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4th Payment
Transfer Amount
5000 KES ($50 USD)
access_time 3 months ago
Do you have any new goals that you didn't have before receiving the transfer?
My goal is to buy a motorcycle and venture into motorcycle business. This be a source of income to meet my basic needs and I will no longer do casual jobs as I do now . Currently, I depend on casual jobs and the money I get is little and could not meet all my basic needs.
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started receiving payments from GiveDirectly.
The biggest difference in my daily life is that I can now pay rent in time unlike in the past when my landlord would lock my house when I did not get money to pay rent. I also have enough food in my house since I used part of my transfers to buy enough food which will last until I get my next transfer. I have also managed to save the income I get from casual jobs unlike in the past when all the money I got could only cater for food.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
I used my most recent transfer to pay rent and electricity bill since I received the money at a time when I had not paid the Land lord. I also bought food and save the remaining amount since I am planning to buy a motorcycle in future.
Describe the moment when you started receiving transfers. How did you feel?
I was so happy when I received my transfer. I knew that I will no longer struggle to pay rent and buy food as I used to do before I received my transfers since I will be getting money every month from Give Directly.
access_time 7 months ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
I prioritize like that because rent has been a challenge to me. The kind of work am doing sometimes it's not easy to save enough for house rent because I get small income so with this money I will be able to pay part of my monthly rent so that I can have piece of mind. Secondly, I will use this money to start a business of clothes and shoes so that I can have a stable income to sustain myself and my life can change for the better. Lastly, I will use some of the money to buy food and other household shopping that I have not been able to afford frequently. This will also help me to help others people who need my support.
Describe your biggest worry.
My top concern is not being able to pay my house rent because it means my landlord will come and close my door and I wont have any other place that I can go to and spend my night. I prefer even going without food but I have paid my house rent to have piece of mind. Secondly, my worry is not being in good terms with people. All of us needs friends to survive and move from one stage to another and friends helps people grow. Lastly, I don't like having debts because it means someone will be bothering me every time and I wont have my space. Having debts also makes one not to move from one stage to another.
What are your greatest ambitions?
My ambition in life is to be a successful and respected business person who can even supply clothes to retail sellers. When I have my own business I will be able to have a stable income and also support other needy people around me including my family members.
Describe your usual day. How do you spend your time?
In the morning once I wake up I prepare tea when I have the money. I take tea then leave for work up-to 4pm in the evening. After that I go home and during my resting time I watch movies then later I go buy supper then cook, eat and later go to bed.