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access_time 9 days ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
Living in a flood-prone area, one needs a stable house that cannot be washed away by floods. Although my husband Alvin constructed a three-room iron-walled house for my family of four, I am afraid this cannot withstand heavy flooding. I have been hoping to reinforce this house with stones, but finances have not allowed me to do so. As a family, we depend on farming for a living, but unfortunately, this was affected by the recent flooding.When I receive my transfers, I plan to spend $500 on renovating this house to make it flood-resistant. In addition, I will spend $200 on maintaining my two-acre maize farm. This will ensure we have food during the harvesting season and a comfortable house that can withstand future floods.I will be grateful for the support as it will significantly improve our living conditions and provide stability for my family.
What is the happiest part of your day?
Nothing excites me more than a spacious and luxurious family space. Previously, my family of four lived in a one-room house that was cramped and could not accommodate visitors. For the longest time, I wished for a more spacious house. I was thrilled when my husband Alvin built us a three-room iron-walled house in January 2024. Now, we can comfortably accommodate visitors without fear. This new space has brought us great joy and improved our quality of life, making our home more welcoming and comfortable for both our family and our guests.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
When the floods hit my homestead one month ago, all my vegetables were submerged and washed away. What was once a green farm is now bare. As a family of four, we used to depend on this kitchen garden to provide food and income. However, after the floods, I now depend on livestock keeping to earn a living. Unfortunately, the grazing fields were also affected, and now they have limited feed. Currently, our livestock graze on the abandoned lands, left barren by the floods.In addition to these challenges, I am a teacher by profession and I always commute 5 kilometers to school. Since the roads were destroyed by the floods, they are now impassable, and I have to part with $2 daily for transport. This fare is expensive, and I sometimes have to go on foot if I do not have the finances. I am afraid that I always get late when I walk.This situation is incredibly stressful and challenging. The floods have disrupted our livelihoods and daily routines, making it difficult to provide for my family and perform my job effectively. I am hopeful that with some assistance, we can rebuild and find stability once more.