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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Dama's family
access_time 18 days ago
Dama enrolled.
"I have a family of nine members and all live in a two room house. The house has iron sheets roof with a muddy wall which is not strong and it can be brought down by strong winds. My husband does casual jobs making approximately $120 per month which caters for food and school fees. I will use $700 to change my house from muddy wall to a permanent one by using blocks. I have my first daughter Leah, who is in form two at Mekatilili secondary school and has a fees balance of $150 . This has sometimes made her miss classes. I will use $300 to clear and make a prepayment for her."
Viola's family
access_time 18 days ago
Viola received a $295 third payment.
"Initially, the state of our home caused immense stress in my life. A small, cramped space barely accommodated our family of seven, forcing some of my children to seek shelter in the kitchen, which was nothing more than a temporary structure. During the rainy season, our situation was dire; the dilapidated roof of our small house leaked profusely, leaving us all exposed to the elements until the rain subsided. Desperate for change, I utilized $343 from the recent unconditional cash transfer to purchase building materials to put up a more spacious house. The relief I felt once the construction was complete and we no longer had to worry about being exposed to the rain was immeasurable. Finally, my family could live in a safer, more comfortable environment. Also, I spent $30 to buy goats. This strategic move isn't just about present well-being but also an investment in the future, especially concerning the education of my children. Furthermore, I used part of the funds to purchase a plastic chair, a seemingly simple item but a luxury for us. Now, when visitors come, I can offer them a proper seat instead of makeshift arrangements with logs. The remaining $50 was wisely spent on purchasing food for my family. Given the challenges my family faces and the low income from my husband's motorcycle job, putting food on the table has become a consistent challenge. This unconditional cash transfer has not only improved our living conditions but has also alleviated our daily struggles."
Esther's family
access_time 18 days ago
Esther received a $295 third payment.
"Receiving the recent transfer was a blessing that came at a crucial moment for me and my family. The first priority was securing a safer shelter for my loved ones. I immediately allocated a significant portion, around $228.8, to purchase essential building materials. My previous house had become a cause for constant worry, as it was old and on the brink of collapse. The thought of my four children sleeping away from home, seeking refuge at a relative's place due to a lack of space and safety concerns, weighed heavily on me. As a parent, it pained me not to have my children under one roof; their safety was always a concern. Now, with the construction underway, I am relieved that soon we will all reside safely together under our own roof, and that worry has begun to dissipate. Also, with $50, I bought essential food supplies. It was heartbreaking to see my family go to bed hungry, but now, thankfully, that has changed. With the remaining $171.2, I prioritized education and paid school fees for my two children, one in Form Two and the other in a lower grade. This has been an ongoing challenge, as both my husband and I work as farmers, earning around $5 irregularly. Juggling daily expenses and ensuring our children receive an education has been tough, but the recent support has alleviated a significant burden. The relief of knowing my children can attend school without worrying about fees and that we are on the path to a safer and more stable home is immeasurable."
Peres's family
access_time 18 days ago
Peres received a $361 second payment.
"With the recent transfer, I decided to address the pressing issue at home. My house roof was worn and leaking since it was first constructed in 1984. The money went into finishing the long overdue roofing project, bringing comfort and security. I also started a small scale chicken project, recognizing the potential in the thriving food industry. As I nurture this project my vision extend beyond, hoping to expand it to a large scale venture in the future"
Faida's family
access_time 18 days ago
Faida received a $348 second payment.
"I used the $25480 to purchase 26 silver iron sheets at Matonomane which I used to build 2- bedroom house that my family had always wish to have since I have been living in a 1- bedroom house with all my children there .This is because of over- dependency on my husband who was working in Kilifi as a watchman and paid $80 monthly ,which could not sustain the family and give them a decent house that gives the parents and the children their privacy.I finished constructing the roof of the new house last week but the doors and windows have not yet been installed .My children are over excited over the new house that they have pleaded with me to shift to the new house despite that it does have doors nor window yet.I also paid school fees of $60 for my 2 class 8 sons who had a big debt that I was not sure on how I was going to settle it , but special thanks to Give Directly who has given me the support.lastly I bought 2 goats that I have kept them as a constant reminder of Give Directly ."
Sidi's family
access_time 18 days ago
Sidi received a $23 fourteenth payment.
"Before the cash transfers come to an end, my goal is to have a new house. Our current dwelling is in poor condition, with a corroded roof that lets in water during rain, making the space uncomfortably cold. To achieve this, I plan to continue saving part of the cash transfers through my self-help group. When the group dissolves after one year, I intend to use the savings to purchase building materials like iron sheets and building poles. Additionally, I wish to continue buying goats; with one already acquired, I aim to accumulate at least five. As they reproduce, I can sell them to support the ongoing needs of my family."
Maorine's family
access_time 19 days ago
Maorine received a $295 second payment.
"Providing for my family of nine, including accommodation, has been a significant challenge. With the second transfer from GiveDirectly, I prioritized improving my son's living conditions. I invested $65 in five iron sheets to construct a new, more secure house for him, replacing the old structure with a tattered grass roof. Additionally, I bought a $43 sack of maize that continues to sustain us. Formerly relying on casual labor and charcoal burning, the support has been crucial. Operating a mobile salon has also been beneficial. Allocating $54 for household goods, including cooking oil, tea leaves, sugar, and toiletries, enhanced our daily living. Spending $25 on five pairs of shoes brought joy to my children. Clearing a $70 debt and investing $23 in buying chickens are steps toward a more stable financial future, aiming to sell eggs for school fees. Spending $20 on transportation brought five goats safely home. GiveDirectly has significantly transformed our living conditions, and we're grateful for the positive changes it has brought to our family."
Saumu's family
access_time 19 days ago
Saumu enrolled.
"Housing is the challenge I am currently facing in life. I am living in a one room house with grass roof and weak muddy wall. The house cannot accommodate all the seven members I have. My children seek shelter from neighbors and this is very risk for a girl child to seek shelter from neighbors. It really affects me psychological."
Chengo's family
access_time 19 days ago
Chengo received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"I live in a dilapidated grass-thatched house that has seen better days, particularly evident in the old roof that struggles to withstand adverse weather conditions. The ongoing rains have brought about sleepless nights for my family, as the roof leaks incessantly, creating an uncomfortable living situation. My primary focus is now directed towards addressing this issue by installing a new roof. With the upcoming transfers, my plan is to purchase new iron roofing sheets, a crucial step in providing my family with a secure and comfortable living space. The prospect of ensuring my family's well-being through the improvement of our living conditions is something I eagerly look forward to."
Kadzo's family
access_time 19 days ago
Kadzo received a $23 fourteenth payment.
"Two years ago, my life underwent a significant change when my husband passed away, leaving me alone and without a source of income. The house I resided in at that time was in a complete state of disrepair, and I am grateful that GiveDirectly entered my life precisely when I needed assistance. This support allowed me to restore the house to a satisfactory standard, utilizing $68 to acquire essential materials such as iron roofing sheets. Thanks to these financial transfers, I not only restored my home but also ventured into goat farming, resulting in a current herd of approximately twenty goats. The remaining $34 was wisely invested in acquiring another goat, serving as a financial safety net for unforeseen emergencies. GiveDirectly's support has genuinely transformed my life for the better, providing a sense of security and stability during challenging times."