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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Kadzo's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kadzo received a $420 initial payment.
"When I received my GiveDirectly cash transfer, my priority was my three children's education. With $60, I paid off their school fee arrears, ensuring they wouldn't be sent home anymore. I wanted to make a lasting investment, so I bought a cow for $130 and a goat for $30. These animals would provide milk and eventually more income. For the first time in years, I also treated myself to some comfort, spending $50 on a mattress and $60 on a nice bed. Finally, I could rest without waking up in pain every morning. I used $16 to renovate our mud-wall house by putting in a cement floor, reducing the lice and termites that plagued us and weakened our house. With the remaining $50, I bought food to support my son, who works as a casual laborer and carries the heavy burden of providing for us. The relief and joy I felt were immense. Thanks to GiveDirectly, our lives have improved, and I can finally see a brighter future for my family."
Sidi's family
access_time 2 months ago
Sidi received a $26 twenty-sixth payment.
"I spent a significant portion of my transfers on purchasing food for my family. I live with my daughter and three grandchildren, and we all depend on farming to earn a living. However, the persistent hot and dry weather has made it very challenging to grow and harvest anything from our farms. I spent $33 to buy food, which was enough to ensure our family never went a day without eating. Additionally, I invested $35 in purchasing three ducks and four hens. This is a future investment, as I am optimistic that they will multiply. Once they do, I plan to sell some and use the money to buy a goat, eventually working my way up to purchasing a dairy cow. I also spent $25 to prepare my two-acre land in the hope that the recent light showers will be followed by more rain. If it rains well, I expect to harvest enough maize, which will reduce the amount of money I need to spend on food in the future. After falling ill, I spent $9 on over-the-counter drugs. I am glad to report that my health has improved significantly. The money from the transfers has been a lifeline for my family and me, allowing us to access food consistently, unlike before when we would sometimes go without food for more than two days. Additionally, my three grandchildren are now consistently attending school, thanks to the financial support from the transfers. I am very grateful for this assistance."
Kimera's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kimera received a twenty-fifth payment.
"I've invested in chickens with the intention of them multiplying, allowing me to trade them for goats. These goats, in turn, will multiply and be traded for cows, which I plan to utilize for ploughing and hiring out for additional income. This strategy is driven by my desire to secure resources that will support my children's education and other essential needs. Each step in this plan represents a commitment to providing a better future for my family. I am hopeful that through hard work and strategic investments, I can create opportunities for financial stability and prosperity, ensuring that my children's needs are met and their aspirations are supported."
Kadzo's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kadzo received a $26 twenty-first payment.
"I recently joined a chama group to save a portion of my monthly $15 transfer because I'm aiming to invest in livestock farming. I've always dreamed of owning cattle, but they're quite costly to acquire. So, my plan is to start by purchasing goats and then, as they multiply, I'll sell their offspring to eventually buy a cow. I'm keen on investing in cows because they provide milk, which I can sell to support my family financially. Additionally, having children in school means there might be unexpected financial challenges like paying fees, but if necessary, I can sell some of the livestock to address those needs."
Amina's family
access_time 2 months ago
Amina received a $26 twenty-first payment.
"I shoulder the responsibility of caring for my six children, ensuring their basic needs such as food, clothing, and education are met. Before being enrolled in GiveDirectly, I earned a living by selling charcoal, a physically demanding job that took a toll on my health, resulting in frequent severe chest pains. Now, I heavily rely on the monthly transfers from GiveDirectly to support my family of six. I allocated $68 towards school fees for six children, ensuring they can continue their education without significant disruptions. Additionally, I set aside $30 in a savings group to invest in livestock to improve our quality of life. With the funds saved from the transfers, I have alaready acquired 1 cow and 7 goats, which I consider a significant and promising investment of buying a goat. The remaining $4 was utilized to purchase food for my family, ensuring that we never go without a meal. Despite the health challenges that limit my ability to work and generate income, I am immensely grateful for the financial assistance provided by the transfers. It has played a crucial role in enabling me to fulfill my role of providing my family's needs"
Kahaso's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kahaso received a $27 twenty-fifth payment.
"Thanks to our collective group savings, I finally fulfilled my wish of purchasing a bed and mattress. Now, my sights are set on acquiring cows which will be used to cultivate my own land and offer plowing services to others, generating additional income for my self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, my fabric business has exceeded my expectations, becoming a source of immense pride and accomplishment. I'm determined to expand it since this enterprise holds immense significance for me, representing not just financial success but also the possibility of complete independence. As someone without children to care for, I am wholly reliant on myself, and the growth of my ventures is vital to securing my future."
Jacob's family
access_time 2 months ago
Jacob received a $27 twenty-sixth payment.
"My foremost goal is to provide my children with a quality education. In addition to this, I've invested in livestock—a cow and chickens—using previous transfers. The cow has already birthed a young one, adding to the family's assets. My intention is to nurture these animals, allowing them to flourish over time. This isn't just about raising animals; it's about creating a legacy that my children can inherit and be proud of. As they grow, they'll witness firsthand the fruits of their father's hard work and dedication, instilling in them values of perseverance and stewardship."
Garama's family
access_time 2 months ago
Garama received a $27 twenty-sixth payment.
"I'm thrilled to see my house coming together, with only the roofing left to complete. Currently, I require 22 iron sheets, but I already have 14 pieces on hand. Alongside my housing project, I'm eager to delve into livestock investment, particularly in goats. My vision is to breed them, allowing their numbers to multiply and eventually trade them for a cow. This cow will serve a dual purpose: aiding in agricultural work by plowing fields for others and generating additional income for my family. It's a plan fueled by optimism and a desire to secure a brighter future, both in terms of shelter and financial stability."
Aisha's family
access_time 2 months ago
Aisha enrolled.
"Receiving this money means investing on livestock. I'm planning to spend $500 to purchase 2 dairy cows and practice poultry farming. I will use the milk for consumption and sell the extra litres and the chickens when they multiple. This will generate income to my family and enable me educate my child with easy. With the remaining amount, I intend to renovate the walls of my house which are almost falling."
Kazosi's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kazosi enrolled.
"The future of my children has become my greatest focus as of now. Currently, I have two daughters who have completed secondary school level. They are yet to join college and this has worried me most since they might get early pregnancies for being idle at home. My plan is to ensure they pursue technical courses of their choices. Thus, receiving this money will mean supporting them to realize their future goals. Both of them desire to do beauty and therapy courses and I therefore, intend to pay their fees to ensure they get enrolled. I plan to spend $500 of the transfers on this. On the other hand, I will spend $200 to buy an indigenous dairy cow to produce milk for my consumption and to sell the surplus. The remaining amount will help me to repair my house by smooth-finishing its walls and the floor. What a happy life to achieve all these!"