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Dickson's family
access_time 17 hours ago
Dickson received a $484 initial payment.
"My phone was off since it was charging because of low power. At around 7 am, I decided to switch it on. I received two consecutive messages on it, after checking I noticed that I had received the transfer from GiveDirectly. I was so happy about receiving my transfer. This is because it marked the reunion with my wife who was forced to return to her parental home after I failed to pay the dowry fee." (Occupation: Motorcycle or bicycle taxi)
Sophia's family
access_time 18 hours ago
Sophia received a $484 initial payment.
"I was in the house sleeping, I remember it was at midnight when I decided to check the time on my phone. I noticed a strange message indicating that I had received the transfer from GiveDirectly. I felt very happy and leaned down to pray to thank God for the transfer which would change our lives for the better. After that, I called my husband to informed him about the transfer since he was away because of work." (Occupation: Motorcycle or bicycle taxi)
Japhet's family
access_time 22 hours ago
Japhet received a $484 initial payment.
"I felt so happy when I received my first transfer. At that time I was financially constraint since I was in a serious need of some money. I had been thinking on how I could buy my own motorcycle because I had been using someone's which was always stressing. The transfer message came at about 5:45pm while I was still making some trips before I could go back home to join the rest of my family. As a result of uncontrolled joy, I reached out to my wife to inform her of the the transfers. Honestly, I have never been as happy as I was then. I highly appreciate GiveDirectly because from the transfer, I now own a motorcycle." (Occupation: Motorcycle or bicycle taxi)
Linnet's family
access_time 24 hours ago
Linnet enrolled.
"This is my golden chance to achieve all plans I have always wanted to do, I plan to build myself a 2 roomed house, one bedroom for me and my spouse while the other room will be for my children. On the second transfer I want to buy beddings for the whole family, which currently are sleeping on mats, and during the cold season the children easily catch pnemonia. Lastly I want to save, and start a small grocery where I can deliver within the households because at the moment, people travel to Bamba or Ganze for shopping of small commodities. Am sure from the transfer I will be able to make good profits." (Occupation: Motorcycle or bicycle taxi)
David's family
access_time 24 hours ago
David enrolled.
"Am a Boda Boda rider and the business is becoming tougher and too competitive. Getting a customer is no longer a walk in the park, a single customer is a scramble for by almost five riders at the same time this makes it hard to get enough money to take care of family expenses as well as save for other things such as building a house or starting a business." (Occupation: Motorcycle or bicycle taxi)
Kabibi's family
access_time 1 day ago
Kabibi enrolled.
"Old age incapacitates someone from being economically productive. Before, I could make around 5,000 KES through charcoal burning. I am now 72 years of age. I can no longer cut down trees due to my frail strength. This has negatively affected me economically to the extent of depending on my son who is a motorcycle taxi driver."
Haziz's family
access_time 2 days ago
Haziz enrolled.
"This January one of the farmers wanted help on transporting his livestock from Kaloleni to Ikanga. I was so excited when he called to ask if I would assist him on the same and that he would pay 1000 KES for the day. I quickly rushed to board a motorcycle to Kaloleni since I could not remember the last time someone paid me 1000 KES at once."
Erick's family
access_time 2 days ago
Erick enrolled.
"Unemployment has made my life miserable. I used to work in Mombasa as a waiter in a hotel. I undoubtedly felt the impact of Covid 19 because I lost the job. I had to come back home. I tried my luck as a motorcycle taxi driver but it was a struggle due to fewer passengers in the community. I was approximately making 200 KES a day. The situation worsened when the owner repossessed the motorcycle due to the low income. Since then, I have been struggling to find any form of employment."
Jumaa's family
access_time 2 days ago
Jumaa enrolled.
"With the harsh economic times facing the motorcycle taxi industry, being self-employed is my compelling ambition. I have been working as a motorcycle taxi driver for 5 years now. Over the last 2 years, I have been struggling to keep up with this occupation. The motorcycle is not mine, which means I have to remit an amount ( 400 KES ) to the owner by the end of the day. It even became worse when the fuel prices were increased. Just picture working for a whole day and you only manage to get the 400 KES for the motorcycle owner. It becomes stressful when your parents expect you to come home with even a packet of maize flour, only to show up with nothing. I am planning to use the transfers to invest in poultry production. I currently have 5 birds, I will then buy another 15 to make it 20. This will cost me 4,500 KES. With so many hotels in Mariakani, the market for my chicken will not be a problem. A fully grown bird will be retailing at 800 KES. Supporting my parents with food will no longer be a bother."
Jumaa's family
access_time 3 days ago
Jumaa received a $484 initial payment.
"I am a motorcycle operator and while on my usual duty at around 6:00 pm I heard a beep on my phone. I slowed down as read the message but stayed calm because I did not want the passenger to notice that I had received some money. I dropped him off and hurried home to share the news with my parents. We felt so happy and appreciated Give Directly." (Occupation: Motorcycle or bicycle taxi)