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Mohamad's family
access_time 7 days ago
Mohamad received a $435 second payment.
"Starting a business had been on my mind for the longest time. A plan to get financial independence has always been what I have been trying to execute and GiveDirectly allowed me to do so with the transfers. I started a business selling cows and goats at the market at Mtasar wa Tsatsu , every Wednesday. Sadly though, since the drought hit, I have been forced to stop doing so. The remainder of the funds were also allotted towards paying school fees for my 3 eldest kids, while my youngest lives in Nairobi with my wife and visits every 5 months. My eldest is in from 4 at Shaka Secondary School, my second is in Grade 6 at Bamba Primary School, while the third is in Grade 3 at Alfatiha Academy. I pay Kes. 16,000 per term , Kes. 600 per term and Kes. 9,000 per year respectively, and the funds from GiveDirectly were also funnelled towards sorting that. Between the Kes. 500 I earn a day as a mason and the little my wife makes while working and living in South b, it would have been impossible to accomplish any of this without GiveDirectly."
Irene's family
access_time 7 days ago
Irene enrolled.
"I currently have a single room that has been robbing me off privacy a lot, given that my eldest child is around seven years old. When I get this money, I would like to first extend my house to make it two roomed so that I can have one as my bedroom. As per my rough estimation, it might cost $300 including material and labor cost.Thereafter I will also buy some goats probably two just to try keeping and see if it's a viable way of saving money for my children's education. If this works I will not have to struggle with school fees payment in future. At the moment one goat can cost around $40. The remaining amounts I will safely keep while trying out goat keeping."
Mishi's family
access_time 7 days ago
Mishi enrolled.
"A new bed and mattress! This is what I have desired for a long time. Since I don't have money, this has remained unfulfilled and I had hoped one day, a miracle will come to my house. It was all happiness to me when I heard about the arrival of GiveDirectly in our village and I felt like, God has answered my prayer. With this money, I intend to change the status quo of sleeping using a roped bed and rugged sacks. My priority is to spend $300 of my money to buy a modern bed and a mattress. Achieving this will mean a lot to my life since I have never spent my nights on such bedding. I believe with this, my health status will improve because of getting enough sleep. On the other hand, I will buy 6 goats at $300 to have a long-term project to depend on in the future. The remaining amount will support me in getting my other very basic needs like food and clothes."
Jeniffer's family
access_time 10 days ago
Jeniffer enrolled.
"Education is indeed the key to a good life for that is what I desire for my six children. Having not had the chance to go to school, I want my children to have quality education and thereafter pursue careers of their choice. I struggle a lot financially because we rely on casual jobs to earn a living and the $ 120 we earn an average of one month is hardly enough to pay for school fees for our two children in secondary school. We sold all our livestock to pay for education ( fees, school uniforms and books). They are often sent home to collect the money in arrears making them waste a lot of school time and it affects their performance. Receiving this money means they will study full-time at school since I will use the transfers to clear all the arrears. The rest of the money will go into buying goats and one cow. I am thankful to Givedirect for changing my life and that of my family for the better."
Jane's family
access_time 10 days ago
Jane enrolled.
"If I am able to receive this cash transfer, I plan to pay school fees. I have 3 children who are still schooling, one in secondary and the other two in primary. For the one in secondary I will pay $100 school fees for the year. Evans is in his final year. I will also purchase a dairy goat at $120. Then also purchase 5 goats meant for beef at $200. From the dairy goat I can get 1 to 2 liters a day.I can sell 1 liter for $1.50 and use the rest for domestic purposes. From the income I get from the milk, I'll be able to buy food. I'll let the beef goats keep growing and act as financial security."
Sogome's family
access_time 10 days ago
Sogome enrolled.
"Since we have very inconsistent rains and get access to piped water in the village. I plan to buy 10 goats for $500. I can only comfortably rear 5 here because we have a small piece of land. My son who lives in Koriema has enough space. I will ask him to help in keeping the other 5, that will eventually grow. From this, I will be able to sell some goat yearly. This will enable me to buy food for my family."
Nzingo's family
access_time 10 days ago
Nzingo enrolled.
"I got a road accident seven years ago and lost all my teeth. I can not eat hard food substances like meet. I do not feel comfortable the way I am. I consulted a doctor and told me that I can get plastic teeth that will help me feed hard food at a cost of $500. I could not afford that cost because I did not have money. I will use $500 to go get the plastic teeth and regain my shape. I will also use $300 to buy three goats as an investment. I have a kiosk business now which runs with a capital of $100. I want to use $200 to add stock to the business. I earn a profit of $2 per day and after adding stock, I will get a profit of approximately $5 per day. Thank you for the Give directly program."
Koi's family
access_time 10 days ago
Koi enrolled.
"My wife and I have been doing agriculture for food and business. I have a 10 acres piece of land which is enough for me to do agriculture. I used to harvest 30 to 50 bags of maize when we used to have rain every season. I would sell 30 bags and the remaining 20 were for family consumption. It is four years now without rain in the village. There is drought and famine. I plan to change from crop farming to livestock farming. Animals survive in our village despite the drought. I will use $700 to buy 20 goats as an investment. Goats survive in dry areas and I I will use tap water to feed them. I will also use $300 to pay school fees for my grandchild who is at the secondary level. He has a balance of $350 and this has made him out of school for a while."
Shyline's family
access_time 13 days ago
Shyline enrolled.
"We bought a goat recently for $50 and this gave me a lot of happiness and joy because we finally acquired an asset. I had saved for it since June 2020."
Christopher's family
access_time 16 days ago
Christopher enrolled.
"Welcoming visitors to my home has not been easy for me because of the feeling of shame due to the horrible nature of my house. I have recently rejected a visit from my in-law since I didn't know where to host her. What a shame to me! To ensure this problem is settled, I intend to spend a good portion of my money, $550 to construct a decent house that will restore my confidence as an individual. On the other hand, I will spend some money to buy 3 cross-breed goats at $150 which will act as my investment to help me in the future. The remaining amount will cater to other basic needs like food and new beddings."