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Kahindi's family
access_time 2 days ago
Kahindi received a $11 initial payment.
Katana's family
access_time 2 days ago
Katana received a $27 third payment.
Karisa's family
access_time 2 days ago
Karisa enrolled.
"Due to the drought we experienced in the region seven months ago, 10 of my goats starved to death because of lack of pasture. This was my main occupation though not reliable but it was a good source of income for my family of four members. Therefore upon receiving this money I plan to revive my livestock rearing by buying 6 goats at a total cost of 18000 KES. This would go along way because in two years time they would have multiplied to almost twice the initial number. I believe through this my family would have a reliable source of income hence providing the family with basic needs such as food and school fees will not be a challenge to me. I will also spend 15000 KES on renovating my house which is in pathetic condition."
Bendera's family
access_time 2 days ago
Bendera enrolled.
"I am in a polygamous family of two wives sharing a two bedroom house which is in a pathetic condition and unsafe for people to sleep in. The condition worsens whenever it rains as the roof leaks. Receiving this money would mean I build a new house for my family of four members who we are still sharing the same house despite two of them being of age. The house will go a long way in providing decent shelter for us as a family as well as respect in the neighborhood since sometimes my children have to go to the neighbors to sleep especially when we get visitors."
Karembo's family
access_time 2 days ago
Karembo enrolled.
"I am a form four student, in my final term with an outstanding balance of 17000 KES. My parents who are peasant famers can not afford to pay for my school fees and I am afraid I might not finish my studies. Moreover I have been spending most of the days out of school and eventually this has negatively affected my academic performance. Receiving this money would mean a new hope and dawn to my life as I will be able to clear the fees balance as well as pay 5000 KES for my two young siblings who are in primary school. Through this aid money I believe my dream of joining college after high school will come true as I look forward to pursue clinical medicine."
Sidi's family
access_time 2 days ago
Sidi enrolled.
"I am living with my old husband who is bed ridden because he is blind and has difficulties in walking. I have to bear the burden of providing for the family through my charcoal burning occupation which is not reliable as I earn just peanuts. Therefore my family lack basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care for the sick husband and school fees for my children in school."
Kadzo's family
access_time 2 days ago
Kadzo enrolled.
"After my house was demolished by heavy rains three years ago, I have not been able to construct one. Therefore we are sharing my son's house which is also not big enough for his family of six members. This has affected me emotionally and I find it difficult to be sharing the house as there is no privacy at all. Lack of food is also another challenge as my family sometimes go to bed hungry."
Florence's family
access_time 2 days ago
Florence enrolled.
"Considering that I am a single parent, providing my family of 5 members all the basic needs like food, clothes and better health care becomes an uphill to me. My four year old daughter who is in pre primary school lack school fees and most of the time she is sent home and this has affected her academic performance."
Fautma's family
access_time 2 days ago
Fautma enrolled.
"I do not have a job or any source of income but with a child to take care of. It makes me feel bad that I'm not even able to financially contribute when my parents are still the same old peasants. I just want to move out and stop burdening them. Maybe create a source of income for myself."
Hellen's family
access_time 2 days ago
Hellen enrolled.
"Currently I do not have furniture and this weighs me down a lot. I have been using jerrycans for seats and a traditional bed made from tree logs without even a mattress. This bed pinches the user's body throughout the night creating a level of discomfort that is totally unbearable. This way you can't get good sleep which in turns impact one's health. When I get this money I will properly furnish my house. First I'll start with a bed and a mattress both for myself and my children at around 20000 KES. I will then acquire some affordable seats and a table at about 15000KES to make my house comfortable."