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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Paulina's family
access_time 10 months ago
Paulina received a $144 initial payment.
"We moved away from the land we had built on the lake's edge ten years ago when the lake waters rose and covered most of our land and eventually houses. Since then, we have been looking for a place to live on a neighbor's vast land, which, while not ideal, I am grateful for because he generously donated that piece for us to live on. Due to its proximity to the lake, the first stop was a swampy area that would be infested with wild animals and snakes. We later moved to a raised ground on the same land owned by a neighbor and began building a new house, which we never finished. We were unable to build a good house due to the movement, but I am grateful that after receiving the transfer, we were able to put up a spacious structure made of iron sheet walls, with three cubicle rooms shared by my family of eight. I also spent $105 on 15 bags of cement, $40 on sand, and $10 on labor. I am grateful and hope to use the remaining funds to pay school fees and purchase goats. We had relied extensively on casual labor, which included working on other people's farms and I hope to see a lot changing with the support we are getting in the subsequent transfers."
Gilbert's family
access_time 10 months ago
Gilbert received a $144 initial payment.
"The joy of seeing a lot of transformation in my house is the biggest difference in my daily life. The transfers came when I had an open house with only a mattress and a few utensils inside, but now I have a good seat and a storage facility, which has improved the house. Despite the fact that it is a small cubicle room made of iron sheets, it is now orderly, and I am happy to be home every time and not embarrassed to have visitors."
Sarah's family
access_time 10 months ago
Sarah received an initial payment.
"I had just come from the bush with fire wood on my head and I saw people happily moving up and down singing songs with Givedirectly's name. I asked what happened and a neighbor narrated to me that they were jubilating because the money GiveDirectly promised had arrived. I threw my wood bundle down and joined in with dancing. I was so happy and my feet even got dusty. I made plans to go for my money and buy my zinc for a new house."
Frances's family
access_time 10 months ago
Frances received a $227 initial payment.
"I was planting cocoa on my farm when my trustee reached me with information that he checked my phone and saw my money from GiveDirectly. I shouted with Joy upon hearing the news; I stopped work and started thanking God for such a great opportunity. I continued working after few minutes of jubilation and in the process, I was saying out loud what I'd do with the money."
Faith's family
access_time 11 months ago
Faith received a $145 initial payment.
"My husband and I have a three-year-old and a child, and we all live in a single cubicle that my husband built two years ago. We had hoped to build a better house, but financial insecurity has kept us working as casual laborers around the village in order to buy construction materials. I was relieved when I was accepted into GiveDirectly's free cash transfer program, which gave us hope of making our dream a reality. After receiving the funds, I spent $130 on construction materials, which included 10 iron sheets at $9 each, 20 roofing frames at $6, 3 Kg nails, and transportation. I am still hoping to buy more iron sheets because I need more space and plan to use them on both the roof and the walls. I also purchased 20 kilos of dry maize grains for $12, 10 kilos of beans for $10, and other household items that I am still using to feed my family of three. We have started construction and are looking forward to putting up a new house once we get the second transfer."
Chepotengor's family
access_time 11 months ago
Chepotengor received a $145 initial payment.
"After receiving the funds, I made construction my top priority. I spent $208 on 15 iron sheets to add to the five I already had, and I built a cubicle room that I moved into immediately after the roof was replaced. To pay the labor fees, I had to sell one of my five goats. I had to utilize the only material that was readily available—iron sheets—on both the walls and the roof, despite the fact that our climate is characterized by a scorching sun that maintains the temperature high throughout the whole year. I am relieved that the very cold evenings are behind me, as well as the annoying mosquitoes that used to keep me up at night. I no longer have to worry about having a higher risk of contracting malaria, and I will have better protection from an invasion by crawling animals. My standard of living has increased to that of other villagers. I am hoping to buy some land in the future and also assist my son's beekeeping pursuits, even though I am still dependent on the illegal burning and sale of charcoal to feed my family of four and am still residing on my neighbor's property."
Wakobubi's family
access_time 1 year ago
Wakobubi enrolled.
"I currently face a problem of landslide which makes us always that may be swept away and lose our live. I also go through hardships to raise school because I am un able to start up even a small business that can earn dialy income to cater basic needs and school for my children."
Anthony's family
access_time 1 year ago
Anthony received a $232 initial payment.
""It was on the 24th of November while I was sitting at an entertainment center, I firstly saw an SMS that reads "You have received $35,625 Liberian Dollars. So, I used the Mobile Money short code to check my transfer. It was so unusual actually to receive such an amount. As soon as I got to know the transfer was from GiveDirectly, my friends and I started jubilating with dance till night. Immediately I checked my account, the first thing that ran by mind was the plastering of my house and casting of the flood with cement. Right now, I am the sole provider of my entire household. I try by all means to satisfy their daily meal consumption"."
Ophelia's family
access_time 1 year ago
Ophelia received a $231 initial payment.
""On October 21, 2022 I.was on my way to the hand pump to fetch water. Right within that moment, my friends and other neighbours started jubilating because according to them they have received money from GiveDirectly. I quickly ran back for my phone and look my money was there in my phone. I joined the jubilant community members, singing praises to GiveDirectly. I was so happy and excited because this kind of thing has never happened to me before. My husband and I are farmers and our children are schooling in Monrovia. Every time they are calling for money. This was really a cause of worry for me. The excitement of receiving this money made me not to.think about anything immediately. It was in the night that my husband and I discussed and decided on what to do with this first transfer"."
Victor's family
access_time 1 year ago
Victor received a $232 initial payment.
""I was happy when I received my first transfer. I am unable to hunt as other men do, neither am I able to lock (set) trap in the bush. However, I make subsistence farming where which is the only source of income for me and my family. We grow upland rice I have just arrive from the village because I received information from my wife that people were jubilating in town because of GiveDirectly money. It was around 11:00am when I reached in town. I wasted no time but went in a picked up my phone. I switcjed it on and indeed, 35625LD was transferred from GiveDirectly. Before the transfer, I had doubts about the truthfulness of this program. Now those doubts are cleared. I bless God for GiveDirectly. The first that came to my mind was to send my daughter's school fees in Monrovia, secondly, to plaster my house. My daughter did not go to school last year because there was no money. This year, GiveDirectly free me, now my wife and I are overly happy"."