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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Sintayon's family
access_time 3 months ago
Sintayon received a $341 second payment.
"For over five years, my family and I lived in a small cubicle made of iron sheets all around, including the roof. As our family expanded to six members, the space became increasingly inadequate. Thanks to the generous support from GiveDirectly, we were able to construct a better home. With the second transfer, I spent $310 on purchasing construction materials, including iron sheets, poles, and nails, for building a gable roof house, an improvement from our previous flat-roofed structure , and another small cubicle where my three children sleep. I also used $75 to pay for labor, ensuring the smooth completion of the construction process. Now, we enjoy ample space, with the addition of a sofa seat worth $50 to complement the six plastic chairs we had. This upgrade has boosted my confidence in welcoming visitors, as opposed to our previous practice of arranging chairs under a tree. Additionally, I invested $25 in land preparation for the upcoming planting season and purchased certified maize seeds for $10. Previously, we relied on loaned farm inputs, subject to interest payments to the seed company after harvest. GiveDirectly's support has relieved us of this burden, granting us autonomy over our harvests. I purchased purchased household essentials with the remaining amound, including utensils and toiletries, as well as covering transportation costs to and from the shopping center while acquiring construction materials."
Joyce's family
access_time 5 months ago
Joyce received a $339 initial payment.
"I was at the shamba digging, busy in the routine of tilling the soil when the unexpected happened. The sound of my phone's messages interrupted the peaceful atmosphere. Hurriedly, I checked my phone, and to my absolute delight, the first unconditional cash transfer from GiveDirectly had arrived. Stunned, I dropped the jembe, my disbelief noticeable. I must have checked the message at least five times, uttering Alhamdillah countless times as if to convince myself of the reality. Overwhelmed with joy, I left the shamba without a second thought, rushing home to share the incredible news with my family. Their skepticism mirrored my initial reaction, prompting me to hand them the phone for confirmation. Amidst the jubilation, my mind raced to the pressing matter at hand – my children's education. With both of them frequently sent home due to unpaid school fees, the financial burden weighed heavily on me. Determined, I decided that the first use of the money would be to settle their dues. On that day, with hearts overflowed with gratitude, I sent my children to buy maize flour and fish, ensuring a celebratory feast despite the scarcity of food."
Jonathan's family
access_time 5 months ago
Jonathan received a $114 initial payment.
"At home with my family, the joy was palpable when the notification of receiving money arrived that I received $200 from GiveDirectly. Instantly, a rush of happiness prompted me to envision immediate improvements. Three goats, a source of sustenance and potential income, became the first priority. Ensuring the well-being of my family, I allocated funds to purchase food, a gesture that echoed through the walls of our home. The jubilation didn't stop there; I seized the opportunity to invest in comfort. A comfortable bed, a symbol of security and relaxation, was a tangible manifestation of the positive change this financial boost brought to our lives. In that moment, the impact was not just monetary; it was the infusion of joy and tangible improvements that resonated within the walls of our home."
Wanabya's family
access_time 7 months ago
Wanabya received a $618 initial payment.
"Was stuck in life, now operating a saloon in bubita Town Council"
Talai's family
access_time 7 months ago
Talai received a $295 second payment.
"Receiving the second transfer, I prioritized investing a significant portion in construction materials for a new house. Currently residing in a mud-walled cubicle house vulnerable to termite damage, I plan to build a sturdier one with metallic poles and iron sheets, resistant to infestations. So far, I have spent $212 on iron sheets, roofing frames, and nails. The remaining funds are saved for upcoming labor charges and additional household goods during the construction. Despite the extended construction plans, the support from GiveDirectly brings peace of mind, especially knowing I have ample foodstuff purchased with the first patch. I am grateful for this assistance, making long-term improvements possible."
Faith's family
access_time 10 months ago
Faith received a $309 second payment.
"When I first enrolled in the GiveDirectly program, my family of four was living in a small cubicle house made of iron sheets on the roof and walls. I had been hoping to expand the house to provide an extra room for my children. With the first transfer, I couldn't afford construction materials due to other pressing obligations. However, with the second transfer, I was able to purchase 14 iron sheets for $147, which I plan to use for construction. Additionally, I used $300 to expand my retail shop in the nearby shopping center. Initially, my shop only offered a few items that met the needs of the immediate community. But with the additional funds, I was able to bring in packaged goods and fresh produce from the farm, including honey and vegetables. The expansion immediately picked up, with more customers visiting and asking for a wider range of products. This has been our ultimate source of income, which my husband and I run together, and we are hopeful that the business will continue to thrive."
Salim's family
access_time 10 months ago
Salim received a $24 thirteenth payment.
"I was previously working as a shopkeeper but had to quit my job after a disagreement with my boss over salary increment. Since then, I have been relying on casual jobs especially in construction sites which are unreliable and not quite easy to find within the rural areas. This then forced me to relocate to Mombasa city where such jobs are easy to find. In the few months that I have been here, I have concluded that I do not want to work in this sector for too long as the job is tedious yet earns very little. For this reason, I have decided to take a driving course after which I can apply for a job in the transport sector as a pubic vehicle driver. This will give me a better a more stable income and also allow me to be with my family which I can later on relocate to the city as well once I have a decent earning. To achieve this, I have been saving part of my monthly transfers in a local savings group consisting of other recipients within the village and once I receive my share of the savings, I will use it as an enrolment fee in a driving school."
Wakobubi's family
access_time 10 months ago
Wakobubi received a $1289 second payment.
"I bought two cows so that I and the family can have milk. I bought land so that I can build a house."
Susan's family
access_time 11 months ago
Susan received a $314 second payment.
"Being a single mother, I have been diligently supporting my son as he begins his education. Despite just being the two of us, life hasn't been easy due to our poor living conditions and insufficient food caused by my reliance on casual labor and small-scale farming. Since I received the support from GiveDirectly, positive changes started emerging in my daily life that I am proud of. I am currently in the process of constructing a new house, having used $390 from the second transfer to acquire materials such as 20 iron sheets, wooden and metal frames, and nails, which I hope will be sufficient for the construction. I am currently residing in a modest, mud-walled cubicle house that requires frequent repairs, especially during the rainy season. These repairs are time-consuming due to the rain washing away the mud and leaving gaps in the walls. The new house will provide a separate bedroom from the living area for me to set up a bed. Additionally, I spent $20 on transporting the construction materials home from the shopping center and the remaining $40 to purchase food supplies that are still sustaining us."
Kakala's family
access_time 11 months ago
Kakala received a $1278 second payment.
"When God gives me the grace to live, I hope to sell all the live stock, hire a house in bunamubi, and start a very good business"