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Alphinah's family
access_time 1 month ago
Alphinah received a $506 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my life is the house that I put up. I was living in a very old house. Its roof was already leaking since it was thatched with grass. In its place now stands a beautiful iron sheet roofed house that is big enough for my family.Having this hous made me happy living hear and enjoying a good housing just like my neighbours and friends who had the ability to build on their own."
Ismaila's family
access_time 1 month ago
Ismaila received a $48 initial payment.
"Yes, because I can now change my roof and provide food for my family."
Rachael's family
access_time 1 month ago
Rachael received a $490 second payment.
"I used the money to buy building material such as; iron sheets, stones, sand and cement which I used to build a new house. I decided to build a house, because the house I was in before was leaking from the roof and water was also flowing into the house when it rains."
Dama's family
access_time 1 month ago
Dama received a $507 second payment.
"I had began renovating my living house but I couldn't finish it. I did not have sufficient money to accomplish this. When I received my second transfer, I purchased roofing materials that enabled me to finish the renovation. I also paid for the labour involved. In addition, I spent KES 15000 also to buy a cow, which is an asset to me. I am expecting to benefit from the sell of milk that it will be producing."
Mercy's family
access_time 1 month ago
Mercy received a $507 second payment.
"I now have nice house that is warm since I used to live in a leaking grass thatched house and it was very cold. When I received the GD transfers, I built a better house with an iron roof and it's now warm."
Agness's family
access_time 1 month ago
Agness received a $490 second payment.
"The transfers empowered me to renovated my house which was grass-thatched and leaking whenever it could rain. I am glad it's now iron roofed and I do not have to worry about the rains. In addition to that, I have a nice wooden bed and a mattress. Initially, I was using the old traditional beds and I was always complaining of some backaches. I will forever be thankful to this Organisation becasue I would not have achieved all these on my own."
Annah's family
access_time 1 month ago
Annah received a $490 second payment.
"I now live a very happy and fullfilled life as compared to before when I was stressed.This is because with the transfers I was able to build a new 22-Iron roofed house in place of the old grass thatched leaking roofed house.I also furnished my house with new modern furniture, new beds and beddings hence more comfort and sound sleep. I was also able to buy a heifer which is now due. I count all these as answered prayers because before I used to pray and just wish for these very things."
Paul's family
access_time 1 month ago
Paul received a $490 second payment.
"I spent my second transfer on building a 25-Iron roofed two -roomed spacious house.This is because the one I had before was smaller with leaking grass thatched roof."
Elijah's family
access_time 1 month ago
Elijah received a $490 second payment.
"My life is now different than it would have been.This is because using these transfers I was able to construct a modern two roomed and Iron roofed house. My kid who was very sick was able to access medication too. I furnished my house with a two seater sofa, fed and clothed my family."
Kadzo's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kadzo received a $507 initial payment.
"The biggest difference in my daily life that I can proudly mention is the fact that I now own a spacious well plastered iron-roofed house. Before the coming of GiveDirectly into my life, I used to sleep under a very small house which was in a critical condition and it even collapsed. Therefore, I was forced to shelter under my relative's houses which were also small. During that period I never had peace since some of my family members were also forced to seek shelter elsewhere. I am now grateful because the money empowered me to own a decent house that can accommodate all my family members and we are living peacefully. Courtesy of GiveDirectly."