a total cash of $300 on purchasing an oxen and ox plow that will aid in upscaling my farming. This will bring my life to a better version, a transformation that I have long wished."
Saumu's family
access_time 5 days ago
Saumu received a $542 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my daily life is that I now own livestock. I managed to buy goats. I had always admired homesteads with goats and always dreamt of owning some. I feel good because finally, I got the chance to have my own. In addition to that, I also bought a bed. I can now sleep comfortably unlike before when I used to sleep on the floor. My worries have gone, very soon I will also be living in a decent house."
Korir's family
access_time 5 days ago
Korir received a $524 second payment.
"My life is different that it would have been if I never received the transfer in that I now meet my family expenses with less struggles especially the fact that I no longer face embarrassments of borrowing from my friends and neighbors money . As a farmer, before I would have challenges of harsh weather which resulted to getting low yields that affected my income tremendously. With GiveDirectly's transfers I have applied modernized methods of planting and looking at the maize and beans I cultivated with GiveDirectly's transfer their output are really promising . Secondly, I am glad that I own three dairy cows which I get three litters of milk for my household consumption and also source income through selling the surplus milk."
Gladys's family
access_time 5 days ago
Gladys received a $542 initial payment.
"I was asleep and got woken up by my husband . Looking at him he had a big smile on his face then the first words he said were GiveDirectly had sent money . I felt very happy and celebrated since I knew from that day hence forth , I would obtained what I lacked the most which was owning a new decent shelter that I have always dreamed of ."
Kaingu's family
access_time 5 days ago
Kaingu received a $542 initial payment.
"I appreciate how my life has changed since I own an ox and a dairy cow which are my source of wealth . I anticipate in about twelve months , I would have gotten an offspring and the dairy cow shall be capable of giving me milk . Therefore , I will no longer incur much on purchasing milk for my household consumption and it will also be a source of income through the sale of surplus milk and the offspring as well in the foreseen future . Most of my neighbors have been successful through keeping livestock . I used to desire to follow the same path through determination and succeed as well because working as a masonry at building site has not worked for me over the years as the meager income I did get . I feel its time to take a different direction as GiveDirectly's transfer server to be the capital to set out livestock rearing."