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Esther's family
access_time 8 days ago
Esther received a $444 second payment.
"The GiveDirectly cash transfers have a put a smile on my face. I am very happy because I acquired an oxplough and hired farming land. I intend to increase my food crop production yields this season. In the past, I could not afford to purchase an oxplough nor hire additional farmlands. I am very happy that GiveDirectly has made my life very comfortable. I can afford to buy my children basic necessities."
Michael's family
access_time 8 days ago
Michael received a $462 second payment.
"My life is much different in that I was able to complete the construction of my three classroom block. My students are now happy and studying very well. In the past, I only had one block and other pupils would always study under mango trees. This was affecting their concentration. I am very grateful that the GiveDirectly cash transfers hav saved me from incurring debts and loans."
John's family
access_time 8 days ago
John received a $364 second payment.
"I currently do not have any goals. I am focusing on finishing my studies so all the transfers to help me have a peaceful and easy stay at school."
Gertrude's family
access_time 8 days ago
Gertrude received a $364 second payment.
"I am planning to start an ice cream business. This will help me generate more income and help me sustain my family members. With the savings I am looking forward to purchasing a freezer and a cooler box help me jump start the business. During cold seasons, the freezer can be used to store chicken meat for use by the local restaurants."
Allan's family
access_time 8 days ago
Allan received a $364 second payment.
"When I received my recent transfer, I paid my school fees and the remaining amount I spent on household expenditure as well as paid my house rent. This has been my major struggle but thanks to GD I can attend all my classes."
Purity's family
access_time 8 days ago
Purity received a $23 twelfth payment.
"In the next six months, my poultry farming will have been well established. This means that I will have completed the poultry house and will have so many chickens to use as a source of income. Having a source of income will ensure proper supply of daily needs. I expect to be generating an income constantly from egg production."
Mustafa's family
access_time 8 days ago
Mustafa received a $545 second payment.
"My life is different because I no longer fetch water from the river which is located several kilometres away from where I live. I used to strain a lot by walking for long distances before getting tot the only source of water we had around. Moreover, I am so proud of owning this solar powered panel that I purchased using GDs transfers. Using the solar panel is very convenient as compared to using the paraffin lamps that chocks the users and generally prove to be harmful to human beings health due to the soot emitted from such lamps."
Prisillar's family
access_time 8 days ago
Prisillar received a $495 third payment.
"When I received my transfers, I spent part of it to settle my mother's hospital bills that has been consistent. She is diabetic and frequently visits the hospital. I also paid bought a generator to help help her back at home given that electricity has not yet been connected back at home. The remaining amount was spent on household expenses and school fees for my children."
Emily's family
access_time 10 days ago
Emily received a $23 twelfth payment.
"My life shall change for the better in the next six moths. We are planning to move away from long term crops like maize and to the short term horticultural crops like cabbages and beans that will give us income faster and enable us have more money at our disposal and raise our families well."
Wiliter's family
access_time 10 days ago
Wiliter received a $23 twelfth payment.
"In the next six months, I shall have been able to buy household furniture that will enable me live a more comfortable life at home and make my family happier. I shall also be able to welcome visitors much more comfortably than I can do now."