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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Purity's family
access_time 26 days ago
Purity received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"I really wish to build a better house. My current home is a one-room grass-thatched house, and when it rains, the water pours in on us. So, when I received my most recent transfer, I allocated $30 to my chama savings to help me buy iron sheets for my dream house. Additionally, I bought farming inputs like seeds for $28 since it was planting season. I also spent $24 on food for my family. With the remaining amount, I spent $10 on medication because I was unwell and paid a chama debt of $20. I am grateful for the financial support."
Paul's family
access_time 26 days ago
Paul enrolled.
"Purchasing milk for the household has been financially straining, especially since it is a basic necessity, crucial for our growing family. Despite having a farm where I could raise a dairy cow, I have not been able to afford one due to our financial constraints. Our family of six relies on farming, casual jobs, and charcoal burning for income, all of which goes towards providing food with nothing left to save. With GiveDirectly's transfers, I now have a sigh of relief and a plan to improve our situation. I intend to spend $350 to purchase a dairy cow, which will provide milk for my family. Additionally, I plan to spend $100 to service my motorcycle so it can assist in transporting our farm produce to the market on time, ensuring we maximize our income from farming. Another $50 will go towards servicing our water pump, crucial for irrigating our farm. Lastly, I plan to use $150 to construct a new latrine, as our previous one was destroyed by floods, leaving us to use makeshift solutions like bushes.These investments are essential for improving our daily living conditions and ensuring that our family's basic needs are met more sustainably in the future."
Anna's family
access_time 26 days ago
Anna enrolled.
"My primary challenge right now is not having a secure place to live. My current residence is prone to flooding even with light rainfall, and I am concerned about the upcoming heavy rains exacerbating the situation. I've had to rely on borrowing a place to sleep from neighbors at night because my house remains waterlogged. I am hopeful that I'll be able to secure enough resources to move to a safer living situation soon."
Mariam's family
access_time 26 days ago
Mariam enrolled.
"My primary challenge at the moment is ensuring food security. Despite planting maize on my 3-acre farm, all my crops were lost due to flooding in our village. Unfortunately, the land remains waterlogged, preventing me from replanting maize. Consequently, I am compelled to purchase food from shopping centers, which are difficult to reach due to flooded roads and waterways. I earnestly hope that we do not experience another round of flooding, as the destruction has undone all the progress we had previously made."
Parsalach's family
access_time 27 days ago
Parsalach enrolled.
"Having lost an acre of watermelon to floods, the transfers will help me bounce back again into farming. I took a loan of $600 to farm, and I do not have any other source to use to repay the loan after incurring the loss. I will use all the transfers to farm and the proceeds will help me repay the loan while the remainder will sustain my needs. Give directly will change my life and I am happy that it came at such a time."
Mary's family
access_time 27 days ago
Mary enrolled.
"At the start of the year, my maize crop struggled due to drought and insufficient water. Undeterred, I planted another 2 acres which are now thriving thanks to recent rains. I'm optimistic about a good harvest that will not only provide food for my family but also generate income from selling surplus maize to cover school fees. Seeing the farm flourish fills me with joy and hope for the future."
Abigael's family
access_time 27 days ago
Abigael enrolled.
"Living in an area prone to flash floods has taught me the importance of preparedness. After experiencing the desastrus effects of floods before, including damage to my mud-walled house which is now in dire need of repair again, I understand the necessity of planning for future disasters. Financial constraints have prevented me from building a more resilient iron sheet-walled house despite wanting to. Currently, my family relies on income from charcoal burning, which barely sustains us day to day with no surplus for savings. However, with anticipated transfers, I am hopeful. I plan to spend $450 towards renovating our house, aiming to provide a safer and more comfortable living space for my family of three. Additionally, I intend to spend $200 in purchasing goats, viewing them as a long-term investment that can offer financial security during times of need. Furthermore, I recognize the importance of improving our farming capabilities to secure our livelihood. Therefore, the rest of the transfers will be used to purchase a water pump, enabling me to irrigate my farm effectively once I am able to resume farming activities fully.I am hopeful of strengthening our resilience against future disasters and improve our overall quality of life."
Symon's family
access_time 27 days ago
Symon enrolled.
"My lovely wife have been rearing chicken in our compound as her investment so iam planning to support her business of poultry keeping. This business of poultry is working well in our village and we have a lot of people from different towns coming to buy them. iam planning again to venture into agriculture because I have a large piece of land and water is available for irrigation and also farming is the main livelihood activity i do. For a home to be lively you have to possess livestock's. iam planning to invest some money for livestock keeping, buy food for my family and buy clothes for my children for them to be attractive and beautiful because it has been long time ago since I bought clothes for them"
Susan's family
access_time 27 days ago
Susan enrolled.
"My husband and I used to depend on poultry farming to earn a living but the floods that happened about two months ago put us on a loss. We had seventy chicken and all died after being swept away by raging flood water. I had borrowed USD 70 to purchase the chicken but all in vain as I still have the debts to pay and raising that amount is difficult."
Harrison's family
access_time 30 days ago
Harrison received a $350 third payment.
"I had used the money from a previous transfer to lease two acres of land. I planted maize for both personal consumption and sale. The entire process cost me about $400, covering the leasing fee, land preparation, planting, and weeding. I was optimistic about a good harvest, but unfortunately, heavy floods destroyed all my crops. This was a big blow as I rely on the crops to support my family of five. Despite this setback, I remained hopeful. With the third transfer, I leased another half-acre on higher ground for $50. I spent $40 preparing the land and planted beans, which should be ready for harvest in two months. I also spent $360 on buying water pipes to draw water from the river to my farm. This will ensure that I can comfortably farm my land without worrying about drought, as we usually experience limited rainfall. It also means that I will not have to spend money on leasing land near the river for farming."