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access_time 17 days ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
I am in a polygamous kind of marriage. The husband lives with the second wife at Malindi he rarely comes home and also he does not support me in anything. I have two children and I do casual jobs buy food for the family and pay school fees. My house collapsed due to the last year's heavy rains and I was given a room to accommodate my family by sister in-law. My casual work gives me approximately $50 per month which caters for food and school fees for my two sons at Mirihini primary school. What I earn is not enough to enable me build a house for the family. I will use $600 to build a two room house for the family . I will also use $300 to buy six goats as an investment. This will help me raise school fees for my sons once they join secondary school. The remaining money will help me buy food for the family.
What is the happiest part of your day?
My family has been going without food for sometimes. This is due to lack of reliable job. On March this year, We received rain in our community . I did farming in my two acre piece of land and the rains are doing well. This gives me happiness because soon I will harvest alot of maize for the family to have food.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
My husband has two wives I being the first one. He lives at Malindi with the second wife . I live here with my two sons and bring them alone. I do casual job and some times go without any job. This makes my family go without food. I depend on neighbors sometimes. Lack of reliable job is the challenge I am currently facing in life.