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Zawadi's family
access_time 5 months ago
Zawadi enrolled.
"I am a farmer and I would like to own at least two cows to plow my land. At the moment I cannot acquire a cow at once, consequently, I will have to buy goats and exchange them for cows. My target is to acquire about 14 goats (a goat every month for 2500 KES) and trade them for two cows. The remaining 500 KES I will spend on school fees. I have five children in primary school with the eldest in grade seven and the youngest in grade two. In a term, I pay about 4000 KES for the five of them, I am so happy that this money will aid in their education for the next five years."
Evaline's family
access_time 5 months ago
Evaline enrolled.
"For the past 5 years I have been depending on milk supply from my mother in law's house.I do not own a dairy cow and hence having access to milk has been a challenge especially when visitors are around. Being a mother of 4 I feel embarrassed and stressed during this time because I get a half a liter of milk or none therefore my children are subjected to nutritional problem. Receiving this money means I will be able to buy my cow at a co of KES 40000. I am joyous that this will relieve me of family conflict in terms of milking and sharing of milk."
Sheila's family
access_time 5 months ago
Sheila enrolled.
"Receiving this money means enough capital for my small business. Six months ago, we started providing Mobile money services in the nearby shopping center. This business is much more profitable when there is enough capital. Currently, I am running with a capital of KES 25000 which has assisted me to meet my family's needs though it is minimal. I am planning to use the first transfer of KES 55000 as capital to boost my daily income. The rest I will use to purchase a dairy cow so as not to depend on business only as a source of livelihood. I am happy because this will help me achieve my dream of being financially independent."
Beatrice's family
access_time 5 months ago
Beatrice enrolled.
"Receiving this money means the completion of my cows shed. For a year now, we have been struggling to complete it so as to start a zero grazing unit. I was planning to commit KES100,000 from my savings to buy dairy cows. I am lucky that with these transfers, we will be able to fulfill this. Dairy farming is doing good now because of the readily available market for milk. This will ease the burden payment of school fees for my children in private school."
Gladys's family
access_time 5 months ago
Gladys enrolled.
"Agriculture is my main source of livelihood. I practice mixed farming to improve my income. Livestock does better thus I prefer it to crop farming. I currently own two dairy cows producing an average of four liters when lactating. This has been my major source of income since I have been able to school fees for my children and meet my daily household expenditure. I always wish that I had more cows so that I would have more milk production throughout the year from my farm. This cash transfer to me means an added asset and higher income. I am planning to spend KES 30000 to buy a dairy cow to add to my herd. I am certain I will have more milk from my farm thus higher profits. I will use this income to pay my children's school fees and save some to invest in other income-generating activities."
Jumwa's family
access_time 5 months ago
Jumwa enrolled.
"I rely on keeping cattle with selling milk being the only source of my income. Drought manifested for over one year led to the lose of almost all cattle leaving behind three calves. We currently experience rains and the land is green with pastures but I cannot revamp keeping cattle since I do not have cash to buy more cows. In addition, my three children have given me sleepless nights as they lack school fees."
Lilian's family
access_time 5 months ago
Lilian enrolled.
"With the high cost of living in the country, providing for a family of 10 is not easy. We fully depend on my husband who works a a security guard and he earns KES 18,000 and this is not sufficient to cater for school fees, food and clothing for the family. So currently we are facing food insecurity in our home, we buy all the foodstuffs and milk this is because we have a small unproductive land which does not give enough yields. Also we do not have a cow to milk this has caused us to buy milk on a daily basis, we spend KES 120 on a daily basis for milk. This has made life for us unbearable due to the expensive cost of living."
Agnes's family
access_time 5 months ago
Agnes enrolled.
"I desire to buy a cow because the only one that I had died of East Coast Fever last year in November. This left me with a huge expense of having to buy milk every morning especially for my young grandchildren. I spend KES 120 to buy 3 liters of milk which is still not sufficient. I entirely depend on menial jobs such as smearing people's houses to put food on the table for my family. I earn KES 200 per day when I am lucky to be called for a job. This makes it an impossibility to buy another cow and I continue to suffer with no one to express my frustrations to. I intend to use KES 35,000 to buy a dairy cow that will produce at least 5liters of milk daily. Receiving this money will put an end to the frustrations of having to buy milk every day and also make me afford a smile."
Naomy's family
access_time 5 months ago
Naomy enrolled.
"I am the first-born daughter in a family of seven. I was not able to proceed with my studies after I completed my primary school education due to a lack of finances. I had to work odd jobs including picking tea in Kericho to support my family and my siblings. Six months ago, I lost this job after we were retrenched, I came home and have been doing casual jobs like weddings. The much I earn KSH 500 a week goes to food and paying for school. With this money, I plan to purchase a piece of land of my own so that I can build a house and do my own farming. With the rest of the money I plan to purchase a cow to help supplement my income. Receiving this money is such a relief for me."
Paul's family
access_time 5 months ago
Paul enrolled.
"Poverty has been our daily song in our family. For my family to have a meal I have to look for casual jobs weeding people's farms which are not consistent also. My earnings are not sufficient to meet all my household needs and sometimes we are forced to have one meal in a day which is worrying since I have a wife who delivered not long ago. In a day, I am paid KES 200 which I spend on food items. So when I receive this transfer I will spend KES 30000 to purchase a dairy cow that will be our source of milk and income when we sell the surplus. I usually purchase milk from vendors who sell at KES 50 per litre and to get this money is also a challenge."