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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Sylvia's family
access_time 2 months ago
Sylvia enrolled.
"Farming is a passion that runs deep in me. Four months ago, I sowed boma Rhodes grass on my 0.5-acre piece of land to earn income for my family of ten. I was excited three weeks ago when it rained, and now the grass is sprouting well. My area, Meisori sub-location, often experiences adverse drought, and I was afraid that if it continued, the grass might dry up. Hopefully, I will harvest it in a month's time, sell the seeds, and leave the hay for my cows to feed on. This brings me hope that my efforts will pay off and provide financial support for my family."
Kanze's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kanze received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"I'm setting aside money from my transfers to purchase building materials for expanding my cramped one-room house into a two-room dwelling. It's a significant improvement I've been longing for. Progress has been made as I've already acquired 20 iron sheets, completing that phase of the project. Now, I'm ready to move forward with the next step which is buying building poles and eventually complete the house extension. Thereafter, my ultimate goal is to eventually venture into livestock farming and purchase goats with my transfers, anticipating they'll multiply, allowing me to trade them for cows."
Sakina's family
access_time 2 months ago
Sakina received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"With the savings from our savings group, I aim to purchase three goats, hoping they'll breed and increase in number. My plan is to eventually exchange them for cows down the line. When my children enter higher education, I may be able to sell the cows to finance their schooling."
Bidii's family
access_time 2 months ago
Bidii received a $413 initial payment.
"Upon receiving the transfers, it was time for me to upgrade my house. I had always feared that the clay-brick walls would not hold for too long because of the heavy rains that could ruin them. So to protect them, I resolved to plaster around them and paint them to make the house look more appealing as well. All this work would not have been possible with my business of selling tap water, which earns me at most $50 per month. So the cash transfers came just in time to help me achieve this goal. I spent $350 to buy 35 bags of cement and 3 bags of white powder for the painting. I also bought two goats and a cow for $150. By owning goats, I can let them reproduce, and in the future, I can sell them to cover urgent needs like food, especially when I am stuck financially. I could never be happier for the opportunity to invest in my future, and I am happy that Give Directly gave me that chance. I also used the remaining amount of funds to buy food because my household had started running out of food. At least having food gave me peace of mind to continue working towards repairing my house because now I had enough to eat."
Kazungu's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kazungu received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"On receiving the cash, I immediately saw it as an opportunity to invest in our future. Allocating $34 towards purchasing a goat seemed like a small step, but I envisioned it as the foundation for greater things to come. With careful breeding and management, I aimed to grow my livestock holdings, eventually exchanging them for a dairy cow and a bull. This strategic investment would not only secure a sustainable income but also provide stability for my family's future. Amidst my plans for the future, I faced a health challenge. Diagnosed with malaria, I was grateful for the assistance of translators who facilitated access to quality medical care. The funds allowed me to prioritize my health, ensuring I could recover and continue providing for my loved ones. Prioritizing education, I allocated $52 towards school fees and new uniforms for my son, ensuring all four of my children have access to quality education. The sight of them in their new uniforms fills me with pride, knowing that they have the opportunity to learn and grow. With the remaining funds, I addressed essential household needs, finally filling the gaps in our pantry with food, stocking up on vegetables, and replenishing our supply of soap. This cash transfer has been a lifeline, empowering me to make strategic investments in our future while meeting immediate needs, and for that, I am profoundly grateful."
Kazungu's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kazungu received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"I earn a living by selling toothbrushes and support my four grandchildren, all of whom are under my care and depend on me financially. The modest income from my business meets our family's needs, but there is nothing left for development projects. Since joining the program, I devised a plan to invest the transfer money in purchasing livestock. Livestock are a valuable investment because they multiply over time, and I can sell some during emergencies to raise funds. I spent $90 of my transfers on two goats, and now I have 14 goats and three cows. My goal is to accumulate goats and eventually sell them to buy a dairy cow. The dairy cow will provide additional income through milk sales. Additionally, I spent $14 on food for my family, ensuring we always have enough to eat. I am very grateful for the financial support so far and am optimistic that, in the near future, I will have accumulated enough wealth to be financially stable and take care of my family with ease."
Katana's family
access_time 2 months ago
Katana received a $26 eighteenth payment.
"My aspiration is to establish myself as a successful livestock farmer. With the recent acquisition of additional goats, I'm filled with hope and optimism that they will thrive, multiplying and increasing in number over time. Looking ahead, I'm eager to expand my farming endeavors by venturing into turkeys. It's all part of a larger vision where I see myself trading goats and turkeys in the future to acquire cows. The ultimate goal is to have a flourishing herd of cows, not just for milk production but also for their utility in plowing farms. This vision is not just about sustenance but also about building a sustainable source of income for myself and my family."
Charo's family
access_time 2 months ago
Charo received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"This year, my ultimate goal is to successfully complete my studies, a milestone that would fulfill a lifelong dream and bring me immense happiness. Looking back, I'm already proud of how I've managed to invest in my future with the help of previous transfers. Buying two cows was a significant step for me, envisioning their growth into sturdy animals that can aid in farming and eventually be sold to expand my herd. It's a venture filled with hope and anticipation for what the future holds. Beyond this year, my aspirations extend to building my own home using the building materials I've been gradually accumulating. The thought of having a place to call my own, free from the uncertainty of borrowing accommodations, fills me with a sense of determination and purpose. And as I continue to broaden my horizons through education, I'm inspired to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. With the knowledge I've gained in electrical engineering, coupled with the proceeds from my sheep and careful savings, I envision opening an electrical shop, a venture that aligns with my passions and aspirations for the future."
Kabibi's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kabibi received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"My dream for the coming year and beyond is to maintain a sizable herd of goats and cows. I firmly believe that this investment will play a pivotal role in securing a brighter future for my children, particularly when it comes to their education. While they're still in the lower grades at the moment, I'm acutely aware that in just a few short years, they'll be making the transition to higher levels of learning. This is where livestock becomes invaluable. By carefully tending to and growing my herd, I hope to provide a stable source of income that can be channelled towards their educational needs. My ultimate aim is to break the cycle of poverty that has gripped my family for generations. With determination and perseverance, I'm committed to creating opportunities that will change their lives for the better and ensure that they have the tools they need to thrive beyond our current circumstances."
Eunice's family
access_time 2 months ago
Eunice received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"Upon completion of my diploma education, I anticipate a profound sense of joy and fulfillment, knowing that it represents a significant leap forward in my journey. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the boldness and sacrifices I've made along the way. Looking ahead, my aspirations extend beyond personal achievement. With the funds from my transfers, I intend to invest in the education of my three children, recognizing the invaluable gift of knowledge and opportunity that I can provide them. Additionally, I plan to allocate a portion of these resources towards acquiring livestock, whether it be goats or cows. The vision is not just to possess these animals, but to see them thrive and multiply, contributing to our family's economic stability. Whether through the sale of offspring or utilizing cows for agricultural work, I see the potential for these investments to yield long-term benefits for us."