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2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
45000 KES ($303 USD)
access_time 9 months ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
Looking ahead to the coming years, my aspirations are centered around securing a sustainable food source. To realize this objective, I plan to actively engage in farming and remain optimistic about receiving adequate rainfall. The anticipation is that favorable weather conditions will contribute to a bountiful harvest, ensuring that we have enough to meet our nutritional needs. Furthermore, I am keen on expanding my livestock, particularly by acquiring more goats. These animals hold a special significance for me, as they provide a means of financial security for the future and also possess a remarkable ability to withstand challenging conditions like drought. This resilience makes them well-suited to thrive in our local environment, aligning perfectly with my long-term goals for self-sufficiency and prosperity.
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
GiveDirectly has been a beacon of positive change in our lives, extending far beyond the simple provision of enough food for our households. The ripple effects of this support are profound. The consistent attendance of our grandchildren in school, free from the constraints of frequent fundraisers, marks a transformative shift toward a brighter and more secure future. The financial relief not only eases our present circumstances but also opens up avenues for educational opportunities that were once distant dreams. This assistance has become a catalyst for self-discovery, revealing our inherent capabilities and motivating us to strive for even better and more sustainable lives. As we navigate the complexities of life, we do so with a newfound understanding of our resilience and capacity to shape a positive trajectory. The journey continues, and with the right resources and mindset, we remain committed to building a future that transcends the challenges of our past.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
The transformation that the GiveDirectly transfers have brought into my life is nothing short of miraculous. I allocated $180 towards building a proper house. Since the current one was not cemented, dust from it was endangering people's health. I envisioned a home where I could receive visitors comfortably, and the new house is a step towards achieving that. Not only will it provide shelter, but it will also save us from potential medical bills that could push us back into poverty. Another essential aspect was ensuring we have enough food. Before the transfers, I used to sell fruits to make ends meet, but the income was inconsistent. With $50 invested in purchasing food, we can now enjoy meals without the constant worry of going to bed hungry. I also used $100 to construct a pit latrine. Lack of proper sanitation was a concern, and having a toilet now contributes to our health, and this would not have been achieved without the help from GiveDirectly. Moreover, I prioritized savings, setting aside $120 for future needs. This represents a crucial shift in my financial strategy, as I now have the capacity to plan for the future and respond to unexpected circumstances.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
20000 KES ($137 USD)
access_time 10 months ago
Describe the moment when you received your money. How did you feel?
The moment I received that message around 3:00 p.m., it was like a burst of joy had enveloped my entire world. I remember reading it several times with my spouse, almost in disbelief, as the contents seemed too good to be true. Luckily, my son was there to help confirm our doubts, and it finally sank in that this was real. We celebrated with such heartfelt gratitude and thanked God for this incredible provision. The following day, we wasted no time and withdrew the funds, ready to embark on a journey that held the promise of transforming our lives for the better.
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started receiving payments from GiveDirectly.
The biggest difference in my daily life since receiving the first money from GiveDirectly has been the new hope of improving my family's hygiene. I used a significant portion of the money to purchase iron sheets, and I'm excited about using them to construct a new latrine for our household. It's a fundamental addition that we've been missing, and it promises a significant improvement in our daily lives. Moreover, I used part of the money to buy enough food to sustain my family of two. Instead of buying small amounts daily, we opted to purchase in bulk, which has proven to be more cost-effective. This change has allowed us to enjoy a variety of balanced meals and has positively impacted our overall well-being. I am sincerely grateful for the support from GiveDirectly, and I look forward to making further improvements in our lives with the upcoming transfers.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
Receiving the cash transfer was a blessing, and I made sure to allocate it wisely among all that I had enlisted to do with the first transfer. Right after collecting it from the shopping center, I spent $94 on purchasing 10 iron sheets. These sheets will be instrumental in constructing a latrine for our household. Until now, we had been without one, and answering the call of nature in nearby bushes was far from ideal. This new addition to our home gives us hope for improved household hygiene and a more dignified way of living. To ensure my family of two had enough to eat, I spent $65 on a bag of maize, $10 on 5kg of sugar, $5 on a carton of milk, and another $10 on 5kg of beans. These provisions will help us maintain a balanced and nourishing diet. Additionally, $10 was dedicated to transportation to and from the shopping center while I was dispensing the funds, ensuring I could efficiently manage the purchases. I wisely used the remaining $7 to buy essential household goods, further improving our living conditions. This unconditional cash transfer has not only made a tangible difference in our daily lives but has also brought a newfound sense of dignity and well-being to our family.
access_time 1 year ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
For the transfers, I'm very delighted since it will impact our lives so much. We plan to buy some food stuff at $100. This will ensure that we have enough maize and beans for the rest of the year. For the remaining transfers we plan to fence off our farm. To accomplish this we plan to use about $500 of the transfers. This will ensure that out crops and fruits don't get disturbed by goats and other livestock. For the remaining transfers we plan to built ourselves a pit latrines at about $400. This will ensure that we have a place to relief ourselves and also improve our hygiene. This transfers will assist us change our lives positively and we are thankful to GiveDirectly for choosing to assist us.
What is the happiest part of your day?
Our happiness in the past six months came in the month of April this year. We were blessed with rains for about two weeks which delighted us so much This meant that we have enough water for our livestock and household and also offered us a chance to plant some crops. I feel very happy because I don't have to gather leaves for our livestock since the rains has led to growth of shrubs which our livestock eat.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
Challenges that we face in our lives are many. This has been brought about by our old age and inability to do other activities that young people do such as farming. The main challenge we face at the moment is the lack of food which has come as a result of the prolonged drought that has hit our community. It has been three years ago since we've had enough rains to grow crops. We are forced to depend on our children for food which saddens us greatly since they may not have enough for both their families and us. This makes our lives very difficult since we are forced to go without food occassionally.