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Elijah's family
access_time 10 days ago
Elijah enrolled.
"When I dropped out of school at an early age due to financial challenges, I opted to be a farmer. I do livestock keeping and crop farming but as a result of inconsistent rainfall, I left venturing into crops. For the past three years, my income has not been stable, and providing the basic needs for my family of 11 is an uphill task. Receiving these transfers will enable me to supplement my income and ensure food security for them. I plan on leasing an acre piece of land at an irrigation site and planting maize from which I project earning profits after four months. The rest of the transfer I will use to purchase school necessities for my children and pay for school levies. The transfers have come at the time that I needed them most and I am thankful to God for the chance to change our lives for the better."
Kiptai's family
access_time 11 days ago
Kiptai enrolled.
"There are very many things that I am thinking. I plan to set aside some money for emergency health needs at my age. I feel because of our ages it's good to save some money. I will set aside $100. The cost of living is very high. One bag of maize costs $80,plus transport. Will buy 5 bags, which will sustain us for almost 10 months. This means good food supply for my family. To produce my own food for the long term. I plan to fence my 2 acres of land using $200. This will protect it from disturbance by wild and domestic animals. When I secure this, it means I can plant food continuously. There's a permanent river close-by that will provide consistent water for irrigation. When I farm maize, I can easily harvest at least 20 bags an acre. That can support my family for a long time."
Mbeyu's family
access_time 1 month ago
Mbeyu received a $436 second payment.
"Sleeping on the floor with empty sacks as bedding was not giving me peace of mind. Upon getting the second transfer, I opted to buy a modern standard bed and a mattress. Currently, I am very happy that I have a nice sleeping place and I no longer wake up tired as I used to before. I also bought some clothes for my children. Since we are faced with water scarcity in our area, I decided to buy a water tank of 400-liter capacity for storing water during the rainy season. The aim of the collected water is for domestic uses as well as for agriculture in irrigation. In addition, I used $18 to buy three plastic chairs because I had only one chair at home. This was shameful once I receive visitors and I had to borrow from neighbors or offer the visitors some logs to seat on. Thereafter, I saw it prudent to keep the remaining amount for the family's use."
Kirui's family
access_time 1 month ago
Kirui received a second payment.
"I would like to start farming, especially cabbage. A lot of the villages consume it and If I would get $30000 from the shop's profit, I can start within three months. The current drought has delayed me and as for now I cannot depend on rain and so I have to save for an irrigation system that would help me."
Kahaso's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kahaso received a $28 tenth payment.
"My short-term goal is to open a grocery shop. With the current drought, not a lot can afford to buy water for irrigation but if I can come up with enough capital and be getting the groceries from the market, the business can flourish."
Sote's family
access_time 2 months ago
Sote enrolled.
"I have a plan of building myself a house for 500 dollars. This will ensure that my daughter and grandchild will have enough space to stay in. I plan to use the remaining transfers to purchase livestock, particularly goats. I prefer goats because I was forced to sell the majority of our livestock to cater to my children's school fees. I also plan to do farming in the irrigation farms which will not only provide food for my family and me but also provide money for basic needs."
Rael's family
access_time 2 months ago
Rael enrolled.
"There's a lot of poverty in the community. Our place is dry and we depend on livestock mainly. The country's economy has also worsened. Prices of commodities are high. There's little to no casual jobs now. In this village, one cannot get any jobs unless you move to the lower part, near lake Bogoria. Irrigation is done there. Due to lack of rains and the fact all farmers depend on irrigation. I can only get at best two days of work in a week. One's paid $2.50 per day. It's difficult sustaining a family with that. When it rains, many people farm and we're able to get plenty of jobs to support ourselves daily. Lack of casual jobs has affected my ability to support family."
Jane's family
access_time 2 months ago
Jane enrolled.
"I am an under graduate who did an education degree. Graduated in the year 2021. Getting employment has been difficult because of the limited opportunities in our country. It's also hard getting any form of employment to support my family. It's very difficult getting funds to do farming. Farming does well here. Especially irrigation. Lack of employment has made it difficult for me to invest in farming. If we could have funds to do farming, it will help us develop. We could even expand our poultry farming."
Catarine's family
access_time 2 months ago
Catarine enrolled.
"There are many challenges that I go through in my life. One of the most pressing challenges is the lack of food and water. Our sub-county is very dry and we have to walk for 4km to get water. Sometimes we have to go without food, especially when I don't get work in the irrigation farms. Life is very hard for me here."
Magdaline's family
access_time 2 months ago
Magdaline enrolled.
"At the beginning of this year, I was able to save some money and I hired an irrigation farm at $10 dollars. I have planted maize on this farm which I expect to use for food and also sell. This has greatly delighted me because I know that we shall have food and money for basic needs and also school fees. I wake up every morning to go and irrigate the plants which brings me joy."