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Christine's family
access_time over 3 years ago
Christine enrolled.
"My husband works as a casual labourer at a textile factory in Mombasa but the earnings he gets are not enough to meet all our needs such as food, school fees etc. Water scarcity and low rainfall in the area has rendered as more hopeless as food prices have now risen and we also have to pay more to access water for drinking and other household needs."
Lois's family
access_time over 3 years ago
Lois enrolled.
"Receiving this money means acquiring oxen for timely ploughing and crop cultivation. That will lead to high yields and food security in my household. Currently, I hire oxen and when the season just starts, it's competitive because every body wants to plough which makes prices to rise up. That situation has led to delayed ploughing and crop cultivation which had led to a sitation of food shortage at my household. "
Mildred's family
access_time over 3 years ago
Mildred received a $22 fourteenth payment.
"In the last four months preceding the current transfer, my family had an easy time despite the fact that it was a dry season accompanied by famine which saw a hike in foodstuffs prices such as maize which is our staple food. I have been able to provide proper meals for my family through the help of GD transfers which without, would not be possible because I earn very little from the casual jobs that I usually depend on. I have also managed to keep my children in school throughout by paying the required amount on time but on those few occasions where I was not able to pay the fees, I would confidently talk to the teachers to give more time because I am assured of something at the end of the month."
Mary's family
access_time almost 4 years ago
Mary received a $22 sixteenth payment.
"I will be having a grocery outlet to sell my vegetable produce at the farm gate. I will be able to make more money from the farming initiative instead of selling the crops to traders at lower prices than if I sell them directly to consumers. This grocery business will give me a very interesting occupation and enable me to earn an income that will be good progress in my finances."
Ezekiel's family
access_time almost 4 years ago
Ezekiel received a $22 tenth payment.
"Life has been tough in the last six months due to the hike in the prices of the basic commodities such as maize flour, prolonged drought, and famine. With the help of GiveDirectly transfers, my family was not too much affected because we were able to buy the basic needs for the family and even had extra money to hire labourers to lend us a hand in our farms."
Tumaini's family
access_time almost 4 years ago
Tumaini received a $538 second payment.
"Having a permanent rental house is the biggest difference that I can proudly mention in my life. This is because its previous state was deplorable and as a result, I had to lower the rental charges to lure the tenants who felt the conditions of the house didn't warrant their habitation and for some were had second thoughts of relocating to other rentals. This was a big loss to me as the landlady because I was not able to cater to my daily needs with the meager income and being that these rental houses want I rely on for upkeep. Ever since I renovated it, my income has doubled because I increased the prices. Therefore, I am able to meet my family basic needs without any difficulties and all gratitude goes to GiveDirectly."
Leah's family
access_time almost 4 years ago
Leah received a $22 sixteenth payment.
"I am a widow who majorly depends on farming to raise my family. With the adverse weather condition and ever-fluctuating prices of the farm products farming has not been such reliable but since I had no other source, I was left with it being my first option of the source of income. I had always lived with the stress of how I could always meet rising daily household needs, my children education fee and other financial necessities in my family. We consume our farm products and sell surplus milk to meet my children fee. Since I started receiving the monthly transfer from GiveDirectly, my life is currently different in that I have peace of mind, I easily access both household and personal basic needs more so I currently have security for financial needs especially my children fee that doesn't offer time to look for hence can borrow from friends so that I can settle later using my monthly transfers."
Joseph's family
access_time almost 4 years ago
Joseph received a $22 sixteenth payment.
"The biggest difference that I have seen in my life is that I have been able to sort my financial needs with utmost ease as compared to how I used to strain in the past. Taking care of the financial needs of the family used to be an uphill task considering the high prices of commodities as compared to the little income I earn from my job."
Jackton's family
access_time almost 4 years ago
Jackton received a $22 sixteenth payment.
"I am old therefore unable to work for my own income which makes it hard for me to cater for my personal and family needs. I usually depend on my wife who earns little money from mat making to provide for me which is quite a hefty burden on her side. The past four months were very tough because it was a time when there was drought and famine witnessed across the country which saw most food items and staple food such as maize double in prices. As much as it was tough on most families to cater for their daily needs,I had it a bit easy because the transfers always enabled us to buy the most required items in the family. It was much easier as there are five of us receiving the transfers in my family so we could easily contribute and buy whatever we needed."
Tabitha's family
access_time almost 4 years ago
Tabitha received a $525 second payment.
"My life is different because I was able to start my small scale business where I buy maize in bulk at wholesale price and later re-sell them at retail prices. I do not think I would have launched this business if I had not received the transfers from Give Directly. Apart from that, I have become a large scale farmer where I keep a lot of livestock which includes cows, sheep, and ducks. One advantage of keeping these birds is that I can be able to sell them out anytime when I feel I am financially broke."