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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Monica's family
access_time 12 hours ago
Monica received a $293 second payment.
"Having the freedom to transfer funds without restrictions enabled me to focus on my urgent priority of constructing a house. The advantage of utilizing the funds without specific directives proved valuable. The favorable outcomes of this aid went beyond immediate relief, as I managed to procure an ample supply of food for myself. We deeply appreciate the transformative impact of this support. Up to now, I haven't identified any aspects that necessitate reassessment, modification, or enhancement."
Tumaini's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Tumaini received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"My goal is to build a house with brick walls to replace the current structure made of mud walls. The existing walls are susceptible to damage during heavy rains and are showing signs of collapsing. Believing that brick walls are more durable, I plan to use a portion of the cash transfers and a loan from my savings group to finance this construction project. By this time next year, I hope to have accumulated enough funds to initiate the building process."
Johnson's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Johnson received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"In the coming year and beyond, I aspire to have completed the construction of a new house. The current structure, with its grass-thatched roof, is suitable in sunny weather but becomes problematic during rainfall, allowing water seepage and causing discomfort. To remedy this, I aim to construct an entirely new dwelling with a tin roof. I am grateful for having already acquired the necessary roofing materials through previous cash transfers, and the remaining requirement is obtaining building poles. Once I complete this step, I will commence the construction of the new house."
Nasibu's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Nasibu received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"Given the unpredictable nature of my earnings from selling vegetables from my home, I recognize the importance of diversifying income sources to support my five children and alleviate the financial burden on my husband. Consequently, I aim to invest more in livestock, particularly goats, as they offer a practical and versatile solution. As these animals reproduce, I plan to exchange them for cows in the future, facilitating plowing activities and providing a flexible asset that can be sold in times of financial need."
Zawadi's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Zawadi received a $23 fourteenth payment.
"In the coming year and beyond, I aspire to start a business selling children's clothes. Recognizing the high demand for such items in my village, where there is currently no nearby shop, I believe this venture would not only save people time but also generate income for me. Currently, they have to walk for almost an hour to acquire the clothes from the trade center.  I plan to utilize the next two cash transfers and supplement the amount with a loan from my savings club to establish and set up this business."
Jumaa's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Jumaa received a $23 tenth payment.
"My goal is to establish a shop space near the road to operate my electronic gadget repair business more efficiently. Currently, I run the business from home in a remote location, limiting accessibility and awareness. I believe that having a workshop space will attract more customers. To achieve this, I plan to start purchasing building materials such as iron sheets and building poles to set up the space. Despite financial constraints in providing food, I hope that the cash transfers will make this business expansion possible."
Amani's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Amani received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"In the coming year and beyond, my aspirations include building a new house and potentially acquiring goats. The current house, built over six years ago, has a deteriorating grass-thatched roof that cannot withstand rains, leading to a cold and damp interior. I've been gradually purchasing building materials, having acquired four iron sheets so far. I also plan to keep livestock, specifically goats, as a sustainable source of income. Recognizing the uncertainty of future earnings due to the lack of a steady job, the idea is to sell some goats when needed. I'm pleased that the two goats obtained through the cash transfers have already given birth, increasing the count to four."
Daka's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Daka received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"Due to chest complications, I am unable to engage in strenuous activities to earn income. Currently, the cash transfers serve as my primary source of financial support. I am grateful that they have helped support my husband's efforts in paying school fees for our children and ensuring there is food on the table. Looking ahead, recognizing that the cash transfers will eventually cease, I aspire to have established wealth through goat rearing. With two goats already acquired, my goal is to increase the number to at least 10. As these animals reproduce, I anticipate being able to sell them to meet the ongoing needs of my family."
Lucky's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Lucky received a $23 fourteenth payment.
"My primary focus now is on enrolling in an Information and Communication Technology college in the upcoming year. Throughout the past year, I diligently saved $20 from each cash transfer to fund my college education. Given the unreliability of my parents' casual labor jobs and the financial responsibility of supporting my younger siblings, the cash transfers have become a lifeline for my educational aspirations. During the two years of my college program, I plan to utilize the cash transfers to cover tuition fees, and I also hope for additional support from my parents when needed."
Sikhana's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Sikhana received a $619 initial payment.
"I now feel able than before and more contented. Business wasn't doing well but now I have hope."