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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Kadzo's family
access_time 9 days ago
Kadzo received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"Using part of my recent cash transfer, I decided to invest in the productivity of my one-acre farm. I hired a close neighbor to assist with the early preparation of the land, spending nearly $20 on this project. The physical strain of working the entire farm alone had limited my yield in the past, and I am hopeful that with this additional help, my harvest will significantly increase. The ongoing rains have further boosted my optimism, as they bode well for a successful farming season, alleviating the specter of famine that has often loomed over my family. With the remaining $14.7, I prioritized securing food for my eleven family members. As a casual laborer, I earn around $25 a week, and with my spouse working as a fisherman, our combined income is modest. This allocation is aimed at ensuring our immediate sustenance, especially during times when jobs might be scarce or the fishing haul is less abundant. The unconditional cash transfer has been a welcome relief, not just addressing our current needs but also providing an opportunity to break the cycle of limited harvests and financial insecurity that has persistently plagued us."
Foleni's family
access_time 10 days ago
Foleni received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"Looking ahead to the coming year and beyond, I aspire to acquire my fishing equipment. Despite relying on fishing as my main source of income, I have been sharing equipment with my father, creating inconveniences and limiting our fish yield. To purchase new equipment, I estimate that I will need at least $90. Despite the financial constraints and significant responsibilities of providing for my eight children, I remain hopeful that I can save and accumulate this amount in the near future."
Hussein's family
access_time 24 days ago
Hussein enrolled.
"I'm a fisherman and with the current rains, life has been very difficult for me. The coming of the rains has greatly affected my fishing activities since there are fewer fish. This has led to a lack of income on my side which affects me so much since sometimes I don't have food to eat. This has forced me to depend on casual work which is not also enough to meet my daily needs."
Jackson's family
access_time 1 month ago
Jackson enrolled.
"Receiving the cash transfers means so much to me and my family. The first aspect I intend to do with the transfers is to purchase 5 goats which will cost me about $180 of the first transfers. For the second and third transfers, I intend to improve our livelihood. Firstly I intend to purchase fishing equipment such as fishing nets. This will make my work easier and also will boost my productivity. Secondly, I intend to expand my wife's business by giving her cash to buy stock. This will increase her capacity which will bring more money to our family. I'm happy to receive the transfers since it will assist us greatly."
Zawadi's family
access_time 2 months ago
Zawadi received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"I have a total of nine children, with six of them currently attending school, while the remaining three are still at home because they haven't reached the school-going age. I'm determined to provide them with education so as to enhance their future opportunities. And so I spent $50 from the transfers to cover their school fees. My husband and I manage a small business where we burn and sell charcoal. Additionally, we have another venture where he engages in fishing, and I handle the sale of the fish upon his return. However, the income from these businesses has consistently fallen short of meeting our household expenses.Prior to receiving assistance from GiveDirectly, we often struggled to put food on the table. Using a portion of the transfers, I spent $22 to buy both food and other essential household items. I then invested $30 in acquiring a goat for income generation. My plan is to raise the goat and have it reproduce, utilizing the proceeds from selling them to support our children's education. I'm so grateful GiveDirectly has brought meaning into our lives."
Kadii's family
access_time 5 months ago
Kadii received a $24 eighteenth payment.
"My ultimate goal is to ensure that all my children receive a good education. Although I did not have the opportunity to study myself, I am determined to provide the best educational opportunities for my children. I firmly believe that education is not only about having financial resources but also about investing my heart and zeal into their learning journey. As my husband continues to support the family through his fishing, I will do everything in my power, including saving through self-help groups, to secure a bright future for our children. My greatest wish is to see them graduate from high school, at least, and excel in life."
Augustine's family
access_time 8 months ago
Augustine received a $230 second payment.
"My wife has been sick for the past few months. She was poisoned, which resulted in her illness. I carried her to the sick bush for treatment but she is yet to recover. I'm a fisherman . All my little money from my business was spent on her illness. Givedirectly cash helped me to relocate her to another area in Ivroycoast to seek another herbalist who could treat her completely. With the help of God's grace, she is responding to treatment. The remaining money I purchase some fishing nets to catch some fish for sustainability."
Kahindi's family
access_time 8 months ago
Kahindi received a $26 fourteenth payment.
"I am a fisherman who earns a living through fishing in the nearby flowing river. However, my job has been in danger over the past two years due to the water sources drying up. It has been a very difficult time for me to ensure that I fully provide for my family's needs. To counter these challenges, I decided to invest my money from the transfer in buying livestock such as goats and poultry such as hens. The climatic conditions present a fever for the rearing of these domestic animals, and through them, I can earn money by selling some in the market after they multiply. I currently have a total of six goats and one cow. I acquired all of these by investing in the monthly stipend I receive from the organization. So upon receiving my match transfers, I spent a huge chunk of $28 on buying a goat. I am determined to succeed, and my main aim is to sell the six goats and purchase a dairy cow, which will allow me to sell milk and earn a living. The thought of being able to provide for my family fills me with joy and motivation. I have also partially paid school fee arrears for my two children in primary school, and this gives me immense satisfaction. As I tend to my animals every day, I feel a sense of pride in what I have achieved. My goats and hens are thriving, and I know that soon, I will be able to sell them in the market and earn a good profit. I wake up early every morning to feed and care for my animals, and the feeling of fulfillment is indescribable."
Mapenzi's family
access_time 9 months ago
Mapenzi received a $27 fourteenth payment.
"While I am a casual worker making a living selling charcoal in the village, my husband is a fisherman. The severe weather that has dried up most of the rivers where my husband goes fishing has put his job in danger. Due to this, I am now the family's sole provider as my husband no longer goes for fishing. I don't make nearly enough money from selling charcoal to support the family's needs, which include paying for food, school expenses, and prescription drugs. We have been forced to skip meals due to the current economic situation because we cannot afford to buy food. Upon receiving my transfers, I spent $15 on buying food for my family. The family's supply of food ran out, and because we had to buy food on credit, we also ran up enormous debts. Finally, I used the $20 to purchase three hens. The hens are an investment for the future because they will quickly multiply in number and double my initial investment."
Karisa's family
access_time 9 months ago
Karisa received a $27 fourteenth payment.
"I'm working on any available job that comes my way because of the country's deteriorating current economy. I do work related to selling charcoal, fishing, and building homes. All of these jobs have one thing in common: I don't make enough money to support my family on my meager pay. My children are the first to bear the impact whenever I am unable to land a job. Due to significant unpaid school fees, they are frequently expelled. I paid $4 in school fees for my youngest son, who was starting kindergarten this year, when I received my February transfers. With the aid of the Give Directly transfers, I am pleased and confident that I will see my children through to the end of their highest level of education. Last but not least, I bought a goat with the remaining $30. I want them to grow in number so I can eventually sell some and buy some cows, so this is an investment for the future. The market value of the cows is extremely high, which will be economically advantageous for me when I wil be selling them in the market."