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House construction
Kenya Basic Income
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14th Payment
Transfer Amount
3470 KES ($25 USD)
access_time 17 days ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
Food shortages and raising fees have been my major financial challenges, which the transfer has so far helped me overcome. The little earnings from the casual construction jobs that I normally do have not been enough to effectively buy food as well as school fees for my children. I have eight children, and two completed their primary education, but due to a lack of money, they couldn't join high school. I was hoping for a sponsorship, but it failed. I am planning to enrol them in a vocational training college to pursue a tailoring course, in which I believe they will gain some skills that will enable them to be self-reliant in the future. Three of my children are also currently in school, and my goal is to ensure that they complete their primary and high school studies as I continue receiving the monthly transfers. I do not want them to end up like their older sisters. I am currently engaged in farming since the rains are now adequate, and I am hoping to get a good harvest. Once I have enough food in my household, I will no longer spend much on food. This will give me an opportunity to fully educate my children through the transfers.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
Receiving the transfer has brought a huge relief to me because I was able to adequately provide for my family as well as pay fees for my children. I remember sinking into debt because I was always buying food on credit, which I could not pay on time. The casual jobs that I mainly relied on were not paying well, and I had no choice but to borrow heavily from neighbors who own shops. I thank GiveDirectly because, apart from helping me to clear the outstanding debts, my family did not lack food over the past few months. I also spent the transfer on paying school fees for my three children, and I'm happy they were allowed to continue with their studies. My prayer is to see my children achieve their educational goals despite the financial challenges.
10th Payment
Transfer Amount
3470 KES ($28 USD)
access_time 4 months ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
My current two-room house is growing smaller for my growing family. The eight children have to occupy one small room while their mother and I use the other. I would like to build another two-room house to accommodate my wife and me, and leave the current structure to my children. Since I have building expertise, I work on the project by myself to cut labor costs. Therefore, what I need is at least $200 to buy iron sheets and building poles. I pray that I get calls for more jobs so that I can provide for my family while I save the cash transfers for the construction project. 
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
Providing for my wife and eight children is becoming tougher by the day. My job of house construction rarely comes by because not so many people are building houses in my area. With the lack of these jobs, it becomes hard to afford some basic needs like food for my family. In fact, when I received the recent transfer, my family was starving as we had eaten nothing from the previous afternoon. I immediately spent $29 on maize flour. Am glad that it lasted long enough to when I got a job. I spent the remaining $5 on books for my children as schools had just resumed. Similarly, the entire transfer received in December went towards food and the one in November went towards settling school fee debts for my children. 
6th Payment
Transfer Amount
3050 KES ($25 USD)
access_time 8 months ago
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
We are a family of ten members, eight children, my wife, and I. As a result of the current economic situation, life has been unbearable for us. I constantly struggle through casual jobs to raise money just for food. Therefore, as soon as I received the recent transfer, I consulted my wife, and we pooled our transfer and bought maize grains for $50. I am glad that we have had regular meals for about three weeks. It would have not been possible without the transfer. Before I confirmed my transfer, we had no food in the house. I had contemplated going and borrowing some maize flour from the neighborhood shop. Luckily, the transfer came in and I avoided getting into additional debts since I had some running loans of about $5 that I had not serviced. I am glad that currently, I have been doing well. With regular food, I always feel strong to go and look for casual jobs to supplement the food we bought with the GiveDirectly's transfers.
2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
4900 KES ($42 USD)
access_time 1 year ago
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
I am happy that the unconditional transfers from giving Directly are helping me take care of my family’s needs, which I cannot do due to my low income. I would like to encourage the organization to increase the monthly stipend. Food prices have risen, and it is hard to plan because the amount is very little.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
I work as a casual laborer, building houses for other people, fetching water for other people, and working on other people’s farms. The challenge I face working on these jobs is low payment (KES 200) and mostly on a short contract lasting a day or two. This makes it hard to plan thoroughly for the income and often I cannot provide food for my family, forcing us to buy food on credit. I have accumulated lots of debt that I cannot pay and, as a result; I have lost my dignity in the community. I am glad that when I received my transfer; I spent KES 1700 on buying food for my family. We hardly had any food in the house and we spent three days without eating food and could not buy food on credit due to the already accumulated debt. Besides buying food, I spent KES 1500 on paying school fees for my children, who were on the verge of being sent home due to school fee arrears. Finally, I spent KES 1000 on buying new pairs of school uniforms for my two children whose uniforms were torn and worn out.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
1200 KES ($10 USD)
access_time 1 year ago
Describe the moment when you received your money. How did you feel?
That day it was certain that my family was going to sleep hungry. I had been waiting for my wages which seemed to have been delayed. When I came home my younger children were crying because they were hungry. Fortunately, I noticed the transfer had been sent at 5 pm. This was good luck and I feel so excited. At long last, I was able to buy food and we all ate to our satisfaction. I am indebted to GiveDirectly.
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started receiving payments from GiveDirectly.
The biggest difference in my life is being able to buy food for my children. It helped me in buying food for the entire family that lasted for 4 days. I am so happy because I was able to pay the debt I had taken to acquire food. I am glad that my family is not in some debt. Thanks to GiveDirectly.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
My family had no food on the day the transfer was sent. We had gone to bed hungry the night before, and there was no indication of when I might be able to get some money. Because my wife is a stay-at-home mom, it is difficult for her to care for our complete family of ten. I work as a house builder, however, I have not had much work in the last three months. The majority of people have chosen to spend their wages on food rather than on projects. As a result, I had to spend the entire transfer buying meals for the family. I am glad that currently, my family can feed well.
access_time 1 year ago
What does receiving this money mean to you?
Receiving this money means a decent two-bedroom house for my children. My single room house is unable to accommodate my entire family of ten. Moreover, this shelter has denied me privacy for long given that we do everything in one room. At some point, my children are forced to seek shelter from neighbours something I am not happy about. I am planning to use KES 25,000 from the transfers to construct a two-bedroom house for my children; one room will house my girls and the other room for my boys. I will later use KES 20,000 to buy two beds and two mattresses for my children. Doing all this will grant me the desired peace of mind.
What is the happiest part of your day?
I am facing a lot of challenges in life ranging from food insecurity, inability to pay for my children school fees in time among others. However, seeing my family members alive and healthy has brought joy in my life.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
The biggest challenge I am currently facing is lots of stress caused by unpaid job I did a month ago. I constructed a house for my neighbour but unfortunately, he has declined to pay me. I had lots of plans for this money and failing to get it has ruined my plans and made me unable to provide food for my family.