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Adam's family
access_time 28 days ago
Adam received a $437 second payment.
"My wife, I, and our seven children make up our family of nine. Because there is no other work available, my wife and I both work hard to make charcoal for a living. Before, I relied excessively on motorcycle taxis, which are currently struggling due to a hike in fuel prices and low cash flow. I had initially started constructing a rental house at our neighborhood market. Inadequate cash prevented it from being finished. It is a two-room house with mud walls. I spent $400 from the last transfer to finish building it. I am happy that my house is rented, and I can collect $10 from it every month. It provides me with additional income to support my family. In addition, I bought a young cow with the remaining money. I am glad I now own a cow."
Rachael's family
access_time 28 days ago
Rachael enrolled.
"I have a family of three members. My husband is a casual laborer and I a tailor by profession. Currently I depend on agriculture since I have no machine to practice my career. I will use $120 to buy a sewing machine, use $200 to buy materials, and use $ 80 to rent a house and start my business. In my village, I will be the only person with such a business so I have the chance to enjoy enough market for my business. I approximately earning $10 per day. A business with such a profit is a good one. I will also use $ 500 to buy two cows as an investment. This will help me have enough school fees for my daughter when she joins the secondary school in future. She is yet to join primary school."
Alphinah's family
access_time 28 days ago
Alphinah enrolled.
"Receiving this money will boost me a great deal. When my 4 sons got married I gave out almost all the cows I had as dowry as per the Kipsigis culture. When a dowry is paid it signifies prosperity for the children and the families of the bride will bless their daughter and her generation, which explains the reason why all of them live harmoniously. I had wanted to add another dairy cow to my herd since the two that remained are old and have lost teeth and as a result, they cannot graze well. Their milk production has since gone down, it produces just 1 liter a day which is not enough for household consumption. I intend to use $450 to purchase a dairy cow and use the rest to pay school fees for my last-born son, Titus, who is at Mombasa college."
Irine's family
access_time 28 days ago
Irine enrolled.
"If we're able to get the transfer, I plan to buy a plot of land for $500.The owner of this land could be willing to sell it. I will then build a simple house for $250, this will help us plan ourselves well. Currently, we also don't have a cow, I intend to buy a cow at $150, then we'll be able to milk it and have milk for our children. Now, we spend $0.80 to buy a liter of milk on a daily basis, this means we'll be able to cut cost."
Paulina's family
access_time 28 days ago
Paulina enrolled.
"I plan to buy food since this is the greatest challenge I am facing. I will also complete the stalled house which has been destroyed by termites so far. This will take about $500. I will also buy 5 goats at $30 each which would be my investment into the future. The remaining amount I will buy 2 cows at $50 each which will give me milk to feed my family."
Grace's family
access_time 29 days ago
Grace enrolled.
"My greatest achievement in life is to see my five children living a better life in future. I personally dropped out of school at an early age due to lack of school fees. The struggles I have gone through has made me enroll three of them in boarding secondary schools. We keep livestock ( goats and cows) inorder to meet all their basic needs including good education but because of unpredictable weather patterns and lack of enough pasture, it fetches low prices. We have $300 school fees in arrears and they are sent home once in a month. This affects there performance as they spend most of their time at home. I will be happy when I receive the transfers because it will help pay the school fees they will comfortably study and improve on their performance. The rest of the money I will invest in poultry keeping for income sustainability."
Katana's family
access_time 29 days ago
Katana enrolled.
"I plan to have a decent house that I can boast about. Imagine living in a small, iron sheets walled house which at the same time is half open! This has always exposed me to the danger of being attacked by the wild animals which mostly inhabit our area. My desire has never materialized due to lack of money but the arrival of GiveDirectly to our village is a blessing to me. With these transfers, I am sure of constructing a better house using an estimated amount of $500. This will spare me from the threat of wild animals and hence, a peaceful life. On the other hand, I have 3 children who are still schooling and their studies have been affected a lot since they are frequently sent home due to a lack of school fees. With this grant, I will buy 3 cows using $300, which will support them in the future once they join secondary school. The remaining amount ($200), will settle their current school fee arrears to guarantee them ample time in class. Therefore, this is generally what receiving this money means to me."
Viola's family
access_time 29 days ago
Viola enrolled.
"Buying milk every morning from milk vendors is not only expensive but it poses health risks because of how it is handled. I have been buying it for the last 2 years for $0.5 per liter. My 3 children require at least 3liters per day and this translates to $1.5 per day. I desire to buy a cow worth $400 which will produce 7-8 liters per day. This will save me the cost of having to buy milk every morning."
Chepkoech's family
access_time 29 days ago
Chepkoech enrolled.
"We used to have a poultry project which was assisting us a great deal. Sometimes this year in April there was an outbreak of chicken Newcastle disease that wiped out all my 20 Chickens and several chicks. I could get at least $1.50 from the sale of eggs which was enough to meet my daily needs. After a deep consultation with my husband, we have decided to purchase a dairy cow with this help from Give Directly since cows are not susceptible to diseases like chickens. It is for this reason that we intend to purchase a dairy cow for $400 for milk production for household consumption and sell the surplus to earn a living. This will be a bigger boost for us and we are extremely happy. We have not been able to purchase one because most of our resources have gone to school fees and we have been inadequate financially. At last, we can afford a smile and anticipate an improved livelihood to better our living standard."
Laureen's family
access_time 1 month ago
Laureen enrolled.
"First off, my house is in a very bad shape as you can see. It's too small that just a four by four bed with a metal box on the side is enough to completely fill it up. Again the roof is a flat one somehow too low that ends up making the whole house hotter than oven during the day. Still, because of the short roof its walls are also washed down with some parts of the roof leaking too. I plan to construct a new one when I get this money. It should be at least two roomed with a proper iron roof. This will cost around $600 , after which I will buy some goats and cows to also have my own domestic animals that I can always sell when I need money urgently to solve something."