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Joyce's family
access_time 2 months ago
Joyce enrolled.
"Talk about suffering, we have seen it all. Life is hard, it is a struggle, and we hope life will be better in the future. It is because of this that we have invested in our children's education to at least have a better future than ours. We have 2 children who are in Secondary School and the school fees of $300 per term for both of them is an uphill task for us raise since we are people of little means who are working hard to make both ends meet. They were sent home severally for fees this month and it gave us a lot of stress."
Yegon's family
access_time 2 months ago
Yegon enrolled.
"The cost of living has risen to unprecedented levels. The situation has been so biting and it is a struggle to even put food on the table. Previously the cost of 2 Kg of maize was $0.8 but has since risen to $1.90 which is more than double the price. This has seen me cut the cost of other competing necessities just to be able to afford the cost of it. I live from hand to mouth and depend on casual jobs which are erratic nowadays. Sometimes I miss getting jobs and at such times I am forced to sleep on an empty stomach which is so bad."
Nyevu's family
access_time 2 months ago
Nyevu enrolled.
"My vegetable vending job collapsed 3 months ago because I spent the capital to pay my mother's hospital bill. This has compelled me to stay idle at home, a situation that has forced me to depend on my husband who is a motorbike taxi. His daily income is usually $5 and this goes directly to settling our very basic needs, especially food. Being jobless makes me feel like an irresponsible mother and a burden to my husband. Therefore, I consider the lack of a reliable source of income as my biggest challenge."
Sidi's family
access_time 2 months ago
Sidi enrolled.
"Losing my husband! This is the toughest situation that I am currently undergoing since early June this year. I have been so down and I find my life lacks meaning because I do not have any plans to cushion my family of 5. Being a widow now with no reliable source of income becomes a double grief to me and the hope is only on my son who is a casual worker in Mombasa. What a life of pain!"
Benard's family
access_time 2 months ago
Benard enrolled.
"Lack of job opportunities has put my family in a financial crisis. I was recently employed to work as a cook in a nearby secondary school where I am earning $50 every month. I have three Children in Kapkwen Academy where I am required to pay $45 school fees for every child every academic term. Raising school fees is a big challenge because what I earn is less than what the school expects of me. Right now I owe the school arrears amounting to $100 and they wrote me a note telling me that my children should not report to school until I clear. This has caused me a lot of stress to a point that I have lost my appetite."
Amina's family
access_time 2 months ago
Amina enrolled.
"I have a family of 11 members with nine being children. My husband is a teacher at one of the nearest mosques and I am doing casual jobs at the village mosque. I earn $50 per month and my husband earns $100. My husband has another wife in a nearby village and he shares the money equal to both of us. The money I get caters for food only and it is not even enough. I have five children at Madamani primary school and they all have a fees balance of $ 60. This has made them stay out of school for a while. Lack of school fees for my children is the challenge I am currently passing through."
Lilian's family
access_time 2 months ago
Lilian enrolled.
"A home is what my heart longs for. My husband Festus is building us a house which has forced us to live in a tiny house whose roofing is worn out. The construction has taken a while to complete since he retired from his civil duties as a Chief. The little we earn from our small shop caters to food only. How I wish he would get finances so as to finalize this project."
Paul's family
access_time 2 months ago
Paul enrolled.
"My family is constrained financially because I do not have a stable source of income. I depend on casual jobs such as being a masonry helper to put food on the table. Such jobs are hard to come by because we are so many competing for the same. The much that I can earn in a day is $2 which is hardly enough to buy food such as milk, maize flour, and vegetables. Take note that I am a parent with three children in school where I am required to pay $30 every academic term. It has gotten to a point where I feel overwhelmed and when they are sent home I let them stay because I have no means to raise that much."
Esther's family
access_time 2 months ago
Esther enrolled.
"I have a debt of $500, my husband died sometime this month and we borrowed money towards funeral expenses, the owners of the money want their money back and I am wondering what to give them.I am so stressed, I hardly sleep. My life has turned for the worse, life has been unkind to me.I sold the only cow I had to meet the medical expenses. We used a lot of money towards his medication , he had been wasted by cancer and had been undergoing chemotherapy."
Josphat's family
access_time 2 months ago
Josphat enrolled.
"At the moment we are experiencing some rainfall and it is ideal for planting. I had already prepared the land ready for planting but I have not been able to afford farm inputs such as fertilizers, seedlings, and pesticides to enable me to proceed with the planting. It worries me a lot because I am a person of little means and I am afraid the planting season will elapse before I can plant potatoes for consumption and for sale.It gives me sleepless nights that my land is lying idle at the moment."