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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
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Phoebe's family
Subsistence farming
homeHousehold Size:
Standard Kenya
Upcoming Stage
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2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
50000 KES ($494 USD)
access_time over 5 years ago
What did you spend your second transfer on?
I bought a cow for 10000/- to pay dowry for my daughter in law
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life.
I build a house and now am leaving like a king
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
10000 KES ($99 USD)
access_time over 5 years ago
What did you spend your first transfer on?
I used 2,500KES on weeding, 5,000KES to expand on my tomato business, bought a sack of maize 2,000KES, a 100 liter super-drum at 300KES and one trough at 450KES.
What are you planning to spend your upcoming transfer on?
Am planning to build a roofed house with cemented floor then use the rest to take dowry to my daughter -in-law's parents whose son had died.
access_time almost 6 years ago
What are you planning to spend your transfer on?
I am planning to build a larger house because this one is small. I am also planning to pay dowry to my in laws.
What is the achievement you are proudest of?
I would say,owning a dairy goat is the proudest thing I can talk of because a goat is the only animal that require few resources to feed and house.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
My biggest hardship is that I am aging very fast and I am not able to do any kind of a job inorder to earn income.
What is the happiest part of your day?
I'm happiest in the evening after cooking supper because this is the moment I find free time to relax with my grandchildren as I tell them stories.