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Najma's family
access_time 8 days ago
Najma received a $530 initial payment.
"I received the transfer notification early in the morning as I was already up for my days' tasks. As I was going through the messages on my phone, I came across the one message that I have been anxiously waiting for, it was a message from GiveDirectly confirming that I had received my first transfer from them. I felt so happy because the things that seemed so impossible to me could be seen being possible."
Winny's family
access_time 8 days ago
Winny enrolled.
"Drought, pest and diseases has hindered our progress in this family. Small scale farming is no longer dependable financially unlike in the past. We practice small scale farming for survival in this family and the crops we grow are tomatoes, beans and maize. However, low yields due to unreliable rainfall has made our toiling in the farm go in vain hence fulfilling the needs of the family has been so tasking. We have ended up raising school fees through fundraising as well as selling all the cattle we owned so as to raise school fees for our children. The cow that used to produce milk for sale and some for family consumption died 5 months ago due to some viral disease that was expensive for us to cure. We now have to buy milk for family consumption since we do not have our own cow."
Gilbert's family
access_time 8 days ago
Gilbert enrolled.
"For a long time I have had a hard time when hosting guests in my home due to lack of seats. My priority upon receiving my first transfer is to buy 4 sets of seats worth Kshs 10,000 (100usd) and 2 tables for Kshs 2000 (20usd). Actualizing this is going to boost my esteem and make me proud of my home. I spend about 4 days in a week working as a casual in people's farms planting and weeding maize while sometimes fencing. I do this for lack of alternative source of income. But this is going to change from next month upon receiving my first cash transfer. I intend to invest in a poultry project for self employment. I expect my poultry house to cost Kshs 6,000 (60usd) and spend another Kshs 10,000 (100usd) to buy 20 chicken layers. Upon completion,my project is literally going to feed my family of 5 without having to rely on tedious manual jobs in the village."
Philip's family
access_time 8 days ago
Philip enrolled.
"I separated with my wife 7 years ago.We had frequent misunderstandings due to lack of money.We always quarrelled in the evening after I arrived from my house construction job because what I brought home was not enough.She left with two kids and I remained with the other two and it has been a struggle playing both parental roles.Sometimes I am forced to forego my work so that I can deal with my children's issues for example school issues and medication.I cannot work far away from home since I have to be close to my children.This is the biggest hardship that I have been facing since the time my wife left. "
Esther's family
access_time 9 days ago
Esther enrolled.
"As a farmer,I have limited space to practise profitable farming.I live in 2 acres of land which I share with my children.I have six sons and as they grow old,each one needs to have his share.Currently, two of them have their own share since they have married.I get very little from my farm whereas I still have the burden of paying school fees.This has been a big hardship for me.I have three children still going on with their studies and two others who are at home because I do not have money for them to proceed to colege.I am a widow and all the burden is on me."
Dama's family
access_time 9 days ago
Dama enrolled.
"I never went to school but it has always been my greatest desire to educate my children up to college level so that they can get better jobs and lead a more comfortable life unlike the one that I have been leading. So far, I have really struggled and 2 are past secondary school while 2 are still in primary. With this money, I will enrol my daughter who completed secondary school in 2014 for a teaching course that she greatly desires and also pay the fee arrears of her sister who is in form 2. With the rest of my transfer, I will invest in livestock keeping so that as they keep on reproducing , I will manage to sustain their education."
Suleiman's family
access_time 9 days ago
Suleiman enrolled.
"Not having a consistent source of income is the biggest hardship that I face. If I had my own motorbike then I am sure that my income will enable me to feed my family, construct for them a much spacious house and even furnish its interior with good beddings and seats but that is not the case. I have the skill but my using it to earn an income is dependant on if I am lucky to get a motorbike. This situation of financial difficulty has forced us to sleep on the cold hard floor in a very dusty surface. The result is that my child tends to get sick often from the dust and if given a chance, I would really like to change my situation of helplessness."
Ziporah's family
access_time 9 days ago
Ziporah enrolled.
"I plan to buy livestock and to pay my children's fees with this money."
Zubeda's family
access_time 9 days ago
Zubeda enrolled.
"The biggest hardship I have faced is of poor accomodation."
Lukia's family
access_time 9 days ago
Lukia enrolled.
"The biggest hardship I have faced is accomodation. The house I sleep in isn't in a good condition and we don't have enough beddings."