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access_time 9 months ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
I am grateful to Give Directly for their support and care towards my life. The first step is to invest in a safe and stable home for myself and my family. After careful research, I have decided to purchase a plot of land in Buwangani Town council at $1335. This area is free from landslides, which is a major concern in my village. With this money I plan to build my new home at $267, purchase logs for construction at a cost at $53. This investment will ensure that my home is sturdy and well-built, providing a safe and comfortable environment for my family. With the remaining $214 I will use it to boost my yellow banana plantation business. I shall purchase bananas directly from the garden and sell them to different buyers, including local markets. Yellow bananas are in high demand in Kenya, and I am confident that I can earn a good profit from this venture. By investing in my business, I will be able to generate the income needed to send my children back to school. It has been a struggle to provide for their education, but with this opportunity, I am hopeful that I can provide them with the education they deserve. Additionally, I will be able to purchase basic necessities for my family, such as sugar, which has been a luxury in the past. I am excited to embark on this journey towards a brighter future for myself and my family.
What is the happiest part of your day?
In October 2022, I was offered the opportunity to work at the well construction site in Bushika. I worked long hours and tackled every challenge that came my way from digging trenches to laying pipes and constructing concrete foundationsI threw myself into the job with everything I had. It was hard work, but I felt a sense of satisfaction and pride in what I was doing.I was ecstatic! This was the first time I had been given full payment for my hard work, and I knew it was a sign that my dedication and perseverance had finally paid off.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
I have always loved farming and it has been the main source of livelihood for my family. However, my family farm has been facing some serious financial constraints in recent years, and it all started with a landslide that occurred in 1997. The landslide carried away all the good loam soil and left behind rocky soils. Since then, whenever I plant crops, I don't get the expected yields, and this has affected my income. As a result, I struggle to pay for my children's school fees, and they are often chased away from school during examination periods. This situation is heartbreaking for me as a parent because education is the only way out of poverty for my children. I have tried to supplement my income by taking on odd jobs like constructing houses, but it's not enough. I am determined to find a solution to our financial constraints, and I will do whatever it takes to provide a better future for my children