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Subsistence farming
Kenya Large Transfer
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3rd Payment
Transfer Amount
45000 KES ($277 USD)
access_time 3 months ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
In the coming year and beyond, my family and I have a clear plan to expand our livestock holdings by purchasing at least three additional goats to add to our existing herd of 20. This endeavor represents our primary focus within our community, as goats are resilient even in harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, it serves as a reliable source of income during periods of agricultural uncertainty, as the sale of a single goat can sustain our family of three for over a week. Despite the challenges faced in other farming endeavors, ensuring an adequate food supply for my children remains a top priority as well. To this end, I have earmarked a portion of the $300 saved from the final transfer for purchasing goats, while the remainder will be allocated towards household food provisions as we explore alternative means of sustenance.
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
We welcomed GiveDirectly with open arms, and everyone in our village is grateful for the support they provided, which exceeded our expectations. We had never experienced such a support before, where funds are directly deposited into our phones without any need for queuing, payments, or knowing someone to enroll. I am thankful and eagerly anticipating the impact of the projects I have initiated, as well as the completion of those that are still underway. Additionally, I hope that GiveDirectly will revisit our village to assist residents who were not enrolled initially. It would be a blessing for them to receive the support and break free from the chronic poverty that has plagued our community for so long.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
When I received the final batch of the three transfers, I was battling with my health, but thankfully, I managed to use part of the funds to access the necessary medication costing $50, which helped restore my well-being. With $100 allocated for food, I purchased essential items like a sack of dry maize grains, 10 kg of beans, rice, and milk, ensuring sustenance for my family of three, which sometimes expands when my grandchildren visit. Subsistence farming has become increasingly challenging due to recurrent droughts, prompting us to explore alternative sources of income, including sporadic casual labor opportunities and goat farming, which has become our mainstay. Currently, I oversee a herd of 20 goats, some of which belong to my children. Despite initially intending to purchase three additional goats with $300 from the last transfer, I opted to wait for a potential drop in prices, anticipating that many parents will sell their livestock to cover school fees expenses. Goats, renowned for their resilience and ability to thrive on minimal resources, remain our preferred investment choice, serving as a symbol of gratitude for the support received from GiveDirectly. I am thankful for the assistance and remain optimistic that our plans will materialize as planned.
2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
45000 KES ($302 USD)
access_time 8 months ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
My primary objective for the coming year and the future is to broaden my farming activities by cultivating maize and sorghum. To realize this aspiration, I intend to use my third transfer. In the past, this was a challenge because my livelihood depended on my children and farming, which generated minimal income. However, I am hopeful that with determination, I will ultimately achieve this goal.
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
GiveDirectly excels in providing unconditional transfers, and I especially appreciate the generous assistance that substantially increased my income, proving to be an immense blessing. I am profoundly grateful for the support I received, as it has brought about significant changes in my life. Facing financial challenges and dealing with the unpredictable weather patterns in our region made it hard for me to establish clear goals. However, this support has infused me with renewed hope and opened up opportunities for a brighter future, for which I am genuinely thankful.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
I am a widow living with my two grandchildren. Our livelihood depends on small-scale farming and the income our children provide. The financial assistance we received from GiveDirectly has truly been a blessing in our lives, enabling us to comfortably meet our daily needs and even pursue activities like maize cultivation that were previously impossible. In the past, we faced challenges due to harsh weather conditions. Upon receiving the transfer, I spent $370 towards fencing my land, using both wire mesh and barbed wire. Additionally, I utilized $80 to purchase food items, specifically maize, which I know will sustain us for months. The knowledge that we have an ample food supply at home fills me with a profound sense of fulfilment as a caregiver, knowing that my family will not go hungry. This wasn't always the case as we previously lacked a stable source of income. I am immensely grateful for the support we have received, as it has significantly improved our lives.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
20000 KES ($139 USD)
access_time 10 months ago
Describe the moment when you received your money. How did you feel?
I was heading home after an exhaustingly long day of toiling on the farm under the blazing sun. It was around 3pm when I noticed a notification on my phone. However, due to my illiteracy, I decided to wait for my children to return so they could inform me about the content of the message. As word spread throughout the village about the arrival of GiveDirectly transfers, I swiftly sought out my helper who checked my phone and confirmed that I had indeed received the transfer. The news filled me with immense happiness.
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started receiving payments from GiveDirectly.
The acquisition of a goat has brought a significant change to my life. This newfound change has sparked optimism within me, as it paves the way for expanding my goat herd with the upcoming transfer. Additionally, having an abundant food supply at home has alleviated a significant weight from my responsibilities. The gratitude I feel for the financial assistance we received during our challenging times is truly immeasurable.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
Upon receiving my transfer, I recognized it as the perfect opportunity to finally achieve my lifelong dream of owning a goat, a dream hindered by financial limitations and my reliance on my children for support. Given my predominant presence at home, where I usually care for my children's goats, this opportunity held special significance. With the initial transfer, I promptly purchased a $50 goat for myself. Subsequently, I invested in posts to relocate and improve my goat enclosure, incurring a $20 labour cost. With the remaining funds, totalling $100. The remaining funds were utilized to procure $100 worth of food, including a sack of maize, a staple in our diet.
access_time 1 year ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
Receiving the transfers from GiveDirectly means so much for me. Since I have Victor and Koech my two grandchildren I'm taking care of, I plan to purchase foodstaffs such as maize and beans using about $100 of the first transfers. For the remaining amount I plan to buy other household goods. For the second and third transfers I plan to purchase a few goats using about $120. I will also fence off my land to protect it from other people's livestock and also have a good grazing area for my livestock. I will use about $400 of the transfers to accomplish this. For the remaining amount I will repair my goat house since the one I'm using currently is old and can be accessed easily by wild animals. I will use about $300 of the remaining amount. The rest of the transfers will be my savings which I will use to buy food and other household needs till the end of the year. Receiving the transfers will surely change my life positively.
What is the happiest part of your day?
My happiness in the past 6 months has come from my son Kimosop who took me to hospital last month (April). I was very sick with a common cold and by taking me to hospital I've been able to recover well. His assistance made me very happy.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
Due to my old age I'm unable to do most of the work such as going to the farm to plant and grow crops. This has reduced me to become dependent on my children who do farming and provide for me food. However, since there has been a prolonged drought that has lasted about 3 months our farms have become less productive. This has made my life very difficult since I sometimes have to go hungry without food. It is difficult since my children have to feed their families too and provide for me while the food they have may not be enough for all of us.