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Vicky's family
access_time 3 hours ago
Vicky enrolled.
"Receiving this money means my long time dream of have a better house will be fulfilled. I have a grass thatched house and it tends to get smoky when cooking. It's even difficult to cook when you have visitors. I plan to construct a iron roofed house. This means i will be able to collect rainwater. To get clean water you have to buy from the water kiosk within our village but it's not sustainable. I expect to cost around 200 dollars. My husband love chickens and he has always wanted to start eggs business. So when we get this money we also plan to purchase layers. This will help us generate more income and also household use. I plan to use 200 dollars of my transfer to buy them. The rest of the money we use for our personal needs."
Norah's family
access_time 4 hours ago
Norah enrolled.
"I am employed with the county as a Lab technician in a nearby health center earning a monthly income of 150USSD and with this together with my husband we can meet our family needs but we hardly save for our future lives. To me receiving cash transfer means, I will be able to invest in more incoming generating activities that will ensure me a better future. I am planning to spend the entire transfer on farming. First, I will buy a dairy of approximately KES60000 to add to my herd. This means I will have more milk for my household consumption and sales. In addition, I will use another KES50000 to improve my poultry farming by building better chicken houses and adding more birds to my farm. With an increase in my farm produce, I will be able to invest more in other activities like my children's education and save some for our future lives."
Lily's family
access_time 1 day ago
Lily enrolled.
"To me, receiving this money means I will be able to establish a better incoming generating activity at home. I am planning to spend KES80000 to invest in farming. I wish to use KES45000 to put up a chicken poultry farming in my compound since with this I will be able to collect eggs that I will use for household consumption and sales for income. In addition, I will use KES35000 to buy a dairy cow to add to my herd. Having more cattle in my farm means more milk production thus a higher income. With this higher income from farming, I will be able to meet my household's daily needs and children's education. We receive low rainfall in our area hence getting clean water is sometimes a hard task here. When I receive my cash transfer, I will use KES18000 to buy a 2300 litre water tank thus I will be able to collect clean rainwater from my iron roof and this will ensure I have clean water for my domestic use at my doorstep. I wish to spend another KES12000 to buy furniture and other household basic needs."
Augustine's family
access_time 1 day ago
Augustine enrolled.
"I want to start small business of chicken keeping especially egg laying chickens. This will help me get more income. To begin with i need to construct a small house for them . I need 150 dollars to make a good one. Then purchase 30 chickens costing 2.5 dollars each."
Raelly's family
access_time 2 days ago
Raelly enrolled.
"This house I occupy at the moment is singled room .I cook and sleep in the same house .The smoke has affected my eyes,with my old age I feel it might affect me more. To add on that,the clothes picks the smell of the smoke which is not good. My desire has always been to have a better house,I want to build a iron sheet roofed house. It will cost approximately USD 45000, the extra money will go towards building a poultry house for my chicken,I don't have one at the moment."
Gabriel's family
access_time 2 days ago
Gabriel enrolled.
"When I receive this money I will use $200 to renovate and cement my house. I am old and I cannot do casual jobs anymore to earn a living. I am planning to rear chicken and cows which will help me earn a living during my old age with the sell of eggs, milk and at times chicken. Therefore I will set $200 for poultry and $350 to buy a dairy cow. I will then buy food with $100 and save the remaining $150"
Lesebet's family
access_time 2 days ago
Lesebet enrolled.
"Receiving this money will enable me to buy fencing materials worth $300 to fence my compound. I always tie my cattle with ropes to prevent them from destroying my neighbor's crops and this has hindered them from getting enough feeds. I also intend to spend $35 to purchase a 3000-liter water tank for harvesting rainwater for drinking. I will also build a modern chicken coup for my poultry using $50 of my transfer, then add 20 more chicks for $2 each."
David's family
access_time 2 days ago
David enrolled.
"Drought and hunger has been my biggest hardship.I solely depend on subsistence farming to educate and feed my family. Nonetheless, the harsh climatic conditions has been unfavourable for my farm produce. I am left to sell the chicken to earn income to buy food for my family which at times is not enough.Although we have never slept hungry , but getting the resources to purchase food is straineous and sometimes unpredictable."
Daisy's family
access_time 4 days ago
Daisy enrolled.
"I am a young ambitious mother of two who primarily depends on subsistence farming to see my family through. Since we got married, we have had a dream of improving our farming to enables us to acquire more assets and get better yields to sustain my family throughout the year. To me, receiving this money means a better investment in farming since I am planning to spend KES75000 on farming. First, I will buy a dairy cow worth KES50000 because am assured this will bring to an end expensive spending on milk and instead earn extra income from surplus milk that I will be selling. In addition, I will use KES18000 to buy both goats and chickens to rear in my compound. These together with the calves from the cow will be my financial securities thus I will live a secure life unlike currently. I wish to spend KES7000 to boost my crop farming too since this will supplement my livestock produce. I am planning to spend KES25000 to build an iron-roofed house hence I will have two for my family. I will spend the remaining amount, I will spend on my family basic needs mainly daily food and clothing."
Kikwai's family
access_time 4 days ago
Kikwai enrolled.
"I have two little children a boy and a girl. This means that I have to buy milk at 40ksh daily for them. This translates to 1,200 ksh a month which is expensive for me. With the money I will receive, will buy a cow with 30,000 ksh to help me provide milk for my family and also reduce monthly spending on milk. I will buy a tank with 17,000 ksh because our water source is far and it will help us store water. I will use 14,000 ksh to buy a sewing machine for my wife and a chicken shed with 10,000 sh in order to help me boost our income."