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access_time 14 days ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
Investing in livestock and supporting my son in school is what this money means to me. I intend to have a bright future with my family and I will not be reluctant to put my money to good use. A portion of the transfer ($500) will support my son who wants to join a technical institute to pursue a diploma course of his choice. This will guarantee us a promising future since we will have a reliable person in the household once he completes his studies. On livestock, I plan to spend $250 to buy one cow and two goats that will act as my project to still sustain us whenever a need arises. The remaining amount will cater to some very basic needs like food and other necessities. What a better life!
What is the happiest part of your day?
Despite my elder son having not joined college, he recently secured a job as a butcher. Although this is not his intended work, he decided to take up the challenge to help us at home. He intends to ensure he saves money to join college where he can pursue a course of his choice. As a mother, I feel so happy since I have noticed him being a responsible son and I am so optimistic about a better future. This has become the reason for my happiness over the last 6 months.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
Being a widow means raising my children single-handedly, a responsibility that has become so challenging to me. Although I managed to take my elder son to secondary school, he has never joined college. At home, my young son had to drop out of school when he was in standard seven due to financial instability. This has hindered us from living a decent life since I spent everything I had saved. As a mother, I feel so painful to desperately watch my children hanging around without any formal job. This situation has devoured my joy since I have a fear of them being involved in some vices that can ruin them. Hence, I consider financial constraints as what has made my life harder.