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Hellen's family
Small business
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access_time 18 days ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
Our kitchen house is old, dilapidated, and leaks a lot, especially during the rainy season like at the moment. This makes it unconducive to stay in it, even cooking is a problem since when it leaks the water drops on the fire and extinguishes it making it hard for food to cook. My daughters have bore the brunt of it all since the kitchen also serve as sleeping place for them and so it is cold during the night. I am afraid it might lead them to contract diseases associated with the cold. We intend to use $ 350 to build a better house, timber walled and iron-roofed because at my age I am not able to smear the wall using soil. We will use the rest of the money to buy maize grain for household consumption.
What is the happiest part of your day?
Though we are faced with a lot of stress and challenges of food insecurity we are glad that we live harmoniously. Whatever we get, whether small or big, whether enough or not we have tolerated one another, and our marriage has stood the test of time. We have been married for over 50 years and we have enjoyed good companionship devoid of conflicts and disagreements. My husband is a blacksmith while I do menial work, in the evening we converge at home and share whatever we have gotten and if by bad luck we are unsuccessful we hope for the next day while praying to be better.It is the calm and peaceful coexistence that we have enjoyed.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
Food insecurity is a major challenge that we are currently faced with. We are a household of 9 and we have a small piece of land measuring 0.5 acres. This is hardly enough to till and do dairy farming at the same time. As such, we are forced to use the land for keeping our dairy cow as it is not enough to carry out maize farming, we are forced to buy the commodity at the nearby Kapkwen market which is expensive and sometimes unaffordable. It worries us a lot since we are people of little means who live from hand to mouth. Sometimes we do not get the money to buy it and we go to bed hungry. Such a life of destitution!