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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Karisa's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Karisa received a $26 twenty-fifth payment.
"In the upcoming year, I'm focused on maximizing my earnings through goat rearing. I plan to invest my transfers in purchasing goats with the aim of selling them for a profit. This endeavor is crucial for me as I aim to generate enough money to support my college fees. As part of my strategy, I will consistently allocate my monthly transfers $30 towards this investment.I'm deeply grateful to GiveDirectly for their support, which has filled me with a newfound sense of optimism. Their assistance has paved the way for me to pursue my dreams, and I am now confident that I will achieve success in realizing my aspirations." (Country: Kenya)
Kadzo's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Kadzo received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"By December, I'm aiming to begin construction on a new house. Our current one, made of a grass-thatched roof, feels cramped with nine kids under our roof, forcing some of them to sleep at their grandmother's. My spouse and I have made a joint decision to start saving diligently for this project. We envision a spacious and comfortable home where all of us can thrive together. It's not just about having a house; it's about creating a place we can truly call our own, a sanctuary where family bonds can grow stronger. With determination and teamwork, we're committed to turning this dream into a reality, step by step." (Country: Kenya)
Sidi's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Sidi received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"My main goal now is to start keeping goats. I believe they can help me support my children's education. Right now, I don't have a steady income to pay for their schooling, but I think with the goats, everything will become possible. I don't want my children to grow up blaming me for not sending them to school. My dream is to ensure that, despite the challenges, they all get an education. Education is the only thing that can change their future and the future of generations to come. So, I'll work hard with these goats, knowing that they're not just animals; they're the key to my children's brighter tomorrow." (Country: Kenya)
Franckline's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Franckline enrolled.
"I am the sole breadwinner of my family and I do not have a stable source of income. I depend on casual jobs to earn a living which is not sustainable for us. I am living the life of a hand to mouth and this is embarrassing. I have neither savings nor investment. My wife developed a spur on her left foot making my life even difficult, this leaves her with a lot of pain and she is unable to do her family chores as before. I wish to take her for medication but I do not have money." (Country: Kenya)
Evaline's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Evaline enrolled.
"My life has been reduced from grace to grass. I am now starting a new life after losing everything I had to flash floods two weeks ago. We had to relocate to a higher ground to save our lives. We approached our family friend who agreed to give us this piece of land. We demolished our one-roomed house and relocated to this place. Everything here is new and it reminds me of those days when we were starting a new life with my husband. I am also counting losses as my four acre farm got submerged with swelling water of Lake Baringo. Crop farming is our main source of family income and it is unfortunate that my maize crops & vegetables are gone, I am left wondering where to find alternative sources of income for the family." (Country: Kenya)
Moses's family
access_time 2 hours ago
Moses enrolled.
"The memories are still fresh, we lost everything we had invested as a family. It was in the year 2021 when we experienced flash floods in our area. This opened a chapter of struggle and suffering in our life. We fled and found refuge here, our suffering never ends here. We are living in a road reserve and therefore we expect eviction from the government anytime. I am a casual labourer earning about KES 400 a day. This goes to food and other family basic needs, at the end of the day I am left with nothing to save. Our houses are also not in a good condition, we are forced to wrap it with polythene bags to avoid being raised on." (Country: Kenya)
George's family
access_time 3 hours ago
George received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"My biggest dream right now is to grow my workshop into a wholesale business in the coming months. I believe this expansion will bring in significant returns and pave the way for a brighter future. As my sole source of income, this venture holds immense importance to me. Not only will it provide for my young family's needs with greater ease, but it will also allow me to plan for my children's future more effectively. I envision a time when financial worries are replaced by stability and security and where my kids have the opportunities they deserve. This dream fuels my determination, and I'm ready to put in the hard work to make it a reality." (Country: Kenya)
Thabu's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Thabu received a $400 second payment.
"I am delighted that participating in the program has transformed my life, as well as the lives of everyone in the village. This transformation became possible because of the unconditional transfers we received, which, in my opinion, is what GiveDirectly did well. For years, we struggled with poverty, unable to afford our children's education and lacking proper shelter. But now, everything has changed. We have new houses, our children are attending school comfortably, and some of us even own livestock, something we never had before. As subsistence farmers, we are always grateful for the support and appreciate GiveDirectly for reaching out to us. The enrollment process was superb, and I can't think of anything that GiveDirectly didn't do well." (Country: Kenya)
Joseline's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Joseline received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"In the coming year and beyond, my dream is to buy a complete pair of oxen, and I am planning to save diligently over the next few months to make this a reality. I firmly believe that this goal is attainable with careful planning and perseverance. Once I acquire the oxen, they will be of immense support for my agricultural activities, significantly easing the burden that has fallen entirely on my own hands for so long. The physical toll of manually ploughing the farms has been exhausting, and the oxen will bring much-needed relief, enabling me to work more efficiently. This shift promises not just a reduction in my daily toil but also the prospect of more plentiful harvests. In the past, my yields have been limited by the sheer effort required to tend to the land without adequate help. With the oxen, I envision a future where my hard work results in bountiful crops, providing better food security and financial stability for my family. This dream of owning oxen is not just about easing my workload; it's about transforming our agricultural practices and improving our overall quality of life." (Country: Kenya)
Patience's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Patience received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"In the coming years, my dream is to become a successful businesswoman by starting small and gradually expanding my ventures. Initially, I plan to sell vegetables, which will allow me to understand the basics of running a business and managing finances. As I gain experience and save up, my ultimate goal is to open a big boutique shop where I will not only sell clothes but also design and make them myself. This will combine my passion for fashion with my entrepreneurial spirit. I envision a future where my business thrives, providing me with financial stability and the ability to support my family comfortably. By the time I have my own family, I aim to have made significant progress in my career, ensuring that I can offer them a better life. Every step I take now is towards building a foundation for that future, and I am determined to work hard, learn continuously, and overcome any challenges that come my way to make this dream a reality." (Country: Kenya)