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Samuel's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Samuel enrolled.
"I am a watchman at Chepkosa primary school.I earn a little amount of money which does not sustain my family in terms of food as well as paying few for my kids.So receiving this money will enable me to buy two cows worth sh 60000.I shall sell milk and save the money in order to pay school fees for my children and also use the money I get from milk sale to buy household items such as food , clothes."
Philip's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Philip enrolled.
"Receiving this money means a lot to me since it will enable me to buy Two dairy cows worth sh.30000 each and three rolls of barbed wire. I do not own any cow at the moment, I usually depend on my family for milk. The barbed wire will protect my piece of land as well as crops. There have been some neighbors who graze their goats on my piece of land and sometimes they destroy my crops, this disappoints me a lot. Give Directly's money will therefore help me to gap this challenge and peace will prevail between me and my neighbors."
William's family
access_time 2 hours ago
William received a $491 second payment.
"I spent most of the transfer to boost my livestock rearing project .We were lucky enough that with only 30,000KES, we managed to secure one dairy cow and five goats. We purchased them same day after receiving the transfer since we could not wait as prices are always heightened whenever we receive transfer. I used remaining amount to cater for school fee arrears for my children"
Wesly's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Wesly enrolled.
"I am an orphan .I have been involved with casual jobs to try and survive. My mother passed on long time ago when I was class three. Also,my father died 13 years ago. Life has been unbearable and a struggle for us . Growing up ,I have been staying with my elder sister in her house .She has children and I saw it as a burden to provide for her children and myself ,that is why I decided to fend for myself in my house. I dropped in form one because of lack of school fees and started doing casual jobs which I still do to date. I intend to buy a dairy cow ,build a kitchen house and marry . As you can see I have reached marriageable age ,I have always wanted to marry but because of lack of income I have not been able. The dairy cow will cost USD 4500,the kitchen construction will cost around UD 3000 ,the rest of the money I will use to buy household items for use."
Alfred's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Alfred enrolled.
"When i get this money I want to buy a heifer. Usually my mother gives us milk for our household use but since I am now independent I need to provide for my family. My area is prone to draught, so i need an ordinary cow who can survive with this weather conditions. A good heifer cost around 300-350 dollars. I also need to buy a water tank. We get water from the river far from my household. This water is not even safe for drinking. A water tank of 2300 litres will go a long way. This will cost me around 1700 dollars. The rest of the money we use to for household needs."
Nickson's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Nickson enrolled.
"I have always wished to empower my spouse, by initiating a project that she can engage in to support me in providing for our household needs, but lack of finances has made this dream impossible. I will therefore use $500 of my transfer as capital to initiate a Poultry keeping project, where I will spend $100 in building a modern poultry house and $400 in buying 200 chicks for a start. I will then use $300 to buy a dairy cow whose daily earnings from selling at least 5 liters of milk for $1.5 will ensure no more worries about where to get food for our household's daily consumption."
Joyce's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Joyce enrolled.
"Receiving this money means that I will finally increase my dairy cow that I keep. The cow that I keep gives me about $60 a month. I use the money to pay school fees for my children but is not sufficient. Increasing another cow will bring my earning from the sale of milk to about $ 120. This way, I will be able to pay school fes and buy foodstuffs, leaving my income from my animal trading business for home improvement such as building an iron roofed sheet getting rid of this small grass thatched hut."
Paul's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Paul enrolled.
"Receiving this money means that I will buy a dairy cow to add the one I keep. I have only one cow that gives me just two litres per day. Selling this gives me about 0.6 USD per day. It is less than a dolar and not enough for food, let alone to pay school fees for my children in school.When I get this money, I will buy a better breed of a dairy cow that will produce about 5 litres a day. The $150 that I will get per day will enable me to buy sufficient foodstuffs and pay school fees for my children. I will also buy some goats, as an investment to save part of the money so that I can later sale them to get more money."
Zeddy's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Zeddy received a $508 second payment.
"My life is different than it would have been if I have never received the transfer. I am now much happier, having settled my children's school fees. Previously, my kids used to miss a lot with regards to education because of being sent home to collect the fee that I did not have since I had sold all the cattle I had previously. Through the transfers, I was able to settle the school arrears I had. I also invested in a business that I am confident that its profit will cater for the school fee for the rest of the three children who are still in school. I am optimistic that in some years to come, the cows I bought will reproduce and I will be owning several as did before."
Langat's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Langat enrolled.
"Receiving this money means that we shall afford to purchase a dairy cow that will provide us with milk mainly for consumption. Since milk is one of our staple and volatile food items, we have been spending almost 0.3 USD daily on buying them. This is relatively costly to us because I am currently earning a small amount since I am not yet employed permanently. Also, we shall build a kitchen because currently we have a three-roomed house where one of the rooms serves as the kitchen. Since we use firewood as fuel, our house is usually filled with smoke and soot."