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Jenipher's family
access_time 16 minutes ago
Jenipher received a $22 twentieth payment.
"Going forward, I really have a lot of expectation given that my transfers from GiveDirectly are still on. In the next six months, I expect to see much-improved farming compared to the level I am in now and also I would wish to have purchased a heifer. I have confidence that all these are possible since the transfers from GiveDIrectly are coming every month without skipping which will enable me to keep funding the merry-go-round I joined." (Campaign: UBI)
Stephen's family
access_time 13 hours ago
Stephen received a $246 second payment.
"I expect that in the next six months,my poultry business will have fetched me enough money to buy the required materials to construct the house that I had planned to construct but could not due to unfortunate circumstances. I expect to be living in a better iron-roofed house and not in then thatched one I currently have." (Campaign: UBI)
Peninah's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Peninah received a $22 seventeenth payment.
"I believe by then I shall have expanded on my farming which will help in the generation of income for the family. We can sell the proceeds to raise income and also consume most of them for nourishment. This will be our main source of income so I believe it is best to invest in better seeds, fertilizer and extra manpower in order to achieve this." (Campaign: UBI)
Erick's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Erick received a $22 seventeenth payment.
"I expect the change in the next few months as I shall have bought the livestock for rearing. I have always wanted to rear livestock specifically for the production of milk for our daily consumption to nourish us. I look forward to having the livestock by then. We can always sell the milk to generate income for our upkeep." (Campaign: UBI)
Japhet's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Japhet received a $22 twentieth payment.
"I expect my life to be much better because of the power saw that I will be owning. I will be making money from every inch of wood that I saw. I will be a technician and the owner at the same time which means I will be making more than the money I make from working as a menial laborer in the sector. My needs will be well catered for because of the income generation form the business that I will be running." (Campaign: UBI)
John's family
access_time 15 hours ago
John received a $22 twentieth payment.
"I expect my life yo be better. I will be producing milk form the heifer I bought. The sheep that I recently bought will have multiplied. I will have completed my house construction. I will be living in a better house because it is a timber wall that is better than the mud hut I currently use. This home improvement is the next big thing that I want to achieve." (Campaign: UBI)
Mary's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Mary received a $22 twentieth payment.
"My life will be way much better in the next six months because with the grocery shop, I will have a ready market for my produce. with the income I will generate, It will also help me boost my farming skill such that I will now afford to purchase how quality seeds and fertilizers. I will no longer depend so much on my children for upkeep" (Campaign: UBI)
Leah's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Leah received a $22 twentieth payment.
"I believe by six months, My life would have really changed. My business will have expanded from retail to wholesale hence I will no longer get tired moving from one market to another. This will allow me to spend a lot of time at home. Besides, I will be able to supervise home activities as I run my business. I will also be generating more income which will enable me to cater to my family needs" (Campaign: UBI)
Joanes's family
access_time 18 hours ago
Joanes received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"For me to change my life, I will have to make sure that I work extra hard by doing more of the manual jobs which can earn me some returns which I then use to pay school fees for my kids. In addition to the jobs, I will rely on the monthly transfers from GD to boost my earnings. Based on this, I am sure that my kids will go to school without being worried about being sent away due to fees arrears." (Campaign: UBI)
Weldon's family
access_time 19 hours ago
Weldon received a $22 twentieth payment.
"In the next six months, I believe that I would have added one more sheep. This would act as an asset to me. I believe that the more sheep I own the more I will become richer because they will reproduce and increase in number. They will come in handy whenever emergencies occur. They will also help me achieve most of my goals because I can sell them and get capital to start whatever project I am intending to do." (Campaign: UBI)