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Karisa's family
access_time 6 days ago
Karisa received a $498 second payment.
"My life is currently different from how it would have been had I not received the transfer in that if it was not for the transfers my children would still be sleeping in the kitchen which they shared with the chicken too. Seeing them sleep in a conducive environment makes me proud."
Wesley's family
access_time 15 days ago
Wesley enrolled.
"I lost my job as a cleaner when corona hit the country last year March. I relocated back home and started doing casual labour jobs such as construction within the village. It has been my dream to be self employed in the poultry sector. When I receive the transfer I will use it to start poultry farming and livestock farming by buying at least 10 goats and some chickens. Having my own source of income gives me job security and I can earn more income through it."
Gilbert's family
access_time 22 days ago
Gilbert received a $501 initial payment.
"Before, we were living in a grass tached house but when I received my first transfers from GiveDirectly, I spent KES 25000 on buying building materials for constructing a house. I then spent another KES 5000 on paying for labour for the construction. I then bought twenty chicken at a cost of KES 10000 so that I would rare for eggs. The remaining amount, I spent KES 7500 on buying clothes for my family members. After completing the house I bought some new furniture at Kes 6500 which I put on my new house."
Naomi's family
access_time 1 month ago
Naomi enrolled.
"Receiving this money will mean a lot to me because my households income is very little to sustain our needs. My husband works as a security guard in Nairobi and I plant and sell vegetables in the village. Collectively our income is not enough,but also because my husband barely provides for the household. I am left to use the little income I get to provide basic needs for my children. When I receive the transfer I will use it to buy some livestock,in particular a cow,2 goats and some chicken. I believe livestock farming is a good investment for the future because I can sell or get milk from them. I will also be selling eggs from the broiler chickens and my income will increase. I want to also build a small kitchen separate from the main house because I am forced to live with our 2 goats in the same house and it is mostly unsanitary when living with children in the house. I will also use some of the cash to furnish my house by buying beddings and cushions for the seats."
Robert's family
access_time 1 month ago
Robert received a $485 second payment.
"I spent part of my first transfer n buying iron sheets, several building poles, timber, and nails. This was for the construction of a new house because the previous one was grass thatched and very small it could not accommodate some of my family members. Later on, I bought some livestock such as chicken and goats. I also cleared the school fees arrears for my children and since they had resumed there was a high chance of them being sent home for fees. With the remaining amount of money, I bought enough foodstuffs for my family."
Caren's family
access_time 1 month ago
Caren enrolled.
"I have looking after my neighbour's cattle for the last 14 years without having one of my own. Receiving this money means that I will be able to buy three dairy cattle for a total cost of 50,000 shillings and another 20,000 shillings to cater for their feeding program. For the remaining balance, I will use to construct a poultry unit for my existing chicken and maybe add some more."
Vincent's family
access_time 1 month ago
Vincent enrolled.
"I recently graduated from university in 2017 where I got certified in accounting. I haven't been able to get any formal job contrary to my wish. I do casual jobs at a near by farm and get paid 400 shillings daily when I work. I also have two donkeys that help in carrying water to residents from far distances and I get paid. I am passionate about poultry farming business, I had saved some cash and decided to buy 3 turkeys which are in demand and very profitable. My market target has been Chinese foreigners who live within the village working on road construction. Receiving this money will mean a lot to me because I will invest it in my wife's education, she is in school taking a course in library studies, I will also use the transfer to invest more into my poultry business by buying about 30 broiler chickens, I will be selling both the eggs and the chicken and get income from that."
Nancy's family
access_time 1 month ago
Nancy enrolled.
"I intend to start doing some market research and analysis on livestock (specifically cattle, sheep and chicken) prices. My intention for doing this is to avoid exploitation from the businessmen for us who will have received the transfer. I will keep the transfer in my mobile money provider as I monitor the price dynamics. Once it comes to the normal rate, I will use part of the transfer to buy 3 dairy cattle at a cost of 60,000 shillings, 3 sheep at a cost of 12,000 and the remaining amount built a poultry unit. I will then prioritize on chicken since they multiply fast hence more income from the sale of their products."
Daisy's family
access_time 1 month ago
Daisy enrolled.
"Receiving this money will mean a lot to me because I am a stay at home mum. My husband works as a driver at a near by game reserve but his salary is not enough to sustain all our basic needs. It will be my joy to at least help out on some bills in the house. Red cross Kenya had an irrigation project in my village and created awareness for self employment to the villagers, but unfortunately not everyone had that chance. I believe it is a profitable idea and so if I get the transfers I will first use 10,000 shillings to buy irrigation pipes and tap water from my neighbours. With irrigation I will be able to get more yields from my harvest and increase our household income by selling agricultural produce from the farm. I will also build a small shelter for my chickens because at the moment I use my kitchen and each day it is a struggle cleaning the kitchen area."
Cherotich's family
access_time 1 month ago
Cherotich enrolled.
"Receiving this money means a lot to me. My household depends on my husband's teaching income which is not a lot. We only have one child of our own and my aunt's daughter who stays with me because she studies at a nearby school. Our house is very small and can not accommodate all of us especially once I get to have more children in future. So if I receive this money I will be able to extend my house, build more bedrooms as well as expand the sitting area for whenever we have guests. I will also use it to start poultry farming and buy one milk producing cow to sell because it has good profits. For poultry I will get broiler chickens and sell the eggs for additional income."