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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Kadzo's family
access_time 1 day ago
Kadzo received a $23 twenty-first payment.
"I aspire to establish a lasting legacy, a testament to the years during which I have received these transfers, persisting even after the project concludes. My intention is to construct a shelter and raise goats and chickens until they reach maturity. The forthcoming transfers will be instrumental in realizing this objective, creating an additional source of income for my family. I am genuinely pleased to have been given this opportunity to positively transform my life."
Mdigo's family
access_time 3 days ago
Mdigo received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"As the festive holidays draw near, I plan to use my upcoming transfers to buy a goat for a Christmas feast with my family and close relatives. This occasion will provide a wonderful opportunity for us to bond and reflect on the events of the year, both the successes and the setbacks. It will also be a chance for me to reset and establish new goals for the upcoming year. I am deeply appreciative of the financial assistance from Give Directly, which has significantly contributed to improving my quality of life."
Kahindi's family
access_time 3 days ago
Kahindi received a $23 fourteenth payment.
"Over the past two months, my son and I have confronted a serious illness, leading us to seek medical attention at the hospital. Both of us suffered from severe coughing, fever, and stomach discomfort, resulting in multiple visits to the hospital and a total expenditure of $21 for medical bills. I am delighted to report that our health has significantly improved. Additionally, I made an investment in purchasing two goats for $55, with the intention of selling them at a profit in the future. During the period when I was unwell and unable to work, I allocated $26 towards purchasing food, including leafy vegetables and fruits to boost our immunity. I am grateful for the assistance during this challenging time, and I appreciate the financial support from the transfers, which has greatly improved our quality of life"
Zosi's family
access_time 3 days ago
Zosi received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"After experiencing a period of abundant rainfall, conducive for farming, I made the decision to hire laborers to assist in planting maize on my half-acre farm, as I am no longer able to work on the farm due to my advancing age. The expenditure for this labor amounted to $20. I am eagerly anticipating a bountiful harvest, which will provide an ample food supply. Furthermore, I made an investment in the form of a goat, purchasing it for $35. I foresee this as a valuable asset for the future, with the potential to double my initial investment through its offspring, or yield a significant profit if sold. Additionally, I recently acquired a mattress, a substantial improvement from the uncomfortable sisal twine bed I had been using for years. This has brought me peaceful nights and alleviated my previous back pains, thanks to the assistance from the financial transfers."
Sidi's family
access_time 3 days ago
Sidi received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"I allocated $60 from my transfers to a savings group, with the ultimate aim of using the savings to invest in purchasing goats. The rapid reproduction capabilities of goats make them a promising investment, potentially doubling my initial investment in a short period. Additionally, they serve as a valuable contingency plan, providing a tangible asset that can be sold in case of future emergencies, allowing me to address unforeseen financial needs. I am optimistic about the potential success of this plan, as it holds the promise of fostering financial stability. Apart from saving, I also spent $42 to purchase food for both my husband and myself. Given our heavy reliance on casual labor jobs, such as selling charcoal and working on others' farms, where we earn as little as $2 per day, the transfers have significantly improved our ability to provide for ourselves."
Ibrahim's family
access_time 3 days ago
Ibrahim received a $23 twenty-first payment.
"My plan has been to set up a retail shop, the budget for this is about $600. I cannot get such a huge amount at once to start this business. Since my work is buying and selling animals my plan was to buy goats when they are kids until I get to ten goats, feed them and allow them grow to maturity where I will sell and afford two cows, the cows will only need a short while to mature to get to each be sold for $400 which will be enough for me starting the business."
Kahonzi's family
access_time 3 days ago
Kahonzi received a $23 twenty-first payment.
"GiveDirectly has been a tremendous blessing for my family. While my husband works as a casual laborer and I engage in farming, his income is often insufficient to support our family of four. The positive transformation in our circumstances is evident as we now have access to food, and we can provide financial support to our son who is currently studying medicine in college. From the received transfers, I allocated $57 to my son, enabling him to purchase food and other essentials while away at college. The remaining $45 was wisely saved in a savings club, with plans to utilize it in the coming year to purchase goats. This support has brought about a significant improvement in our lives, and I am genuinely happy and grateful for the positive change it has brought to our family."
Katana's family
access_time 3 days ago
Katana received a $23 twenty-first payment.
"In the upcoming year, my objective is to enhance the growth of my chicken business by expanding my flock. I view this as a worthwhile endeavor, as it not only contributes to the current success of my business but also serves as a stepping stone for acquiring goats and eventually cows in the future. I plan to allocate subsequent transfers towards realizing this goal. The progress I have achieved in this business this far brings me satisfaction, and I am eager to further stabilize and fortify it in the coming year."
Jumwa's family
access_time 3 days ago
Jumwa received a $23 twenty-first payment.
"In the coming year, my objective is to expand my livestock holdings by acquiring additional goats. Presently, I have three, and I eagerly anticipate growing my herd. I view these goats as a valuable investment, as they will continue to be assets even after the conclusion of the current project. Planning to raise them until maturity, I intend to sell them when necessary to meet my financial obligations. The positive transformation in my life is a source of joy, and I attribute it to your support."
Sidi's family
access_time 3 days ago
Sidi received a $23 twenty-first payment.
"GiveDirectly has made a significant impact in my village, evident in the flourishing businesses, increased school attendance among children, and the overall improved well-being of the community. I am thrilled to be a part of this positive transformation. Looking ahead to the coming year, my aspiration is to start a goat-rearing business. With the current abundance of food, the challenges we once faced have diminished, allowing me to allocate the upcoming transfers towards this endeavor. The profits generated from this venture will provide me with the means to comfortably cover my grandson's school fees, bringing me a sense of peace and security. I express my heartfelt gratitude to this organization for its support."