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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Dama's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Dama received a $23 fourteenth payment.
"My goal is to establish a stable source of income, specifically through a vegetable-selling business. Due to my chest complications, which restrict strenuous activities, operating such a business is a viable option. The profits from this venture can help support my husband in providing for our eleven children, alleviating the burden on him. I envision setting up the business at the trade center to attract more customers, and I hope that the cash transfers will significantly contribute to financing this goal." (Country: Kenya)
Dhahabu's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Dhahabu received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"About a year ago, my four children and I moved from my village to Galana, where we have established a home. Upon moving, we lacked a house, and I'm grateful that, through the cash transfers, I was able to build one for us. Looking ahead, my next goal is to venture into livestock farming, particularly goats. Since I am the family's primary breadwinner with no other reliable source of income, keeping livestock seems like a promising endeavor. I believe that in the future, as the livestock reproduces, I can sell some of them to support the education of my children." (Country: Kenya)
Kazungu's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Kazungu received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"I am grateful for the positive impact of cash transfers, allowing me to accumulate livestock. Currently, I possess seven goats and two sheep, something that was unattainable before the introduction of cash transfers when my income only covered the basic needs of my children. My ultimate goal is to further expand my livestock holdings, aiming to acquire four bulls. These bulls will serve as valuable assets for agricultural activities, such as land preparation, eliminating the need to hire costly tractors. I plan to continue growing my goat herd, enabling them to reproduce and eventually exchanging some of them for cattle." (Country: Kenya)
Mulongo's family
access_time 1 day ago
Mulongo received a $620 initial payment.
"It was noon time and she was very excited with the whole family when they saw the mobile money message" (Country: Uganda)
Mayoka's family
access_time 1 day ago
Mayoka received a $620 initial payment.
"The cash message got me in the makert, and I felt so happy and first thought was to buy livestock, beddings and construct a house." (Country: Uganda)
Nickson's family
access_time 1 day ago
Nickson received a $130 initial payment.
"I was doing a casual job harvesting pawpaws at my neighborhood farm when my phone vibrated, Upon confirming, $200 had been sent to me from GiveDirectly. The rush of joy was undeniable. When I returned home, I shared the news with my wife, and together with our two children, we reveled in the happiness of this blessing. We eagerly discussed and carefully budgeted the money that evening. Thank you immensely, GiveDirectly, for granting us the means to fulfill our needs and providing a moment of profound gratitude and security." (Country: Kenya)
Vincent's family
access_time 1 day ago
Vincent received a $130 initial payment.
"It was late in the evening, and my exhaustion was intense as we worked tirelessly on my two-acre maize plantation, focused on completing the weeding tasks. Although I had employed a team for the job, the challenge loomed large—I didn't have the immediate funds to pay them that day. The plan was to pay each worker half of the amount owed while I sought the remaining cash through my taxi business, intending to settle the outstanding balance once the money was in hand. Amid these considerations, my phone emitted a peep, signalling an incoming SMS. Without hesitation, I retrieved my phone from my trouser pocket, and to my amazement, I discovered the SMS was indicating that I have received the transfer from GD. Overwhelmed with joy, I realized that this support would swiftly address the significant challenge I faced in paying my hardworking labourers for their efforts that day. The relief and gratitude that washed over me were immeasurable, turning what seemed like a financial hurdle into a moment of unexpected and profound assistance." (Country: Kenya)
Lydia's family
access_time 1 day ago
Lydia received a $130 initial payment.
"It was a somber afternoon, the weight of financial strain pressing down on me as I waited at home with my two hungry children. The clock struck 3 pm, and just when desperation seemed to loom, a message delivered a glimmer of hope. My husband, my beacon in these challenging times, had sent money. Relief washed over me, and my immediate instinct was to transform our meager pantry into a feast. Racing to a nearby center, I found my husband, and together we navigated the aisles, turning the modest funds into a shared supper, a simple yet profound moment of familial resilience and togetherness." (Country: Kenya)
Sophia's family
access_time 1 day ago
Sophia received a $130 initial payment.
"On the path to the river, a mundane journey transformed into a momentous occasion as $200 unexpectedly graced my life. The novelty of such a sum stirred an unfamiliar joy within me. Grinning, I paused to absorb the weight of this newfound fortune. Instantly, thoughts shifted to possibilities – not grand, but immediate and essential. My focus honed in on securing a hearty meal, turning a routine day into a memorable celebration of unexpected abundance." (Country: Kenya)
Khakosi's family
access_time 1 day ago
Khakosi received a $620 initial payment.