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Sanita's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Sanita received a $492 second payment.
"I spent a bigger portion of the second transfer on goats for rearing. Goats give birth at least twice a year and I believe by the end of the year I will have a good number of them. Later when my child who recently sat for primary national examinations will get to secondary school I will raise his school fee from the goats. A portion of the money I spent on some of the households like bedding. The previous one was small but we still had to squeeze on it."
Kanze's family
access_time 14 hours ago
Kanze enrolled.
"Receiving this money means constructing a new iron-roofed house for my family. This is because the one I currently have is leaking and it's grass-thatched. I have wished to have a new one but due to the financial crisis, this has never been possible for me. I, therefore, plan to spend $300 on my first transfer to ensure my new house is complete. I will also use the remaining amount of the first disbursement to buy a modern bed and a mattress because as of now, we sleep on the flow using rugged sacks. On the other hand, I intend to buy 10 goats that will act as my long-term investment project. This will cost me utmost $300 for the second transfer and the remaining amount will cater for food and other basic needs like buying clothes and paying school fees for my son."
Sellinah's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Sellinah enrolled.
"My longing has been to start long-term investment in the livestock business, but due to financial challenges, this dream has never come to pass. Receiving this money means fulfilling my long-time desire. I am planning to spend 60,000 shillings on the business. I will be purchasing goats at our rural areas at approximately 4000 shillings per each and later sell them at our nearby center at roughly 5500 shillings. This is going to generate income for my family of 3. The profit is enough to sustain my family's needs such as food because in a day they spend 200 shillings. I will save the remaining amount for my child's education future who is 1 year old. Apart from the business, I will spend the remaining amount on roofing my house which is incomplete so that we can leave comfortable life."
Jumwa's family
access_time 5 days ago
Jumwa enrolled.
"Since I don't have a reliable source of income, the only way that I can save my money is through investing in livestock. By doing so, I will have the opportunity to sell and earn profit in the future when they multiply. I, therefore, intend to buy 5 goats and 2 indigenous dairy cows at $150 and $300 respectively, using my first transfer. On the other hand, I wish to smooth finish the floor of my house because sometimes our area is infested with triggers and this will prevent my family from being affected by these dangerous parasites. This will cost me the utmost $200. The remaining amount will help me construct a separate house for my children since we share the same room, yet they are big enough to have a different structure. This will bring more joy to me since my livelihood will have changed for the better."
Everline's family
access_time 6 days ago
Everline enrolled.
"My greatest desire has been to own a spacious iron-roofed house but this has never been possible to me. This has forced me to live in a grass-thatched house that is leaking whenever it is raining. I plan to spend $350 of the first transfer to construct the house and about $150 will help me to buy a sewing machine in order to start my dressmaking business. On the other hand, I intend to start livestock keeping that will act as my long-term investment project because as of now, I don't have anything to depend on. I, therefore, wish to start with 5 goats and 2 indigenous dairy cows which will cost me $150 and $300 respectively. This will have a positive change on my livelihood and hence, a better life."
Kana's family
access_time 6 days ago
Kana enrolled.
"Receiving this money means a new house for my family because I have desired to have a decent one, but due to financial instability, this has never been possible for me. I intend to spend $400 on the first transfer to ensure the house is complete. On the other hand, I also wish to start livestock keeping to have a project that will help my children in the future. I, therefore, intend to buy 10 goats and 1 indigenous dairy cow at $300 and $200 respectively. This will guarantee me a better livelihood since my life will automatically change for the better once I achieve my dream."
Sanita's family
access_time 6 days ago
Sanita enrolled.
"Receiving this money means enough water supply for my family. I'm planning to use 50 dollars to purchase a bicycle for my family. The bicycle will aid in fetching enough water for domestic consumption. I'm planning to use a further 50 dollars to construct a two bedroom house. The two bedroom house is spacious and will serve my family better. In addition to this, am planning to use 180 dollars to buy six goats for domestic rearing. I'll later sale the goats to cater for my children school fees. I'll use the balance to buy enough food for my family. Doing this will give me the peace I have always desired to have."
Lina's family
access_time 6 days ago
Lina received a $496 second payment.
"I spend the money I received from GiveDirectly to buy heifer, goat, paid school fees for my child in secondary and primary and the rest of the money I used it to buy food and clothes for the family members."
Mercy's family
access_time 7 days ago
Mercy enrolled.
"My husband owns a motorbike that he uses for taxi and we depend on him to cater for our needs. The daily returns he gets on average from this business is 250 shillings. Catering for the needs of the family right from the basic needs to education is hardly enough to sustain them using the above figure. As a result, we are forced to sell part of the animals we posses like goats to cater for their education bearing in mind two of my kids are studying in a nearby academy. Our inability to cater for all the needs of our family without selling our limited assets is the biggest hardship I have ever experienced."
Riziki's family
access_time 7 days ago
Riziki enrolled.
"My current house is tiny and grass thatched. Maintenance has been a big problem since I am forced to replace the roof every four months because some insects eat up the grass. I plan on building a one bedroom house with an iron sheet roof at a cost of 300 USD. I have also budgeted 250 USD for buying six goats. Goats multiply very fast and this will help me pay school fees for my children in years to come."