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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Kituyi's family
access_time 20 days ago
Kituyi enrolled.
"With the cash transfer, I plan to buy land worth USD 1111 in Bukhaweka which is a flat area and good for settlement where we shall stay without any worries about landslides. I will also purchase a cow of USD 694 which will with time provide us milk for domestic use and selling to get money for buying food and books for children to go to school. The balance of USD 138 will help us to pay school fees for children and food as we plan to improve on food security."
Kanze's family
access_time 21 days ago
Kanze enrolled.
"What I have desired most in my life is to have a modern bed and a mattress. This is because, I can't remember when I slept on these luxurious things. I always spend my nights on rugged beddings, a situation that never give me enough sleep. In addition, I always wake up in the morning with pain. What a life! Having a grant which is unconditional means a lot to me because I will have a chance to ensure I make my dream into reality. I, therefore, intend to spend $150 on this plan. I will also use the remaining amount of the first transfer to repair my house by plastering it's walls using cement. Achieving this will give me joy as it will transition my livelihood to better standards. On the other hand, I will use the other transfer to buy 1 indigenous dairy cow at $200. The balance will help me to support my children's education. Hence, this is generally what receiving this money means to me."
Paul's family
access_time 23 days ago
Paul received a $308 second payment.
"From my second transfer of $450, I used $170 to purchase pieces of iron sheets and another $100 was used to buy food and other basic household needs for my family. I then used another $80 to buy a cow that I now keep here at home. Since I stay alone here at home after I lost both of my oarents almost 3 years a go, I have had to find means of survival on my own and relying on goats alone has not really helped that much. I am so grateful for the boost that I have received from GiveDirectly thus far. I would not have achieved what I have since achieved over this period of time. The new house that I will build once I get my last transfer shall help me and my family to find the much needed comfort and I will also use the extra house to host visitors incase I have any."
Daniel's family
access_time 24 days ago
Daniel received a $308 third payment.
"In drought-prone areas, one needs to venture into livelihood sustainability. With my family of 4, we depend on beekeeping, goat raising, and cow rearing. These endeavors have not only put food on our table but have also paved the way for our children's education. Among our children, our son's health has posed the greatest challenge. His recurring illnesses have been a heavy financial burden. In a time of desperation, when we were struggling to finance his treatment at Kijabe, a dear friend extended a helping hand. It was a gesture of kindness and solidarity that touched our hearts deeply, but it also left us in debt to our friend. When I received the transfers, $250 went towards putting food on our family's table; $50 went towards clothing, a simple yet profound act that filled us with a sense of dignity and renewal; and an additional $100 was devoted to our son's school fees in grade 10, an investment in his future that we hold dear. Most importantly, we were able to repay our friend's kindness. With gratitude in our hearts, we returned $50 to them, alleviating the weight of our debt. As I reflect on these recent events, I cannot help but feel a renewed sense of hope. Our journey is not an easy one, but with determination and the support we have received, we stand resilient in the face of adversity. Beekeeping, goat raising, and cow rearing are not just livelihoods; they are our lifelines, and they sustain our dreams of a better future for our family."
Karisa's family
access_time 24 days ago
Karisa received a $24 eighteenth payment.
"After I started receiving the transfer payments, I decided to venture into chicken rearing. Before 2021, I owned a herd of cows, but unfortunately, some of them perished due to drought conditions. Consequently, I chose to sell the remaining cattle, retaining only two bulls for plowing purposes. With the advent of the cash aid, I opted to embark on chicken rearing. Every month, I purchased hens, gradually accumulating a total of ten, and I allowed them to breed. Today, I am delighted to share that I have approximately 70 chickens and 8 guinea fowls. I'm pleased with the progress of this project, having generated $40 in revenue from the sale of chickens so far. In the recent cash transfer, I allocated $4 for layer feeds, as I also have a layer among my poultry. I devoted $25 to purchase food supplies because we had not yet started harvesting, and the maize crops were not fully matured. The remaining $5 was utilized to cover examination fees for my three children in primary school to ensure they did not miss their end-of-term tests."
Sogome's family
access_time 24 days ago
Sogome received a $308 third payment.
"I rely on farming and occasional jobs to make ends meet for myself and my family. Due to my husband's advanced age, he is no longer energetic to work. I share my home with my five children. After receiving my third transfer, I decided to invest in a dairy cow to reduce our daily milk expenses. Therefore, I spent $330 to acquire a healthier dairy cow. Financial constraints had previously prevented me from purchasing one, as my income source is not consistent. I had one before, but unfortunately, it perished. Additionally, I spent $100 to purchase a sheep, and the remaining amount was used for purchasing food supplies. I feel relieved and grateful for achieving such significant progress in such a short time."
Buwenje's family
access_time 24 days ago
Buwenje received a $1248 second payment.
"I bought iron sheets and timber to improve my kitchen and home. I plan to buy 2 cows with my remaining transfer as I search for land to buy."
Kadhengi's family
access_time 24 days ago
Kadhengi received a $24 seventeenth payment.
"I intend to engage in livestock farming, starting with the three chickens I already have, I plans to keep more poultry. Additionally, I currently own two goats and intend to acquire more to generate an income. I'm acquiring a dairy cow to also generate an income through milk sales since I have now completed my education. My long-term goal is to provide my mother with a better house. She is currently living in a small thatched roof house, I aim to build her a solid brick house. After accomplishing this, I plan to build my own home. Furthermore, I am committed to contributing to my mother's financial well-being by assisting with the payment of school fees for my younger siblings' education."
Targok's family
access_time 25 days ago
Targok received a $308 second payment.
"Upon receiving my second transfer, I made the decision to allocate the funds towards realizing a long-cherished dream: expanding my goat-rearing project. This endeavor has proven challenging in the past due to unreliable sources of income, given its substantial investment requirements. I am a widow, and I live with my eighth-grade grandson. With the $450 I received from the transfer, I was able to acquire four additional goats worth $200. Furthermore, I spent $120 for my medical treatment since I was unwell, and I also purchased a cow valued at $130. These accomplishments have filled me with profound gratitude, contentment, and happiness."
Halima's family
access_time 25 days ago
Halima received a $24 seventeenth payment.
"Despite facing financial challenges, I pursued my education until the sixth grade. Now, with a strong determination to improve my prospects, I aspire to attend a tailoring school, enabling me to start my own business. While currently selling vegetables to support my family, my goal is to save diligently for my education and to invest in a substantial cow, taking steps towards a brighter future."