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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Angella's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Angella received a $471 initial payment.
"The biggest difference n my daily life so far is that my children are at school studying. I am also happy that I secured a cassava garden that will provide continuous food supply for my family. Before I received the cash transfer, we were living from hand to mouth and I had limited food supply."
Jane's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Jane received a $471 initial payment.
"I recall hearing my phone buzzing at midnight. When I checked my phone, I could not believe it that I had received money from GiveDirectly. On that eventful day, I felt relieved and happy because I would now be in position to construct an iron roofed house."
Ann's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Ann received a $368 second payment.
"I spent my most recent transfer to pay school fees for my son who was joining high school for the first time. I sell children's sweets in my village in Mlango Kubwa, Mathare. I used my transfers to pay school fees for my son because he was joining form one and I had no savings elsewhere, or any means to pay for his fees. I had been worried for a long time about where I would get school fees for my son. My husband used to work at one of the Nakumatt stores, before the franchise collapsed and the stores had to be closed down. He has been out of employment since then and has been depending on construction jobs, which can be rare to come by, and the pay meager. I was very happy to be included in the program as I knew that finally my son would join high school."
Robert's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Robert received a $200 initial payment.
"I was in my house watching a movie when a message came into my phone, on checking the the message, I was both shocked, surprised and excited all at the same time. I knew there and then that I would use the transfers to acquire a motorbike riding licence, just as I had initially planned. I took some few days with the money intact in my phone before withdrawing after some few days, to pay for the course."
Mary's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Mary received a $368 second payment.
"I spent part of my transfers to complete building a house for my mother that I had begun building with my first transfers. My mother is widowed after she lost her husband, who was also my step father. Her house in her rural home in Khwisero constituency in Kakamega county had collapsed and she did not have a place to stay. I felt it would be in order to restore my mother's dignity and bring honor to her home by assisting her to build another house. I also spent part of the transfers to assist my bother to pay for the medical bill of his 12 year old son, who has been hospitalized at the Kenyatta National Hospital since mid January of this year, 2019. We have never been given a comprehensive diagnosis of my nephew's illness. He is not able to breathe on his own and has to depend on oxygen therapy since he was first hospitalized. I assisted my brother as he has been struggling to raise the medical bill."
Joyce's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Joyce received a $368 second payment.
"I spent my most recent transfer to expand my business and to repay a debt of 15000 KES that I had borrowed from my youth group. I own a retail shop in Kosovo village, Mathare for 2 years now. I sell commodities such as sugar, cooking flour, salt, tea leaves; among other items. I added more stock to this business to increase my sales, and I have since seen my business improve drastically. My business is doing well now and I have not seen any challenges for some time now. I spent the remaining 15000 KES to clear a debt that I had borrowed from my youth group, Precious Ladies. I borrowed this loan in the beginning of the year to pay school fees for my child who is in High school. My husband is a casual laborer mainly involved with construction jobs and we find that most times we have to depend on my shop to pay bills, as what he earns is never enough to sustain us consistently. I am grateful that I was able to invest in my business which has been doing well of late."
Geofrey's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Geofrey received a $368 second payment.
"My new goal is to open up a t-shirt printing business as it is a marketable business even here in Mathare. I will supplement my income with my coming transfers from Give Directly in order to achieve this dream."
Kadii's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Kadii enrolled.
"Ever since my husband lost his job as a casual driver one year ago,I have always longed for us to have our own business. However,this wish has always remained to be a dream because we did not have the necessary finances to kick it off. With this money,we plan to start a sardines business which we will be selling in large scale within the village. Currently, the scotching sun has dried up all vegetables in the farms and the only other delicacy that is affordable for people to buy are the sardines to accompany our staple food of Ugali. In order to reach more of our customers and maximize on our profits, my husband plans to purchase a bicycle that will help him in transversing different and far off villages as he hawks the sumptuous and really treasured food commodity which we are very sure will generate good profit for us."
Is's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Is received a $550 initial payment.
"The moment I received money I was happy and optimistic towards my future success. I graduated with Diploma in Animal Husbandry, but I have not been employed yet. Now I am proud to proclaim that if anybody put the transfer into good use, he would able to come out of bondage of poverty."
Paskal's family
access_time over 5 years ago
Paskal received a $550 initial payment.
"The moment I received money, happiness and joy filled my heart. During enrollment process, I could not believe that receiving that cash will be a reality to me. I felt a lot of boldness and some courage hoping to solving my financial shortcomings."