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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Anthony's family
access_time 7 months ago
Anthony received a $146 initial payment.
"Due to financial hardship, my wife left me to seek better opportunities in the city, and I now reside with my son. The pain of losing my family to poverty was almost unbearable. As a farmer who also does casual work on other people's farms to earn a living, buying goats was an investment that I couldn't afford due to financial constraints. However, with the financial aid from GiveDirectly, I was able to purchase goats worth $120 which was a practical investment given the favorable climatic conditions. Previously, I only had one goat, but unfortunately, it was devoured by wild animals. Lastly, I bought foodstuffs and solar lights worth$40 and $15 respectively. The support from GiveDirectly came at the right time and has greatly impacted my life for the better."
Peninah's family
access_time 8 months ago
Peninah received a $335 second payment.
"In the past, I owned a large piece of land along the lake where I farmed and provided enough food for my family of eight. Unfortunately, a few years ago, heavy rainfall caused the lake to swell, submerging my entire land. The land was no longer safe, and we had to evacuate. Since then, we have been living on a temporary piece of land where I cannot farm or build permanent structures, and we have been relying on casual labor to make ends meet. Thanks to GiveDirectly, I was able to purchase construction materials such as iron sheets and nails to build a new house for my family. Additionally, I spent $6 on furniture, $9 on bedding, $74 on equipping my daughter who was joining a new school, $69 on foodstuff, and $78 on a solar lighting system from Sunking to replace candles and torches. The remaining amount was saved and used to buy household items to support my daughter and her newborn baby. Thanks to GiveDirectly, I am now able to rebuild my home, provide for my family, and create a better future for my daughter and her child."
Sokome's family
access_time 8 months ago
Sokome received a $134 initial payment.
"Upon receiving the payment the next day, I sought the assistance of my helper to collect the funds, and immediately ventured into investing $100 in purchasing two goats, recognizing the profitable nature of goat farming in our region with its expansive shrub-covered lands. My intention is to breed these goats and eventually sell them when the need arises. Additionally, I upgraded my household lighting system by purchasing a solar lighting system that cost $48, replacing the dim torchlight that we had previously relied on. This transformation to luminous solar bulbs has significantly improved our living conditions by providing a well-lit environment. The remainder of the money were allocated to buying food for my small family of two, which we are still utilizing to this day."
Ishimwe's family
access_time 8 months ago
Ishimwe received a $298 initial payment.
"I spent most of my first transfer buying construction materials to start renovating my house. I bought construction tools worth 142 $, paid 32 $ for a solar lighting system, bought planting seeds for 10 $, food for 20 $ and some wood worth 50 $. I am an orphan and live alone. My biggest dream is renovating my house and starting my very own family. I believe all this will come to reality all because of GD."
Jenifer's family
access_time 8 months ago
Jenifer received a $136 initial payment.
"For a long time, I relied entirely on casual labor to supplement my income, while my husband worked as a rider providing motorcycle taxi service after acquiring a motorcycle on loan. Since starting the work, the majority of his earnings had gone toward repaying the $4 daily to the motorcycle seller, and he was unlikely to come home with any extra cash. Casual work on my side had been hard to come by, particularly during the dry season, and all our expectations rested on the first transfer after enrollment. Buying enough food for my family of three was an issue given our limited funds. I paid $90 for a sack of maize, 5 kg of dry beans, a carton of milk with 12 packets, sugar, tea leaves, and salt. We have been eating hearty meals without missing a beat since then. I also spent $30 on two goats that I hope will assist us with milk production in the future and whose offspring will be useful in an emergency. In addition, I needed gutters to gather rainwater from the roof, so I purchased two for $16. Despite the fact that I don't have enough collecting materials, I hope to purchase enough gutters to surround the roof in the future. I used the rest of the money to purchase a $2 rechargeable torch to supplement the solar lighting system we were using, as well as $2 toiletries. I am grateful for the support that I received and look forward to accomplishing much with the second transfer."
Jayplee's family
access_time 8 months ago
Jayplee received a $231 fourth payment.
"I'm a polygamist who lives with my two beautiful wives in the same house along with our children. They both have 5 children each. As a polygamist, life has been difficult for me in teams of providing for the entire family. I had to produce farm for each of my wives equally and support them as well. The house we were in before couldn't commodity everyone. Givedirectly transfer enables me to build two decent houses for each of my beautiful wives. The remaining money I bought solar lights with other furniture to beautify our homes. I'm grateful to God almighty for the joy in my family."
Mukandinda's family
access_time 8 months ago
Mukandinda received a $300 initial payment.
"When I received the first transfer, I rebuilt my roof and it cost me 162 $, I bought a 40 $ solar lighting system, utensils 9 $, bought a piece of land worth 80 $, a mattress for 25 $ and some food worth 55 $. Renovating the roof of my house that was leaking was very urgent because my fa,ily would not sleep on rainy nights."
Nyiraneza's family
access_time 9 months ago
Nyiraneza received a $301 initial payment.
"The whole family was home when we heard the SMS ring alert. My husband and I can not read so it was up to our son to read the text for us. We were so happy after he let us know GD had sent the transfer just like they had promised. The first thing that came to mind was buying a plot of land, paying for my child's school fees and buying a solar lighting system for my house."
Mukamana's family
access_time 9 months ago
Mukamana received a $302 initial payment.
"I had a very concerning debt when I received the transfer. I paid off a debt for a solar lighting system that was worth 70 $ , I bought a goat for 56 $, I paid 10 $ for some land I was renting, I bought food for 42 $, school unifor, worth 4 $ for my child, a matress for 25 $ and a hoe for 4 $. My house needed some lighting. First of all for our very own security, but also for my child to be able to study at home."
Mwenda's family
access_time 10 months ago
Mwenda received a $436 second payment.
"Owning a decent kitchen has always been my dream in life. This is because I was using a small structure that was leaking. Additionally, the roof was almost open and about crumpled down. Most of the time our food was contaminated by sand during preparation. I spent the recent transfer to construct a decent kitchen for myself. Currently, I am happy to cook in a safe and nice place unlike before. In addition, I bought new modern bedding for $210. Previously, I was sleeping on an old traditional thread-twisted bed that was requiring constant replacement through purchasing of new rope. Moreover, I spent $120 to purchase a solar lighting system for my house. Earlier, I did not have a lamp to light my house. I had to ignite the fire to provide the needed light at night. Lastly, I used $30 to pay school fees for the 2 grandchildren who are still in primary school."
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