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Kahaso's family
access_time 10 days ago
Kahaso enrolled.
"I finally found a solution to my problem, I have been struggling to buy water from my neighbors. With this transfer, I will be able to put up a water point in my compound. The relief I have is immense because I will not have to borrow money just to be able to buy a can of water. $200 will be enough to carry out this project and I can not wait to see water flowing in my homestead. I will need to buy new Iron sheets to roof my kitchen and latrine, they are worn off and this makes it hard for me to use the facilities when it is raining. Once this is accomplished I can settle for raising livestock to increase my productivity on the farm."
Saumu's family
access_time 10 days ago
Saumu enrolled.
"My family size has now grown to seven this year and we are all living in a one-room house with a grass roof. The roof leaks whenever it rains and also allows wind. One of my children has suffered pneumonia as a result of that. Also during rain season I spend sleepless nights die to the leakage of the roof. The house is not spacious for the family and lacks privacy. I will buy 30 pieces of iron sheets at a cost of $100 each, buy 200 poles for making the walls at a cost of $15 each, use $ 200 to pay labor and buy other building materials to build a three-room house. Currently, I do not want visitors due to a lack of accommodation space. I will also use $ 300 to pay school fees for my three children who are schooling at primary level. Each has school fees balance of $100. I am happy for the program because soon my respect will be restored."
Chenda's family
access_time 12 days ago
Chenda enrolled.
"My son who is the breadwinner of the family works as a casual laborer. He earns $100 per month and this is not always. This money caters for food and school fees for the grandchild who is at Vitengeni primary. He pays a school fee of $150 per year and he now has a balance of $70. My son and the child lives in a one-room house with a grass roof. The roof leaks during rain season. As for me I have a one room build by the son so that I could live well and not be affected by wind and rain. He lacks the capacity to build one due to the much responsibilities he has and also his lack of finance. I will use $700 to build a two-room house for my son and let him struggle with looking for food for the family. I will also use $70 to clear the balance of the fee for my grandson .I am happy for the program because it will elevate poverty at my household."
Lilian's family
access_time 13 days ago
Lilian enrolled.
"I would like first to construct a decent modern house with a metal roof and buy a 5000-liter water tank to collect rainwater for our daily use. The water that we are currently using is from a nearby water pan and is not safe for drinking though we usually risk and that might have health risks later in life. To supplement our income we would like to purchase a dairy cow which approximately will be giving us 5 liters of milk every morning and this can earn us at least $2.50. We are so determined about our plan and we will do everything that it takes to see that we actualize this which shall improve our lives."
Hellen's family
access_time 13 days ago
Hellen enrolled.
"Our kitchen house is old, dilapidated, and leaks a lot, especially during the rainy season like at the moment. This makes it unconducive to stay in it, even cooking is a problem since when it leaks the water drops on the fire and extinguishes it making it hard for food to cook. My daughters have bore the brunt of it all since the kitchen also serve as sleeping place for them and so it is cold during the night. I am afraid it might lead them to contract diseases associated with the cold. We intend to use $ 350 to build a better house, timber walled and iron-roofed because at my age I am not able to smear the wall using soil. We will use the rest of the money to buy maize grain for household consumption."
Daniel's family
access_time 13 days ago
Daniel enrolled.
"I have a family of ten and all are living in a three-room house. The house is spacious for the family and even visitors. The roof is okay but the wall is muddy and it is not stable. It has holes that allow wind in which affects my health even more. I have a stroke and am always indoors. My first son who is a teacher by profession helps in buying food for the family and also pays school fees for the three brothers who are schooling. Two in secondary and one in primary school. The two in secondary have a collective fees balance of $700 and the one in primary has arrears of $30. I will use $730 to offset the school fees balance so that my children can stay at school and improve their performance. I will also use $200 to renovate my house and change it from a muddy wall to a semi-permanent house. I am happy for the program that Give directly have brought in our village. I see the hope of life now because of Give directly."
Esther's family
access_time 14 days ago
Esther enrolled.
"I have a three-room house which is spacious enough to accommodate my family of six members. The challenge is that the roof is worn out and it leaks during the rainy season. The family also lack beds and mattresses, they use sacks to sleep on the floor. This has caused chest problems to one of my sons. I will use $ 700 to buy 30 pieces of iron sheets and other building materials to renovate my house and make it better for living. I will also use $ 300 to buy three beds and three mattresses so that the family can be comfortable during night time when we go to sleep. I can tell friends to come and visit me due to lacking the capacity to accommodate them. Thanks to Give directly for their program."
Kahunda's family
access_time 16 days ago
Kahunda enrolled.
"My intention is to build a two roomed house that would accommodate my family for now. As per my estimation this might cost $250 including material cost and labor. I plan to use the cheapest materials that I can find which is adobe bricks and only buy iron sheets for roofing. My current house just looks like a temporary structure. It has walls made of iron and polythene material."
Sidi's family
access_time 16 days ago
Sidi enrolled.
"I do not have a house right now, what you can see here is in a really bad state; the whole of that roof is leaking, I do not have anything covering my windows and also the floor isn't done at all. I have been having a lot of problems during rainy seasons like now. When I get this money, I would like to build a three roomed house that can cost around $1000 on materials and labor. Two of the rooms will be my bedroom and another one for my girls while the third room being a living area. And just in case there's some amount left after all that, I would also like to pay school fees for my children at least for sometime."
Maurine's family
access_time 17 days ago
Maurine enrolled.
"Building family house is still my biggest priority right now because our current dwelling unit is falling off in bits. The plan has not yet solidify but I would love to have a two roomed house with a full length hallway that I can use for storage and cooking. This should cost upwards of $500 for both materials and labor needed to set it up urgently. I'm saying so because the one I have is somehow unfinished in the sense that it's roofed halfway but already worn out with walls hanging that might cause deadly accidents. For sustainability, I will also revive my fish buss with the remaining amounts."