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Salama's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Salama enrolled.
"I dropped out of a tailoring course in Bamba in the year 2016 due to lack of college fees.Completion of the course would have given me an opportunity to not only start a bigger tailoring shop that would generate adequate income for me,but also employ some youthful ladies who normally gets into early marriage due lack of money by parents to send them to secondary schools.Receiving this money therefore means my dream will be rekindled because Iam now able to go back to the college,complete my training and start the dream business."
Gipson's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Gipson received a $524 second payment.
"My life has been different since i received this transfers. I have been empowered since i can now farm and prepare my land in time. I have two bulls for ploughing, and this has made my work easier. I no longer have to hire oxen to plough my farm. It was very expensive and sometimes I used my hands to till, to reduces expenses of my farm yield. I am very grateful because I have a new bed and mattress and I can comfortably retire to sleep after a long day of work."
Joseph's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Joseph received a $524 second payment.
"I can now feed my family n pay my children's school fees with much ease. Before I never used to earn much from the work I was doing, but now with the money, I can pay their school fees and am happy to see them educated. My family can now eat chapati when they want before we could only smell it from neighbours as they cooked, now we eat with no limits. i can now sleep in a warm house before it was quite cold and not so comfortable, I have also been able to buy a television, earlier my children used to watch television at our neighbours' house and it was shameful. My business is doing so well, i have added more stock and as a result, more customers are coming to my shop.My request is that when GiveDirectly gets more money please come back and support us."
Jumwa's family
access_time 10 hours ago
Jumwa received a $524 second payment.
"My life has been different, I have now embarked in livestock farming which will now be supplementing my farm produce. I will be able to sell milk from my cows and the profit I get from the sale will plough back on my farm to increase my productivity. My children can learn with ease. Education is the best gift a parent can give to his children."
Benta's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Benta received a $542 second payment.
"I would have not done much without GiveDirectly. I had no means of raising fee arrears for my son. His certificate would still be detailed in school. My house would as well be in a sorry state since I never had money for renovation. I feel like freedom has come to my life and household as a whole. Without GiveDirectly, I would still be working for other people on meager wages that would not meet even the basic needs like food for my family."
Fleria's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Fleria received a $524 second payment.
"Had I not received transfers from give directly, I would not have been able to buy sheep, change the roof of my house, stock food or even buy new clothes. My life has improved a lot and anyone in my village can notice from the glow of my skin because lately I always take three meals in a day which was not the case in the past."
Emmanuel's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Emmanuel enrolled.
"Receiving this money is a mean of helping me to construct a permanent house for my family."
Alice's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Alice received a $524 second payment.
"My life is currently different than it was before because after receiving transfers from GiveDirectly, I have been able to buy food with less struggles hence I eat well. I, therefore, do not engage in hard labor like in the past hence I always feel strong and peaceful in mind."
Daisy's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Daisy received a $523 second payment.
"I got a whole testimony to make about my life. The transfers have just made a total turn around in my life. I have been able to make various investments but one significant one that i will never forget is that of changing from being a casual labourer to being self employed. Before the transfers came, i used to engage in casual labour to earn a living. This gave me very little income that could only sustain us as a family. I now have a sewing machine, a shop and two dairy cows that have made my days busy and more productive. My sense of pride as a responsible parent has been renewed. I am so much indebted to Give directly."
Davis's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Davis received a $524 second payment.
"I used to have a shop, but it was not doing well due to lack of enough stock. I have been able to restock my shop and am now getting more customers. I now have a reason to wake up in the morning since I have a business to run. I was able to buy a gas cylinder and this has brought a major change in my family, in that my children are able to prepare breakfast before they walk to school, before it was a big challenge, they would at times go to school without breakfast but now am happy they have something to take in the morning. I would request GiveDirectly to still continue supporting us since they are bringing alot of changes in our lives"