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Reginah's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Reginah enrolled.
"We need to enhance our home security. This will enable us grow crops with less worries. It will cost $120. In addition, we also have another farm outside the compound. It's not secure, hence we must secure it. That will cost $450. The three acre piece of land will help us produce green grams for both domestic and commercial purposes. Giving us some extra income. Due to favourable conditions for raring goats. We plan to add 5 more costing $200. Now we have 15 goats, adding more will increase our milk and also the numbers available for sell. We also plan to expand our hotel business. Adding a small shop and extending the hotel. That will cost $300. It means we'll have more profits. Improving our living standard as a family."
Mokiyo's family
access_time 15 hours ago
Mokiyo enrolled.
"Receiving these transfers from GiveDirectly means so much to me and my family. With the transfers, we will be able to purchase food since it is our most immediate need. We plan to buy two bags of maize at 120 dollars and other basic needs such as cooking oil at 30 dollars. This will ensure that we have enough food to last us till the end of the year. For the remaining transfers, we plan to pay for our children's school fees; Brian and Sylvia who are in secondary school, and also purchase some goats which will be a future investment for us. The transfers will bring great relief to our family."
Peris's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Peris enrolled.
"Quality education for my children is what I desire most in life. Receiving this money means they will get to study comfortably without being sent home to collect school fees. Sometimes, they stay home for days and miss their studies because of a lack of money. I plan on using the transfer to clear school fees in arrears of $300 for my daughter in secondary school. I will also buy goats to secure my future as they are sellable assets. I am thankful to Givedirectly for it will make our work lighter, especially on school levies."
Naomi's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Naomi enrolled.
"Receiving this money means living a debt-free life. I have not had any peace after borrowing $800 from micro finance because repaying it has been an uphill task. We have sold almost all our goats to raise the $ 50 each month so as to avoid defaulting payment. The average of $ 70 he earns monthly is not enough to cater to all our basic needs. I am happy that the transfers will lift that burden from us since we shall use it to settle the debts. We will also purchase goats and food from the remaining transfers."
Noah's family
access_time 1 day ago
Noah enrolled.
"For the transfers, I plan to fence my farm which will enable me to plant crops since the rains have come. I plan to use about 50 dollars of the transfers. I also plan to purchase food and clothing which will enable me to live a decent life. For the second and third transfers, I plan to purchase 25 goats at 30 dollars each. This will assure me of having an investment in the future. For the remaining amount of the transfers, I will repair my motorcycle which I will use to do the bodaboda business. The transfers will greatly change my life positively since I will be able to do things that I could not do before."
George's family
access_time 1 day ago
George enrolled.
"Goat keeping does well in our area, it is our mainstay economic activity and a source of livelihood. To create wealth and have disposable income we intend to purchase some additional goats, at least 10 more, this will enable us to meet our needs from the sale of them in the future. The availability of enough vegetation and water makes it ideal and timely to engage in it, especially at this time. We used to have quite a number but we sold them when we were overwhelmed by the ever-unending needs that we have to satisfy. It is from the foregoing that we arrived at a decision to use $400 of the transfers for their purchase. We are so elated about GiveDirectly transfers, it is life-changing and an enabler of dreams . We will also use part of the transfers to purchase foodstuffs to last for sometime."
Peris's family
access_time 1 day ago
Peris enrolled.
"Food is of utmost priority. The burden has been big This transfer will help. We'll buy food costing $150. That can support us for 3 months as we wait to harvest from the farms since we've planted maize. We don't have a toilet to use at home. We must build one to improve our sanitation. That can cost approximately $300. Meaning we'll have a better place to relieve ourselves. It's good having a toilet. Goats are a very dependable source of income here. The more you have the better. We plan to add 10 more goats at $450. They will increase our numbers to over 30 and also grow faster. This can help us to sustain ourselves in the future. I have a son at the University. I will support his education with $200. Education is important nowadays, this will help improve his life."
Mackdonald's family
access_time 1 day ago
Mackdonald enrolled.
"When I dropped out of school, farming was an option for me. Due to a lack of a stable source of income, I have never pursued this plan. I earn $ 50 on average each week, which is only enough to buy food, clothes, and other emergencies for myself. Receiving this money will assist me in my ambition of being a livestock farmer. I plan on purchasing barbed wire for fencing and thereafter investing in goats. This shall ensure I have a stable source of income as they are sellable assets. I am glad because I would not have to worry about my future because Givedirectly will have given me a lifetime opportunity financially."
Rotich's family
access_time 1 day ago
Rotich enrolled.
"With old age, there comes a lot of health complications. For the past five years my life has never been the same since I started suffering from a disease that prevents me from leading a normal life. I currently rely on my child and neighbors to contribute money for my medication and when they do not, I fail to attend my clinic sessions hence more pain. This transfers have come at the right time, because I shall use $100 to pay for my medical insurance. Thereafter, I will go for specialized medication and am happy that I will once again get back to my feet and go about my normal activities. The rest of the transfers I shall purchase goats and food."
Joyce's family
access_time 1 day ago
Joyce enrolled.
"Persistent drought has led to food inadequacy. We plan to buy food which has been our biggest worry. Food worth $100 can sustain us for 5 months. It will lessen the burden of what we buy daily. We have two children in secondary school. There's a $150 fee area. We plan to clear that. To ensure smooth continuity, we'll pay the next term's fees of $100. That means our children can focus on their education without worries about being sent home. We need to secure our home. Our compound is open and anything can enter freely. We'll use $350 to fence it. This means we'll have a safe space to stay at. The goats we have are not enough. For future security and even to save us during emergencies. We need to add more goats. Will buy 5 more goats costing $250. They will grow and give us extra income. Additionally, goats are easy to maintain and rare here."