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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Dama's family
access_time 1 year ago
Dama received a $10 initial payment.
"Having engaged myself in a tedious work of uprooting the tree stumps the previously day, I decided to have an off. However, at around 4pm I received a message alert from my phone. Upon checking it, I realized that GiveDirectly had sent me the cash as promised. Full of jubilations, I informed my mother and the following day I went and withdrew the cash and used the proceeds to pay school fees for my two children. I also took care of other family needs"
Adolphus's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Adolphus received a $232 initial payment.
"I went on gun hunting, the place I usually go every morning. Tired and exhausted, while coming home, I heard a loud noise coming from my town. People were jubilating and shouting on top of theirs voices. So I ran to ask what was unfolding and they told me that the money has surfaced. With no delay, I hurriedly ran to where our network is to check my mobile money account and there the money was. I felt relieve and deep down, an unexplainable joy filled my heart."
Alice's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Alice enrolled.
"When I saw people from Gbortoe town jubilating about them receiving cash from GiveDirectly, I was so happy. I knew one day my time will come. And thank God today is my day."
Joyce's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Joyce received a $468 initial payment.
"It was around 5 pm while in a merry-go-round meeting taking tea when we heard alerts on our phones. On checking, most of us had received KES 55,0000 from GiveDirectly. I was very and we all jubilated throughout the meeting. This was a lucky day for me because it was my turn to also get a merry-go-round monthly contribution."
Naomi's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Naomi received a $470 initial payment.
"As I was coming back home from fetching water, I saw my daughter quickly rushing toward me in so much excitement. When she got to where I was, she informed me that I had received funds from give directly. This caught me by surprise and in our jubilation, we both hurried in and got ready to go and withdraw the money. The very first thing I thought of was installing water in my compound and then buying food for my family."
Sidi's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Sidi received a $471 initial payment.
"On this day, my child was unwell. I had taken him to the hospital and while I was in town heading home, I saw the message confirming that I had received funds from give directly. I was in jubilation. I hurried home to inform my husband of the great news as he had not left for the city where he works. He was happy for me and together we started to plan how we would use the transfer. The first thing we agreed to do was buy a bed and two mattresses. This is so my children would sleep in their own room and on a bed. Most importantly, avoid my daughter sleeping at a neighbor's house."
Dama's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Dama received a $26 second payment.
"I am jubilant that the unconditional transfers from Give Directly are helping the needy in the society transform their lives from the jaws of poverty. I would urge the organization to conduct intensive enrollment in other villages so that the vulnerable can get financial help."
Christopher's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Christopher received a $474 initial payment.
"It was around 7:00 am when I realized that I had received the money just after waking up. I was with my wife then and had to inform her immediately amidst my infectious jubilation that excited her as well. I could not withdraw at that moment since we had another event within the family. I visited the shopping center the next morning where I collected all the amount."
Samuel's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Samuel received an initial payment.
"I was in my yard when I received my first transfer from Givedirectly.. It was an amazing moment for me. Since birth, this is the first of it kind for me to received huge money as freed gift. I ran quickly inside my house and started to jubilant. I have been living in a tight old house along with my family. My plan had been to build a bigger size house when I haven't to get money. Thanks to Givedirectly for the financial empowerment. I believe that with my transfer from Givedirectly, my suffering will soon be over."
Sundaygar's family
access_time over 1 year ago
Sundaygar received a $235 initial payment.
"My house is very old and it is almost falling apart. My major goal at the moment is to build a house and moved in with my family before rainy season begins. I was on my cassava farm when I received my transfer from GiveDirectly. I immediately ran home and joined the rest of the town's people who were jubilating because they had also received transfer from GD. I was so pleased and excited. I will use my transfer to build a bigger house that will serve as shelter for me and my family."