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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Duncan's family
access_time 30 days ago
Duncan received a $124 initial payment.
"The biggest change in my life since I started receiving money from GiveDirectly is the newfound sense of direction and hope. The investment in farming has given me a clear vision of what the future might hold. Knowing that my efforts in farming are supported by the funds, I can expect positive outcomes in the long run. Moreover, buying a cow is not just about the present; it's a long-term investment. Even after the assistance from GiveDirectly ends, the cow will remain. It's like an act of remembrance, a lasting impact that symbolizes the positive changes brought about by the support received. This sense of direction and lasting investment has significantly shaped my perspective and brought a positive change to my life."
George's family
access_time 30 days ago
George received a $21 eighteenth payment.
"I remember being enrolled in the program and being informed that it would be for a period of time. I was sure I needed to invest in projects that would outrun the Givedirectly one. I decided to rear chicken and start a phone accessories shop. Now the business has grown and I have 58 chicken. My aim is to increase this chicken numbers even further so I can sell them and buy goats and in turn sell the goats and buy cows. I also want the shop to run on its own resources which I look forward to having achieved before the project ends."
Womusi's family
access_time 30 days ago
Womusi received a $614 initial payment.
Kibelesi's family
access_time 30 days ago
Kibelesi received a $614 initial payment.
"I bought land and cow. I also bought food for my family"
Sharon's family
access_time 30 days ago
Sharon received a $279 third payment.
"In the upcoming year, I have ambitious plans to expand my tailoring business further, aiming to provide additional support for my husband, who serves as a pastor. To accomplish this task, I plan to allocate $400 towards the growth and enhancement of my tailoring venture. To raise the necessary capital for this expansion, I am considering selling the cows that I currently have. This strategic decision not only provides the financial means to invest in the business but also leverages the assets I possess to fuel its growth. The goal is not only to contribute more substantially to our family's income but also to create a more stable and thriving business that can serve the community. By investing in the expansion of my tailoring business, I aim to take on a more active role in supporting my husband's pastoral work and ensuring a more prosperous future for our family. With careful planning and the right resources, I am optimistic that this expansion will be a successful and impactful venture, providing both financial stability and an avenue for me to contribute more actively to our family's well-being."
Eunice's family
access_time 1 month ago
Eunice received a $21 eighteenth payment.
"My aspiration is to procure two cows by year-end, a goal I aim to fulfill through diligent saving and prudent financial management of my transfers. The acquisition of dairy cows holds the promise of significantly alleviating the financial constraints in my life, particularly offering a sustainable income source through the sale of milk, hence fostering the well-being of my family. Furthermore, as the herd multiplies, the potential to sell some of the cattle presents a valuable resource to address our immediate needs. The invaluable support from the transfers has been instrumental in elevating the standards of my life, for which I am profoundly grateful."
Alphina's family
access_time 1 month ago
Alphina received a $277 third payment.
"Receiving the transfers brought about positive changes in my life, and I made strategic decisions to address various needs. Allocating $40 for household food was essential to ensuring the well-being of my family of three. One unforeseen challenge arose when our cow got lost for a week, prompting me to spend $40 on hiring someone to search for it. The importance of the cow to our family's livelihood made this investment necessary. Another $45 was wisely spent on acquiring a goat, contributing to our livestock assets. The remaining funds were saved, with the intention of eventually purchasing a cow. Currently, my family depends on my husband's job as a watchman for our livelihood. The support from the transfers has enabled us to acquire essential assets, providing a level of financial security that was previously challenging to attain. I am grateful for the assistance, which has not only met my immediate needs but has also allowed me to invest in valuable assets for the future. The support has made a significant difference in our lives, and I look forward to continued positive changes in the future."
Agnes's family
access_time 1 month ago
Agnes received a $21 eighteenth payment.
"A significant milestone for me in the upcoming year involves directing a substantial portion of my transfers towards the acquisition of livestock, focusing on both cows and goats. The dairy cow represents a promising source of revenue, particularly through the sale of milk. Furthermore, as the herd expands, I foresee additional opportunities to generate income by selling some of the cattle in the market at favorable prices. The invaluable financial support I have received is profoundly shaping my journey towards a more promising future, transcending the constraints of poverty."
Magdaline's family
access_time 1 month ago
Magdaline received a $21 twenty-second payment.
"Over the next year, my intention is to acquire a cow, establishing it as a vital income source. Following the cow's birthing, I will engage in milk production and sales, thereby generating revenue to meet my personal requirements. I am exceedingly content with the financial assistance I have received thus far from Give Directly."
Hamisi's family
access_time 1 month ago
Hamisi received a $21 eighteenth payment.
"My main goal for the coming year is to expand my livestock rearing business. I intend to exchange these goats for cows, thus elevating and expanding my income generation cycle. With this I will have the ability to provide for my family with ease. My children's education will be catered for. This support has contributed to our household well being."