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Acquline's family
access_time 10 days ago
Acquline enrolled.
"The plan I have with the transfers is to purchase a 5000 liter water tank which I would use to store water. This water will be of great significance since I'll be able to do farm irrigation. I will also purchase a cow at $500 which would provide my household with milk. It would help me a great deal since I wouldn't have to buy milk any more. The water tank will be a good source of water for the cow since I plan to do zero crazing. The remaining amount will be used to purchase the farm products and also grass for the cow I will purchase. The transfers will surely change my life positively."
Dennis's family
access_time 11 days ago
Dennis enrolled.
"My ambition is to earn a living through agribusiness. When I finished my high school education, I did not proceed further for lack of school fees. Seven years down the line, I do casual jobs to make ends meet. The money I get is unreliable as it is only enough to cater to the basic needs of the family which is food and medication. I cannot invest in farming for lack of capital, even though one can access soft loans the interest rates are very high. Since the only river that we depend on for water flows through my farm, receiving this money would mean achievement of my farming goals. I am considering vegetable farming( Tomatoes and kales) because it earns high profits. I plan on purchasing six rolls of water pipes at a cost of $ 200 which I will use to practice drip irrigation and $ 300 for fencing. I project on earning $300 monthly from it. I am extremely happy with the transfers from Givedirectly because it will make me live a dignified life like everyone else."
Samuel's family
access_time 11 days ago
Samuel enrolled.
"I am a farmer doing crop farming and rearing chickens for sale. I do irrigation on my 1.5-acre piece of land. It is now one year without receiving rain in our village. The river dried up since April 2022. Due to the shortage of work I had to stop my work. I only depend on casual work now. I used to earn approximately $100 every month from my farm products but now I can a whole month without getting any income. I lack money to buy food now. This is the challenge I am currently facing."
Victor's family
access_time 11 days ago
Victor enrolled.
"I have a lot of challenges to face in my life. I was charged with looking after my grandfather's property and livestock after he passed away. However, given the prolonged draughts and lack of water for irrigation, this has not been simple. Since I finished my automotive engineering studies two years ago and haven't been able to find work since then, I am totally dependent on the farm for all of my basic necessities. The lack of rains though, has led to low productivity and lack of cash which is a challenge for me."
Selphine's family
access_time 19 days ago
Selphine enrolled.
"As a family, we depend of farming for a living. However, climate change has awfully implicated the economic activities in the area since the seasonal river Waseges have dried up over the past 2 years therefore hindering irrigation on the farms. We gave up farming to concentrate on charcoal burning because the losses we incurred were heart wrecking.For now, my family of 3 use stagnant water for the household , which sadly, is a predisposing factor to diseases. The profit we earn from the charcoal business all caters for the food for the household and we can not afford to purchase a 20litre jerrican of water at $1 from the Loboi centre."
Priscilla's family
access_time 19 days ago
Priscilla enrolled.
"I have a passion for farming, but this has been hard to do because of the seasonal rains. I want to plant vegetables and make a living out of them. Since I can not depend on rainfall, I will tap water from my neighbors and buy a tank worth $ 150 so I can practice irrigation. The excitement I have for this project is immense because unlike how others go to Lango Baya to buy vegetables for commercial purposes, I will be planting mine in my backyard and selling them."
Joseph's family
access_time 20 days ago
Joseph enrolled.
"I have been visiting different doctors to consult widely about my problem and so I have received a lot of recommendations that I want to work with. Most of them are in favor of medical operation which should cost $300 for the whole process. When I get this money, this is going to be my first project! I know I stand to regain my old life I go down this route. Once done, I will invest the rest of my money on commercial farming through irrigation using the river water that I have at my disposal. This way, I'll be able to create a stream of income for myself."
Prisilah's family
access_time 21 days ago
Prisilah enrolled.
"Food security still remains my biggest challenge. I'm a house wife mostly dependent on my husband, but I also involve myself with subsistence farming to some extent alongside keeping chicken and goats. Recently, I also got a job as untrained ECD teacher in a nearby school earning around $50 monthly. This isn't paying so regularly and from that I still have to pay school fees for my niece who's living with me at $10 per academic term. I decided to take her in because I do not have children of my own. My husband on the other hand is a small time professional farmer who does horticulture and maize production through irrigation at River Galana. But I must say it hasn't been a wonderful time for farmers for quite some time. This is because he still has to hire and fuel a generator for watering crops. Whenever he's broke this fails and that translates into low yield which we have experienced for most of this year."
Daisy's family
access_time 21 days ago
Daisy enrolled.
"My family of 7 depends on vegetable and maize farming for a living. However, we rely on leasing land for farming as we do not have our own near the irrigation scheme. Sadly, we struggle to get the KES 10000 for leasing since we do not have any assets to sell to earn income. Therefore, we count ourselves poor because for one to be considered well off here, owning livestock and land is a measure."
Cosmas's family
access_time 26 days ago
Cosmas enrolled.
"In April 2022, I leased 0.5 acres of land at the irrigation scheme where I sowed maize. I was excited to harvest 12 bags that I sold to the Kenya Seed Company and I am hopefully awaiting payment in December 2022. Additionally, I set aside 2 bags for my family of 3 and I am happy that we are food secure hence not worrying about where to get the finances to purchase food. Furthermore, my son Bravin, 6 months old brings joy to my life. When I married Joywin 1 year ago, I was prayerful about a blessing which came to fruition. They give me every reason to be responsible."