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Chuma's family
access_time 7 hours ago
Chuma enrolled.
"I have plans of buying at least one dairy cow, a goat and start construction of some few rental houses here at home. These are things that I have always wanted but which I have been unable to accomplish" (Country: Kenya)
Margaret's family
access_time 7 hours ago
Margaret enrolled.
"I have four children who are currently at different levels of secondary school studies. Paying school fees has been one of my greatest challenge among other needs of my family. Once I get some money from GiveDirectly then my plan is to use the money to pay school fees for my four children and to buy at least one dairy cow. This will make my life and that of my family better in the long run." (Country: Kenya)
Cynthia's family
access_time 7 hours ago
Cynthia enrolled.
"We have a lot of great plans from GiveFirectly transfers. On top of our priority list is to buy one dairy cow. Buying this dairy cow shall relieve us of the stress we have had to go through after we were forced to sell the only dairy cow that we owned to clear debts owed to me by a motorcycle selling company that had sold us on credit. After we failed to satisfy both the needs of our family in terms of buying food and paying back the loans owed to us, we did not have any other option except to sell the dairy cow that we owned. I will be one of the happiest people once we get back this dairy cow. It has not been easy meeting all the family's needs including buying milk for family." (Country: Kenya)
Linah's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Linah enrolled.
"I plan to use the transfers to buy food. Since at the moment there is draught we are faced with a lack of food and water. I will buy a bag of maize at 60 dollars. This will ensure that we have enough food in our home. Additionally, for the remaining amount of the transfers we plan to fence out the farm and add some livestock to the ones we already have. This is important for us since it serves as an investment into the future. I'm looking forward to the transfers since they will be of great help to me." (Country: Kenya)
Salina's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Salina enrolled.
"To ensure sustainability of our family and also because we depend on livestock. We plan to buy goats worth $500. That will get us at least 12 goats. It's easy raising goats here. They feed on even dry vegetation and seeds from trees. Additionally they don't take a lot of water. The stock will help in providing for our family and also pay school fees for our children in the future. I have been interested in honey business. I will buy 10, twenty-liter cans of honey. One costs $50. This business will help me raise at least $20 profit per can. The business will sustain itself and help me support my family. The profit from the business can also be used to buy hay for our cattle. This means we'll not be losing our stock due to the drought." (Country: Kenya)
Gilbert's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Gilbert enrolled.
"My mother passed on immediately after she bore me and my father in 2015. I was devastated as I was orphaned at a young age. Being the last born, the absence of my parents made me drop out of school and since then I have been living alone. There is nothing worse than not being able to meet your own needs even when alone. I do hard-earned casual jobs to be able to buy basic needs such as food and clothing. Receiving this transfer means a change in my way of living. I plan on investing in livestock farming since it is favorable here. I shall buy two cows at $600 with the projection of getting ten liters of milk a day in a year. This will cushion my financial independence and also have assets in the future. I am thankful for Give directly will help me lead a better life. For the rest of the transfer ,I will use to pay a dowry for my fiancee and marry her." (Country: Kenya)
Jackline's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Jackline enrolled.
"I dropped out of school at the primary level and got married at an early age because my parents could not afford to pay for my school fees. I do not want my children to go through the same and therefore receiving the transfers means quality education for them. My firstborn is joining the secondary school this month, and I am happy because the transfers will facilitate his school fees for the next two terms. He will be able to study on a full-time basis without worrying about being sent home to collect school fees. This will help him concentrate on his studies and attain good grades in the future he will pursue his dream career in law. The great of the transfer I will use to purchase a dairy cow for sustainable milk production which can supplement our income. I am grateful as the transfers will change our lives to a better one." (Country: Kenya)
Victor's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Victor enrolled.
"We are a young family struggling to make ends meet. This transfers will boost us a great deal in establishing a livelihood that will better our lives. We have always wanted to start dairy farming but it has just remained to be a dream because of lack of finance. We do not have milk and we are forced to buy a little for our family, just a cup at $ 0.3 for preparing morning tea. We intend to purchase a dairy cow so as to be able to produce milk for household consumption and sell the surplus to earn a disposable income. We intend to use $ 350 to purchase the cow and use the rest to build another house." (Country: Kenya)
Sharon's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Sharon enrolled.
"Since we lack food, I plan to purchase a sack of maize at $60 dollars. This will ensure that my children don't go hungry to school. I also plan to repair my two houses which have been destroyed by wind in the past. Through this we shall live in a safe house because at the moment we fear that when strong winds come we may be left without a roof and a place to stay. The remaining amount will be used to settle my sons school fees and also buy a few goats." (Country: Kenya)
Philip's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Philip enrolled.
"I have a great plan for the transfers. First I will purchase food, a bag of maize at $60 dollars and some commodities such as sugar, cooking oil. In addition to this, I will also use the transfers to pay for my children's school fees. This will assist me alot since my children get sent home occasionally since I can't afford to pay for all their tuition fees. I also plan to purchase goats which I will sale whenever I'm faced with money challenges." (Country: Kenya)