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Salina's family
access_time 9 days ago
Salina enrolled.
"I have one son in secondary school and two others in primary, awaiting to join form one. I plan to clear fees areas of $200 for the one in secondary. In addition I need to save $400 for the two who'll be joining secondary school next year. This means that my children will be able to study for a better future. Since we also have rationed piped water into our home. I'll buy a water tank for $300, from this I can store 5000 liters. I will then plant vegetables consistently. In a week I can sell at least $10 worth of vegetables. This means I can buy food for my family and also make savings."
Acquline's family
access_time 10 days ago
Acquline enrolled.
"The plan I have with the transfers is to purchase a 5000 liter water tank which I would use to store water. This water will be of great significance since I'll be able to do farm irrigation. I will also purchase a cow at $500 which would provide my household with milk. It would help me a great deal since I wouldn't have to buy milk any more. The water tank will be a good source of water for the cow since I plan to do zero crazing. The remaining amount will be used to purchase the farm products and also grass for the cow I will purchase. The transfers will surely change my life positively."
Nelly's family
access_time 10 days ago
Nelly enrolled.
"I have a son schooling at Koriema Secondary. We have $40 fees areas, I plan to clear that. My other son, Kibichii, who completed primary education last year wants to join a skills school. We have enquired, he needs $600 for a masonry course at Kituro Polytechnic. We plan to take him for the course. Besides that, we intend to fence a small piece of our land at $100 to plant vegetables. Then buy a 3000 litres water tank for $150, to store the piped water. It's rationed. If we plant vegetables, on a good day we can sell vegetables worth $2. From this we'll be able to buy food for our family of 9. This is also an easy job that my husband can do."
Sogome's family
access_time 10 days ago
Sogome enrolled.
"Since we have very inconsistent rains and get access to piped water in the village. I plan to buy 10 goats for $500. I can only comfortably rear 5 here because we have a small piece of land. My son who lives in Koriema has enough space. I will ask him to help in keeping the other 5, that will eventually grow. From this, I will be able to sell some goat yearly. This will enable me to buy food for my family."
Kahaso's family
access_time 10 days ago
Kahaso enrolled.
"I finally found a solution to my problem, I have been struggling to buy water from my neighbors. With this transfer, I will be able to put up a water point in my compound. The relief I have is immense because I will not have to borrow money just to be able to buy a can of water. $200 will be enough to carry out this project and I can not wait to see water flowing in my homestead. I will need to buy new Iron sheets to roof my kitchen and latrine, they are worn off and this makes it hard for me to use the facilities when it is raining. Once this is accomplished I can settle for raising livestock to increase my productivity on the farm."
Koi's family
access_time 10 days ago
Koi enrolled.
"My wife and I have been doing agriculture for food and business. I have a 10 acres piece of land which is enough for me to do agriculture. I used to harvest 30 to 50 bags of maize when we used to have rain every season. I would sell 30 bags and the remaining 20 were for family consumption. It is four years now without rain in the village. There is drought and famine. I plan to change from crop farming to livestock farming. Animals survive in our village despite the drought. I will use $700 to buy 20 goats as an investment. Goats survive in dry areas and I I will use tap water to feed them. I will also use $300 to pay school fees for my grandchild who is at the secondary level. He has a balance of $350 and this has made him out of school for a while."
Dennis's family
access_time 11 days ago
Dennis enrolled.
"My ambition is to earn a living through agribusiness. When I finished my high school education, I did not proceed further for lack of school fees. Seven years down the line, I do casual jobs to make ends meet. The money I get is unreliable as it is only enough to cater to the basic needs of the family which is food and medication. I cannot invest in farming for lack of capital, even though one can access soft loans the interest rates are very high. Since the only river that we depend on for water flows through my farm, receiving this money would mean achievement of my farming goals. I am considering vegetable farming( Tomatoes and kales) because it earns high profits. I plan on purchasing six rolls of water pipes at a cost of $ 200 which I will use to practice drip irrigation and $ 300 for fencing. I project on earning $300 monthly from it. I am extremely happy with the transfers from Givedirectly because it will make me live a dignified life like everyone else."
Victor's family
access_time 11 days ago
Victor enrolled.
"I have a lot of challenges to face in my life. I was charged with looking after my grandfather's property and livestock after he passed away. However, given the prolonged draughts and lack of water for irrigation, this has not been simple. Since I finished my automotive engineering studies two years ago and haven't been able to find work since then, I am totally dependent on the farm for all of my basic necessities. The lack of rains though, has led to low productivity and lack of cash which is a challenge for me."
Nicholus's family
access_time 11 days ago
Nicholus enrolled.
"I intend to enroll in a driving school, which will cost me about $200. This would provide me the opportunity to apply for driving jobs and better take care of my family. Additionally, I would purchase a cow for roughly $250. As a result, my family will have availability of milk, and the cost buying milk of my son will go down since I spend about $1 dollar a day on milk. With the remaining funds, I intend to buy water pipes so that I can cultivate fruits, which need a lot of water because our terrain is dry and rarely gets rain."
Kazungu's family
access_time 12 days ago
Kazungu enrolled.
"I am currently living alone. My wife lives with our children who lives in the Malindi sub-county. I am a farmer doing crop farming and rearing animals. It has been three years now without rain in our village. This caused drought and famine. I had ten cows and they all died due to a lack of water and grass. It happened last year 2022. I am now having a challenge of getting food. I rely on my children and neighbors for food. Food is the current challenge I am facing."