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Karembo's family
access_time 2 days ago
Karembo enrolled.
"I am a form four student, in my final term with an outstanding balance of 17000 KES. My parents who are peasant famers can not afford to pay for my school fees and I am afraid I might not finish my studies. Moreover I have been spending most of the days out of school and eventually this has negatively affected my academic performance. Receiving this money would mean a new hope and dawn to my life as I will be able to clear the fees balance as well as pay 5000 KES for my two young siblings who are in primary school. Through this aid money I believe my dream of joining college after high school will come true as I look forward to pursue clinical medicine."
Samuel's family
access_time 2 days ago
Samuel enrolled.
"When I finished high school last year, I had high hope that I would join medical college for a clinical medicine course. My hope died when I realized that my parents did not have the financial muscle for this. I had good grades but now all my potential is on the verge of going to waste. I have tried to follow up on bursaries but nothing seems to give. I will save up all the money I get for a year. That means I will have KES 36,000 to start. My elder brother promised that once he is settled in his new teaching job, my fees will be catered for. I am in prayer, day and night that this dream I have will come to pass."
Katana's family
access_time 3 days ago
Katana received a $27 third payment.
"For the better part of my life, I was self-employed. I worked hard as a farmer to grow different types of crops. I sold the produce I got from my farm in the market and earned money from it. I also reared some livestock such as chicken and sold them when I need money. Five years ago, as I was farming, I pricked my leg. The small pricked wound started developing from a minor wound to now a big wound that affected my normal way of life. I since then visited many hospitals but I have never gotten a proper diagnosis of what the problem with my leg. Some doctors told me its cancer while others told me it was diabetes, so I am not sure what it is. Due to lack of funds, I could not seek proper medication, which includes the tests required to find out the real problem. It is the reason I started a small kiosk to earn profit and save for my medical care. Prior to receiving my third transfer, I had visited a tradition doctor who prescribed some herbal medicine. I paid KSH 1000 for the herbs using the remaining amount from previous transfer. Now that I have received the transfer, my plan is to use the money to seek proper medication. I want to be back to my normal situation where I can again work on the farm and feed my family."
Nigogo's family
access_time 3 days ago
Nigogo received a $27 fourth payment.
"I have an history of having pain in the pelvis area which made me have countless visits on the local clinics with no change.Givedirectly funds came while I had visited one of the main and biggest hospital in Mariakani and had some xrays done which depleted all my funds.I used the KES 1200 to buy the prescribed medicines and used KES 1000 as transport for my husband and I from Mariakani to Kilonga.At home we had no food and I used the KES 800 to buy food at that particular moment"
Pauline's family
access_time 5 days ago
Pauline received a $27 third payment.
"Ever since I contracted the disease I have, my life changed completely. I have boiled in some parts of my body. The boils have made me very weak and I cannot stand for long. If I do I feel dizzy and sometimes I do collapse. I have been to any hospitals but I have not been lucky to get a diagnosis of the disease and also proper treatment. This has left my husband be the sole breadwinner of the family. My husband too does not have a permanent job and depends mostly on casual jobs which have low pay. The pay is not enough to support the family and also my medical attention. In my current situation, I depend mostly on over-the-counter drugs to manage my situation. When I received my transfer, I spent KSH 2750 buying some packets of maize flour, sugar, and tea leaves. In addition, I spent the remaining KSH 250 to buy a chicken. In my second transfer, I spent KSH 2000 buying food for my family and spent the remaining KSH 1000 to pay school fees for my children. When I received my second transfer, my health situation had worsened, and spent KSH 500 to buy some medicine. I also spent KSH 1000 buying some new uniforms for my children to replace the worn out. In addition, I spent KSH 1000 buying some maize to be used in cooking Ugali. I also saved the remaining KSH 500 for any emergency."
Joyce's family
access_time 5 days ago
Joyce enrolled.
"We have been going through a myriad of problems in our family. I have been suffering from cancer of the throat and my husband is equally ill, he had sustained over 70% burn on his body. This has rendered him disabled. Life tragedies have slapped us right on our faces. Mark you we have 7 children to take care of. Although I have had significant improvement, thanks to the traditional medicine that I still use to date. It is hope against hope for us since we are economically inactive because our bodies are feeble. Receiving this money will be a great boost for us, we have always desired to own a dairy cow. The one we have belongs to a relative and can take back any time he feels like it. This may render us milk insecure since we depend on it for household consumption and sell a liter day to get KES 50 disposal income. We intend to use KES 30000 to buy dairy cows and the rest of t money to buy food."
Nguwa's family
access_time 8 days ago
Nguwa received a $484 initial payment.
"My son was unwell at the time when the money was sent. I, therefore, spent KES 1500 on his medication which included a doctor's fee and medicine. The money was God-sent. At that time I did not have even a single cent so all I could do was to let God do his will but through God's grace, Give Directly came through. KES 40000 I spent on an acre piece of land for farming. The current piece of land we inherited from our father is less than an acre, yet we share it with my 5 siblings who also have kids who in the future, will need somewhere to construct their houses. The piece of land will provide enough space in the future for my children when they come of age to construct their houses. A portion of the money I spent on various foodstuffs especially the dry ones for my family."
Norah's family
access_time 8 days ago
Norah enrolled.
"I am a mother of 4 and my husband is not strong health wise.Because of his health condition I have became the breadwinner of the family.I struggle to meet all the family needs because from my work of plaiting ropes I earn an average of KES 150 a day.Thi amount is inadequate as compared to my family needs such as food and medicines which amounts to KES 300 daily.I have ran into several debts because of limited incomes and this worries me alot."
Gift's family
access_time 8 days ago
Gift received a $27 initial payment.
"At home, the chicken we have are doing well and continue to grow. I can even sell some and use the proceeds to buy more chicken or to buy feeds. I am now in a position to buy their medicine as well. All thanks to the transfer from GiveDirectly."
Apolonia's family
access_time 9 days ago
Apolonia received a $11 initial payment.
"The past two years have been very difficult and extremely dark years for me. I lost my beloved husband. He was the only breadwinner in my family at that time. Luckily up to his time of death my eldest son had already finished his university education. He was able to get a good job immediately after he graduated from school as a doctor. That is when he became the breadwinner of the family. My son took the responsibility of educating his younger sibling in college. One year later I also happen to lose my eldest son and the only breadwinner of the family. He died after suffering a short illness. My youngest son who was in college at that time had to drop out of school due to a lack of school fees. I do not have a well-paying job and the little I earned from doing casual jobs was not enough to raise the required amount of fees for him to continue with his education. He had to drop out of school.I started burning woods and making charcoal for sale. I was able to save some money to get my son back to school. So when I received the first transfer from giving directly I was very happy that I will get the financial push that I have been longing for. I spent KSH 500 to clear some school fees for my son who is still in college. In addition, I spent KSH 500 to buy medicine. At the time I received the money I was not feeling well and went ahead to buy over-the-counter drugs to better my health condition. I also tithed the remaining KSH 200 in church."