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2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
1660965 UGX ($449 USD)
access_time 5 years ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
The cash transfers to a greatest extent have transformed my life. I am now respected in the community because I was able to conduct the marriage rites of my wife. I had stayed long with my wife and I had no money to marry her. Nevertheless, I am very grateful that GiveDirectly made this possible for me. I would not have managed to marry her because I do not have an income generating activity.
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
In my opinion, GiveDirectly does well to send people cash transfers to the most needy in the community. First and foremost, I like the fact that the GiveDirectly staff do not request for bribes from the recipients. They also do well when they reach out to the recipients' homes physically. However,the cash transfers have empowered me to be able to marry a wife. The truth is that GiveDirectly was God sent to our community and there is nothing wrong that it has done.
What did you spend your second transfer on?
I spent my second cash transfers to purchase two cows and the other portion of the cash transfer was spent on paying my fiancee's school fees. I also spent some money on my upkeep at home.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
1728300 UGX ($471 USD)
access_time over 5 years ago
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life.
The biggest difference in my daily life is happiness. Before I used to have a lot stress because I didn't have money to do certain things and my girl friend even doubted me marrying her.
Describe the moment when you received your money. How did you feel?
The moment I received my money, I felt happy because this money would help me marry a wife.
What did you spend your first transfer on?
I spent my first transfer for marrying my wife by buying two cows, sent Ugx 500000 to in-laws as dowry, and I bought a few clothes as well.
access_time almost 6 years ago
What does receiving this money mean to you?
Receiving this money means to pay bride price. This transfers will enable me prepare bride price for my spouse to be.
What is the happiest part of your day?
The happiest part of the day is evening when Iam exchanging development ideas with friends.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
The biggest hardship i face is lack of money to enable me get bride price for my in-laws.