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3rd Payment
Transfer Amount
50000 KES ($484 USD)
access_time 10 months ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
I am grateful to GiveDirectly for the financial support because I had no source of income and the menial jobs I was doing could not sustain me, for they are not reliable. My life is now different because I saved the money from my first transfer and managed to start my own business. Currently, I am earning a good profit by supplying milk in town. Through it, I can comfortably fulfil my basic needs and set some amount aside for future expenditure.
Do you have any new or additional goals for your life?
Currently, I do not have any new additional goal. Ever since I began receiving the money, I resolved to save it to enable me to start a business, which I have managed to open. My goal now is to commit myself to this business to see it expanding in the near future and expand have more income to sustain the daily family needs and make other family investments.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
I had saved my transfer for the purpose of starting a business of supplying milk. My greatest challenge was getting the capital but now I am happy because, through the GiveDirectly money, I managed to buy the necessary equipment as well as paying the full rent for the premises that I run this business. I am no longer involved in any menial jobs as I am self-employed. It has always been my dream to be self-employed and feel the satisfaction of the same. I feel so proud that I have been able to do this through the help of GiveDirectly.
2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
36800 KES ($367 USD)
access_time over 1 year ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
My life is currently different in that, I am now self-employed and all the money that I make from my business is mine. I do not have to share it with anyone, like I shared before with my employer. I also managed to move out of my parents house and to get my own place. I now have my own space as I fully depend on myself now.
Do you have any new or additional goals for your life?
My goal is to open up a cosmetic shop alongside my salon. I also have a deep passion for beauty. I hope to expand my salon and to own an even larger salon together with an area that concentrates on beauty services only.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
I spent my transfers to expand my salon business. I have been employed in a salon here in Mathare for the past two and a half years. I love and enjoy to plait hair and I have always desired to have my own salon, but I have lacked capital in the past. I never imagined that I would get capital anytime soon to open up my own salon. I opened up my own salon when I received my first transfers. I secured a spot at a location that is close to my clients, still here in Mathare, and I bought a few items. I then expanded this business with my second transfers. I bought iron sheets to cover some parts of the roofing, as well as plastic chairs, a hair drying machine, a mirror and some oils. My business is picking up well and I intend to grow and expand my business even further with my coming transfers.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
20000 KES ($195 USD)
access_time over 1 year ago
Do you have any new goals that you didn't have before receiving the transfer?
When I receive my next transfer I will use part of it to purchase the necessary salon equipment for the smooth running of the business. I will also bring in beauty products and cosmetics for an extra source of income.
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started receiving payments from GiveDirectly.
Receiving money from GD gave me the confidence to quit working at my friend's salon where my daily earnings would be deducted to pay the boss. I am now building my own customer base as I construct my own salon where I will also be selling cosmetics.Even without the salon,I ma still making a lot more money than I did before because whatever little I earn is all mine.
What did you spend your most recent transfer(s) on?
I used part of the money I received to purchase building materials that were used in the construction of my new salon. I was previously employed at a nearby salon but I decided to quit as soon as I received the money because I am planning to open my own as soon as possible. I spent some of the money on clothes, shoes and personal grooming and still have some in my Pesa account that I use to purchase some materials required in the construction.
Describe the moment when you started receiving transfers. How did you feel?
When I saw the text messages, I knew I had received money from GD but still did not believe that it was real. I decided to go to the nearest M-pesa shop to withdraw a small amount after which my balance would show me what exactly was in my account. When the balance read an amount I didn't have before,I was now sure this money was real.
access_time over 1 year ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
Reason why investing in existing business would be my first priority is because now we are running salon business but my partner, has a huge share where you find that she is getting more profit in a day, compared to me which is kinda frustrating, to me, I have many customer compare to her, due to my talent, hence I would like to open my own salon, second priority would be investing in new business, where I will buy households like utensils and hire it to community, which is usually profitable, Third priority would be supporting my group in projects like buying t-shirts for printing so as to keep group a live.
Describe your biggest worry.
My top concern is meeting my daily needs because if am not able to provide food for my children, it will stress me a lot because it is my responsibility to provide for them, second concern is unemployment because its obvious if one is not employed he or she will always depend on other for support, and this usually leads not to be respected because society will only see you as a beggar third concern police violence, police always suspect youths you find that your being arrest with no reason ending up being charge falsely.
What are your greatest ambitions?
Ever since I was young I knew I had a thing with hair dressing, even in primary school at age of twelve years I use to plait my classmates so now I take this great opportunity to achieve my dream of being a successful business lady who is famous in hairdressing
Describe your usual day. How do you spend your time?
During my free time I usually woke up at 7:00am where I wash clothes until 11:00am where I prepare my children to go and visit my grandmother in Ruiru in upcountry then later in evening I come back and help my children with work if there is any then i prepare supper and we sleep at 10:00pm