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Samini's family
access_time 5 months ago
Samini enrolled.
"Livestock farming is my passion. I have been a herdsman for many years but mainly grazing other people's livestock. My desire has always been to one day have my own herd. This money will kickstart my dream since I would like to start by buying goats immediately I start receiving the transfers. My long term plan is owning cows as well. One goat goes for 3,000 KES or slightly less. Livestock farming will help me avoid depending on my relatives financially. It will also help me build a house. I currently seek shelter from relatives."
Sakina's family
access_time 5 months ago
Sakina enrolled.
"As a housewife, my additional task has been to look after some family cows, for 8 years now. The experience in this job has given me the desire and confidence to own some livestock, especially goats. This will act as my longer-term project to cater to my needs in the future. With these transfers, I aim to buy 10 goats within the first year. This number is enough to start with because I believe they breed so fast as compared to cows. On the other hand, this money will aid in getting our very basic needs for my family like food, clothes, and also to pay school fees for my children."
Geofrey's family
access_time 5 months ago
Geofrey enrolled.
"Receiving this money means a stable source of income for my family of three. I depend on temporary casual jobs in a nearby tea estate to fend for my family. The casual jobs are so unpredictable because you can be working this month and the following month you are let go indefinitely. It stresses me a lot because I surely do not have alternative sources of income to cover me during the time I am not on contract. It usually forces us to look for casual jobs in the village which you might find only once a week and this affects our meals because during such periods we eat only once a day. It is usually a very sad moment in the family and I wish to end this through your transfers. I will therefore use this money to purchase 3 cows because there's plenty of pasture here so it shall be easy to feed them and from the sale of milk we shall be able to at least earn an income and I plan to expand this further in the future. It will also be a long term investment because the cows will multiply with time and they will be assets to the family."
Cynthia's family
access_time 5 months ago
Cynthia enrolled.
"Receiving this money means a great relief to me as a single parent of two. I came out of an abusive marriage five years ago, with no capital no savings, and two young children. I did not get to have a quality education due to poverty at home. I have been doing odd jobs including tea picking all these years. Life became very hard and I had to go back to my parent's home where I was given a small old house that used to be our kitchen. I live to mouth at the moment, and the school-related costs including school fees are weighing me down, making me stressed and depressed. With this money, I plan to purchase a quarter an acre of land for KES 50,000. For the rest, I will purchase a cow, so I won't be purchasing milk like I'm doing now. It will reduce my daily expenditure hence I can live a better life."
Grace's family
access_time 5 months ago
Grace enrolled.
"In our culture cows are valued to the point that when one has many he is seen to be wealthy. That's why dowry is paid in form of cows. As we speak I do not have even a single cow and this makes me feel incomplete. I used to be a farmer but at the moment my body is weak and I had to abandon all agricultural activities hence no income to buy a cow. I desire to buy a cow worth KES 40,000 which will produce at least 7liters of milk every day. Milk is sold at KES 50 per liter and that means I will be earning KES 350 every single day. Receiving this money will make me feel proud that I also have my own cow"
Chepkirui's family
access_time 5 months ago
Chepkirui enrolled.
"Receiving this money means better living standards for my family. I incur a lot of expenses in purchasing milk for consumption at a cost of KES50 a litre which is expensive. My spouse does motor cycle taxi to raise money for other house needs but the income is not consistent because it depends on many factors like availability of customers, fuel and competition. I am planning to use this transfers to purchase a dairy cow with KES 35,000. This will motivate me because it will supplement my income."
Raeli's family
access_time 5 months ago
Raeli enrolled.
"Receiving this transfer means improved Nutritional status when I purchase a dairy cow. I am old and sickly, my immunity has gone down attributed to a lack of nutritious food due to food insecurity. It has been my ambition to purchase a dairy cow that will give me milk and sell the surplus to generate income. So when I receive this transfer I will spend KES 30000 to purchase it and I foresee that my health will improve since milk has good nutritional value."
Kahindi's family
access_time 5 months ago
Kahindi enrolled.
"My livestock. I am a proud owner of 2 cows and 5 goats. These animals are more of rescuers to me. Whenever I have an emergency that requires money, I sell one of them and sort the problem out."
Kenga's family
access_time 5 months ago
Kenga enrolled.
"My house does not have a door, I feel insecure being in that house. People steal for me when I am away, so I have to stay indoors to protect my property. Receiving this money I intend to buy a metallic door and fix it for my security. With the prolonged drought in my area most of my cows perished. I will buy five goats so that I can start rearing because I saw they can outstand during the drought season. With the remaining amount I will clear all the school fees balances for my five children and buy them new pairs of uniforms."
Agnes's family
access_time 5 months ago
Agnes enrolled.
"Receiving this money means a new start for my business of buying and selling traditional vegetables and milk. I have been doing this business for the last ten years and it has really helped me to earn an income and sustain the family's needs. I learned not to depend so much on my husband because he is polygamous and he has a huge responsibility to pay school fees for the children. I then took it upon myself to be the one providing food and clothing for the family. It has been my wish to be the one producing the vegetables and milk from my small farm but I have never had enough money to help me start. These transfers will therefore enable me to start producing the raw materials for my business which will ensure that I maximize on the profits. I will therefore use the transfers to buy seeds for the vegetables and also buy two cows for milk production. I hope with this I will be able to redefine my business and the profits that come from it."