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Tapletgodi's family
access_time 2 days ago
Tapletgodi received a $500 initial payment.
"I spent the money I received from GiveDirectly to buy a dairy cow. I settled on this so that I can have a source of income. I will be using my income from milk sales to gather for my daily needs. I spent the remaining amount on food and other household necessities to last my family for some time."
Marietar's family
access_time 4 days ago
Marietar enrolled.
"Receiving this money will help me start goat farming which has always been my wish. Goats multiply very fast. This will enable me buy a dairy cow in future when I sell the some of the goats. My budget for this is 150 USD. I also have an unfinished house. Construction stalled due to lack of money. With 220 USD I will be able to finish my two roomed house."
Joseph's family
access_time 8 days ago
Joseph received a $498 initial payment.
"The transfer has brought a very big change in my life. I have been able to buy the cow that I had for a long time desired to have after the one that I had died. This cow is about to reproduce and when it reproduces, I will be able to get milk that I can consume and I can sell some. I will hence not be incurring any more expenses of buying milk. The money that I will get from the sales, will help me with other things such as buying food. The chickens too that I have started rearing will also be of great help to me. I will be able to get eggs that I can sell and use the money in buying things such as salt and insecticide for spraying against pests. The transfer also enabled me to buy a few clothes for myself. The clothes that I had, had become old and some had become torn out. I hence now look good. Thank you GiveDirectly for helping me, may God bless you so much."
Ambrose's family
access_time 8 days ago
Ambrose received a $498 initial payment.
"I was driving my cows to go drink water at the river when I heard my phone ringing notifying me of an incoming message. I stopped to check the content and to my surprise, it was an M-Pesa message saying that we had received the promised amount from GiveDirectly. I was so happy having read the SMS and I could not wait to get home to let my wife know of the good news. I therefore hurriedly drove the cows to the river and back home. My wife was so happy to learn the good news and we said a lot of thanks to God and GiveDirectly because they had opened a way for us."
Joyce's family
access_time 8 days ago
Joyce received a $498 initial payment.
"The transfer has brought a big positive change in our lives as a family. We were able to buy a water tank and hence we will no longer be having to make long trips to the river to fetch water. The tank will enable us to collect rainwater that is going to be enough for our household use. We will also be able to get more time to do other important works such as going to the farm. This is because making long trips to the river usually consumes a lot of our time. The transfer has also enabled us to fully complete the construction of the kitchen by cementing the floor and placing the plywoods on the ceiling and the walls. Having done this, the kitchen now looks good and warmer. My work has also been reduced because I will no longer have to go through the stress of looking for mud and smearing the floor. Also, having fenced well around the farm, the cows will no longer be getting into it and hence the crops will no longer be getting destroyed. The transfer also enabled us to buy seeds and hence we have been able to plant."
David's family
access_time 8 days ago
David received a $498 initial payment.
"The transfer from GiveDirectly has brought a big difference in my family. I have been able to clear the school fees arrears that had become a headache to me. I hence no longer have the stress about where I am going to get the money to do so. My children will hence study well without their studies being interrupted by being sent home due to failure to pay their school fees. I have also been able to build another house for my family. We have hence been able to get more space that is enough for us and the children. We have also looked like our neighbors who have new houses roofed with iron sheets. The calf that I bought is a young bull. I decided to buy it so that when it grows, it will be moving around with the cows and servicing them. This way we will no longer be suffering where to get a bull when the cow needs one. We have also been able to sleep well and comfortably after buying the mattress and the blanket. Thank you GiveDirectly for coming up with this program of helping the needy, may God bless the work of your hands."
Joan's family
access_time 8 days ago
Joan received a $498 initial payment.
"My life has greatly changed since I received my first transfer. It is always my happiness to see my family happy and healthy thus I always struggle to put a meal on the table and bring in more assets that we can lean on as a family during hard times. When I received my first transfer from GiveDirectly, I spend on my family wellness. I bought a cow that I look at it as an added asset and I believe soon it will calve thus give us milk for both household consumption and sales. I am happy that this has given me a peaceful mind in that It has reduced my thinking of what to lean on in case of a financial crisis. I am happy that GiveDirectly has improved our family."
Recho's family
access_time 8 days ago
Recho received a $498 initial payment.
"It was on a Thursday afternoon when I was heading home from my farm when I heard a message notification on my phone. I checked and it was the promised transfer from GiveDirectly. I was over joyed, I pictured an added cow in my farm and this was my happiness."
Leonard's family
access_time 8 days ago
Leonard received a $498 initial payment.
"I have practiced livestock keeping and I am happy that has given me knowledge of livestock farming as well as earning a living. I built the desire to add more but couldn't due to limited resources. When I received my first transfer, I purchased a cow and five goats through cash transfer. I am glad that my desires have been met since I have added animals to my cowshed. Had it not been for the financial help from GiveDirectly, then it would have taken many years to acquire them. I will be selling them in case of a financial emergency as well as raising more money to finance my children's education through milk sales."
Lydia's family
access_time 9 days ago
Lydia received a $500 initial payment.
"I realized I had received money from GiveDirectly at around noon that day. I felt happy and thanked GiveDirectly for financial support. I was overwhelmed knowing that I will soon do have a cow on my farm that will help us in milk production thus reduce our daily expenses and improve diets in our daily meals."