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Amina's family
access_time 7 days ago
Amina enrolled.
"Like I have explained to you, I have a problem with my right leg making it hard for me to comfortably walk long distances hence has an impact on my source of livelihood; selling peanut through hawking. I therefore want to get another way of generating income that is somehow passive. So far, I have been considering poultry farming. My main reasons being that it's not expensive to start and the chicken are easy to sell when need be. Among the few things I need to start are just a chicken coop, one sac of starter feeds, some medications and one hundred chicks. All that plus construction cost I have estimated to be $500."
Alfred's family
access_time 10 days ago
Alfred enrolled.
"Because I don't currently have a job that provides adequate income for my family, I plan to use the transfers to create a dairy farm, chicken farm, and horticulture farm. Since this farming enterprise will enable me to earn the money I need to support my family, I will allocate most of the transfers to it. With what's left over, I'll buy some clothes and food for my family and our newborn baby."
Faith's family
access_time 10 days ago
Faith enrolled.
"My husband and I dropped out of school at a young age to start up a family. Due to financial constraints, our parents could not raise school fees for us to continue with our education. We depend on casual jobs to earn a living but considering it is unsustainable, we cannot save or invest in anything. Receiving this money means a reliable source of income for my family. Since there is high demand for eggs and chicken meat, I plan on starting up a poultry farming business. This will cost me $50,000 to build up a chicken house and purchase 200 chicks for a start. I am excited because my family will never lack any basic needs once it yields profits."
Samuel's family
access_time 11 days ago
Samuel enrolled.
"I am living alone in my family and I depend on agriculture for survival. I have been hiring pipes and sprayer for around $100 every for every season. This reduces the profit I make every season. I normally get $ 200 in a very productive season. I will use $500 to buy pipes, sprayer, fertilizer and other farm inputs. This will boost my profit to $300 every season. I will also use $300 to boost my poultry-rearing work and ensure that I get a good harvest of approximately $150 after making sell of the poultry. I have a wider market at Matanomane where I will be supplying chicken to the food kiosks. I am grateful for the program."
Victor's family
access_time 11 days ago
Victor enrolled.
"Since then, I've had little success looking for work. I've chosen to start farming, therefore I'm going to utilize the transfers to buy supplies that will cost me roughly $500. I will be able to get some money as a result, which I will spend for my basic needs. Additionally, I'll purchase a cow whose milk I'll sell in the shopping center. I would have to pay roughly $250 for the cow. I want to build a chicken farm with the money that would be left over. My primary source of income would come from all of these farming activities, so I would no longer need to look for employment."
Rehema's family
access_time 13 days ago
Rehema enrolled.
"I have a shop business running with a capital of $200. Inflation has affected the business because many customers buy on credit. This has made me unable to stock some important items that are needed in the community. I will use $400 to boost my business by adding stock. Currently, I make a profit of $30 per month and I hope it will grow to around $50 per month when I add the stock. I have a wider market since I am the only person having a shop business in the community. I also have a cousin brother who is a total orphan and he is at Mariakani secondary school. I will use $100 to pay school fees for him so that he can stay at school all the time. He gets support from well-wishers. I also have an idea of diversifying the business by starting a broiler chicken business. I will use $100 for the purchase of the chickens, $50 to buy the feeds, and $150 to build the poultry house. This program will help me improve my living standard. I have a family of four and my husband works with logistic companies in Mombasa."
Wesley's family
access_time 17 days ago
Wesley enrolled.
"Working as a masonry helper on construction sites is an energy-draining exercise because it leaves one exhausted. I feel like I am sick and tired of this job as I have developed persistent backaches because of carrying heavy bags of cement throughout the day. I desire to venture into poultry keeping for the reason that it is easy to manage. To start this journey, I plan to buy 20 chickens for $5 each. I also intend to spend another $100 to construct a structure where they will safely lay eggs. I am happy that my children will enjoy eating eggs that are rich in proteins and this will enhance their growth. Receiving this money will give me time to rest as I will not continue with the current work that I do."
Maxine's family
access_time 18 days ago
Maxine enrolled.
"When I was unable to proceed with my college studies for a lack of school fees, I resorted to livestock farming. Lack of enough capital has limited me from diversifying my investment. Currently, I rely on goats rearing to be able to meet the basic needs of my family like school fees and food. Since it is seasonal, it is not enough to save for future use. The transfers from Give directly will fulfil my desire to start poultry farming. There is a readily available market for eggs and chicken meat in this area. This will cost me $700 to build a shelter, labour, and purchase chicken and feeds. I project on earning $ 100 monthly and I am grateful for it will change my family life for the better because we will have a stable source of income."
Selphine's family
access_time 19 days ago
Selphine enrolled.
"Since my family of 3 gave up on farming 2 years ago, we concentrated on chicken rearing and charcoal burning to earn income. However, charcoal burning has not been viable because it is seasonal and risky for one might be sanctioned. As a result, I fully ventured into chicken rearing and I am pleased with the progress. I am glad that this investment has provided my family with income to purchase basic needs such as food."
Jepkalal's family
access_time 19 days ago
Jepkalal enrolled.
"In February 2022, I opened up a beauty shop in Loboi centre to earn income to support my husband in raising my family of 4. However, when I went on maternity leave 6 months ago, I employed a lady to look after the shop as she attends to her hotel business. Unfortunately, the sales went down and I was not in a position to oversee the running of the business as I was busy attending to my newborn. Now that I have resumed fully, I intend to use all the transfers to restock the products and even expand to earn a profit to venture into chicken farming. I will further sell the eggs and chicken to purchase food for the household when the business sales are low."